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Lena Austin

Someone cursed Lena Austin with "may you have a life so full you'll have many tales to tell your grandchildren." Lena's a "fallen" society wench with a checkered past. She's been a licensed minister, hairdresser, Realtor, radio DJ, exotic dancer, telephone service tech, live-steel medievalist swordswoman, BDSM Mistress, and investment property manager. Not necessarily in that order. She never finished that degree in marine archaeology, but did learn to scuba -- she's got a lifetime of "Research material!"

Hey, why waste these stories on kids who won't listen anyway? Writing them down is a nice way to spend her retirement. What? You expected an ex-BDSM Mistress to take up crocheting or something? See all her books at You can reach her by e-mail at

New Author Erotic

Pansexual Category
Changeling Seasons Series

A Changeling For All Seasons 4 (Box Set)
by Lena Austin and
Isabella Jordan

Eleven tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors!


A Changeling For All Seasons 3 (Box Set)
by Camille Anthony and
Kate Hill

Eleven tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors!


Spaceport Multi-Author Series

Spaceport Vol. 2 (Box Set)
by Lena Austin and
Shelby Morgen

Adana. Rundown spaceport on the edge of nowhere. Last port of call for those who move in the shadows...


Time Bomb (Spaceport)
by Lena Austin

Logan and his crew may just have to turn a treasure ship into a literal time bomb.


Heat Strokes Multi-Author Series

Heat Strokes Vol 1 (Box Set)
by Lena Austin and
B.J. McCall

Seven sexy summer sizzlers to set the night on fire!


Paws to Heal (Heat Stroke)
by Lena Austin

Two were-dogs welcome the return of their former lover back into their arms after being enemy packs...


Dire Wolves Multi-Author Series

Dire Wolves (Box Set)
by Lena Austin and
Shelby Morgen

In the wilds of Northern Alaska, the last of the Dire Wolves fight for their very existence...


Dawg Town Multi-Author Series

Dawg Town (Box Set)
by Camille Anthony and
Lena Austin

One very special town. A whole lot of very bad -- and very hot -- Dawgs. Prairie Dawgs, that is...


Coyotes of Yellowstone Series

Coyotes of Yellowstone (Box Set)
by Lena Austin

Things are about to get a little wild in Yellowstone.


Bedtime Stories Multi-Author Series

Bedtime Stories (Box Set)
by Lena Austin and
Shelby Morgen

This story's about how Sam saved Troll's Blog by coming up with one of the coolest ideas ever...


Room to Play Series

Room To Love (Box Set)
by Lena Austin

Is there room in Andre's heart for more than just Claudia? Dante will have to convince them both.


Protect and Serve Multi-Author Series

Don't Need a Hero (Protect and Serve)
by Lena Austin

Never tell a hero what they are.


Best Of A Decade: Flash Point (Protect and Serve)
by Lena Austin
Sale Price: $3.19

After Dustin saves a cat shifter from a fire, can Tigs save the fireman from himself?


Sex World Series

Bodyguard (Sex World)
by Lena Austin

Sometimes, taking a chance means risking more than just your life.


Assassin (Sex World)
by Lena Austin

Number one rule of assassins: Never fall in love with your target.


All Wrapped Up Multi-Author Series

All Wrapped Up Vol. 3 (Box Set)
by Lena Austin and
Marteeka Karland

Four erotic BDSM sci-fi and paranormal adventures by four talented Changelings!


Dragon's Mate Series

Affairs of Dragons (Dragon's Mate 1)
by Lena Austin

Never meddle in the affairs of dragons.


Sugarplums Multi-Author Series

Make the Yuletide Gay (Sugarplums)
by Lena Austin

Beware the cowboy bearing gifts, who may make Dr. Gary Lord's Yuletide much gayer than he'd planned.



Night Critters (Box Set)
by Lena Austin and
Tuesday Richards

When hybrids collide with a wolf pack, love and laughter are just the beginning.


Holiday Howlz Multi-Author Series

Haulin' Hawg (Holiday Howlz)
by Lena Austin

BD has plans that involve bungee cords and a motorcycle to prove his love.


Majesty Mysteries Series

Silver Spider (Majesty Mysteries)
by Lena Austin

The secretive Duke of Aberystwyth has invited Madge Majesty to a murder mystery party, but he's the...


Unicorn Valley Series

Unicorn Valley (Box Set)
by Lena Austin

Not everyone loves everybody in Unicorn Valley, but they certainly do try.


Dragon's Egg Series

Dragon's Egg (Box Set)
by Lena Austin

Could life get more confusing for a modern gay man who's suddenly become a wizard dragonrider? Yes.


Dragon's Egg
by Lena Austin

The dragon from Jack's erotic dreams is real -- and he's dying.


Viva Los Regalos Multi-Author Series

Beware The Fury (Viva Los Regalos)
by Lena Austin

Why's Detective Bach tracking Tisiphone? It's personal. And it's about to get really personal...


Non-Series Books

Level Up
by Lena Austin

Leveling Up means taking a big risk, but is Megan asking too much of Dave this time?


Peck of Pickles
by Lena Austin

Pol and Marc have had their eye on Linc and his farm for some time. Summer may never be the same.


Eyes of the Cowan
by Lena Austin
Sale Price: $3.59

Blaze's agent has persuaded him to do the one thing he hates -- a magazine interview.


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