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Werecats and Werelocks (Collection) by Dakota  Cassidy
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Werecats and Werelocks (Collection)

by Dakota Cassidy

Cover art: Reneé George

BIN: 03697-01181
Genre(s): Paranormal, Humor, Collections, Romance
Theme(s): Menage, Werewolves, Shapeshifters (Other), Magic
Length: Collection

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    Book Summary
    Four strong, sexy women, four kooky, supernatural dilemmas, four fantastically hot men. Four stories of the most unlikely, improbable way to find the love of your life. Join Felicity, Charlie, Frankie and Addison for a series of zany Dakota Cassidy adventures!

    This collection contains the previously released novellas Catnipped, A Were-Cat Christmas, Werelock, and Confessions of a Wannabe Witch.

    Praise for Werecats and Werelocks (Collection)

    "Werecats And Werelocks is unexpectedly erotic with that punch of humor and spice that I always expect from Dakota Cassidy."

    -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

    Praise for Catnipped

    "Dakota Cassidy has written a sizzling short story. She packs a lot into the pages, it was fulfilling and exciting.... Catnipped is one of the better novellas out there, and it is definitely one everyone should read."

    -- Ashley, Fallen Angel Reviews

    "In true Dakota Cassidy form, this story had me laughing so much that my eyes were almost as watery as Charlie's! Dakota Cassidy is one author who never disappoints!"
    -- Alisha, TwoLips Reviews

    "Right from the first word the humor... will envelop you in a colorful world full of laughter and adventure.... With the high quality we have come to expect from Ms. Cassidy it is no surprise to me that Catnipped is a keeper."
    -- Megan, Erotic-Escapades

    "Don't miss this fabulous, funny story!"
    -- Lori Ann, RRT Erotic

    Praise for A Were-Cat Christmas

    "Dakota Cassidy has taken a truly unique premise and crafted a fun story. I have always enjoyed Ms. Cassidy's witty writings and this book is another in a long line of fantastic books."
    -- Serena, Fallen Angels Reviews

    "A Were-Cat Christmas is a zany account of two people finding their soul mates in a most unusual manner. Highly Recommended!!"
    4 Nymphs! -- Bramble Nymph, Literary Nymphs

    "Ms. Cassidy's trademark humor and sass brings the characters alive and certainly adds flavor to this holiday story. A Were-Cat Christmas is a fun tale that will certainly bring readers a little humor during the holidays."
    4 Stars! -- Ann Lee, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

    "An amusing shape shifter novella for Christmas. The characters have [Dakota Cassidy's] well known wry sense of humor.... Pick up a copy of A Were-Cat Christmas because you will love it!"
    -- Marcy Arbitman, The Romance Studio

    "Dakota Cassidy has hit a home run with this hilarious paranormal romance."
    5 Blue Ribbons! -- Robin Snodgrass, Romance Junkies

    "My personal favorite lately is shapeshifter stories. Add to that some rocking sex scenes and some romance and you've got one great read."
    -- Snowdrop, Whipped Cream

    "A Were-Cat Christmas has a little sweet, a lot of humor and a hint of erotic that altogether combines to make a great Christmas story."
    -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

    Praise for Werelock

    "In true Dakota Cassidy tradition Werelock shows a mismatched man struggling his way towards a woman with little idea of the world into which she has been launched.... When Addy finally seduces Caleb the resulting sex is fast and laced with humor not to mention is a great stress reliever on the eve before the big showdown."

    -- Megan,

    "Dakota Cassidy never fails to entertain readers with her ability to instill humor and romance within an interesting plot. Werelock is a fun read."
    -- Amanda S., Fallen Angel Reviews

    Praise for Confessions of a Wannabe Witch

    "This is one hot, hilarious read...that once again showcases Ms. Cassidy's comedic and erotic storytelling abilities. Enjoy!"

    -- Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews

    "A combination of comedy, romance and good old-fashioned lust, Confessions Of A Wannabe Witch will enchant you with the spell of love. Felicity's antics amused me so much that I think I had a permanent smile while reading this book and her hot sexy interludes with Christian left me gasping for more. I would recommend that you run not walk to buy this book because Ms. Cassidy writes of characters that not only have plenty of humor but also bring a whole lot of pleasure to the reader's imagination and let me tell you, with this book it works overtime."
    -- Sheryl, Ecataromance

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