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Submissive Games (Box Set) by Madeleine  Oh
Read an excerpt

Submissive Games (Box Set)

by Madeleine Oh

Cover art: Sahara Kelly

BIN: 04733-01519
Genre(s): Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary), BDSM, Box Sets, Romance
Length: Collection

Buy This Book for $4.39 $5.49
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    Book Summary

    Four sexy stories set in Madeleine Oh's BDSM universe. Dominants, submissives and newcomers to the scene all find love and passion in this not to be missed collection.

    Power Games: John Kent only agrees to make up a foursome to oblige his old friend Mark. But when Aunt Ellen turns out to be an enticing young widow, and a submissive, John's Dom instincts take over...

    Submissive Games: Tom Baldwin is a national heartthrob -- and a sexual submissive. Claudine Wallace is a professional Dominatrix with an exclusive clientele. A purely professional relationship. And Tom's about to break all the rules... no matter what the cost.

    Sexy Games: When a tall, dark-haired, sexy man suggests they skip out on the assembled partygoers, Jenny agrees, for an evening of spectacular sex. But Basil Wallace plans on tying Jenny down -- in more ways than one.

    Dominant Games: Ian Bennett is intriguing, but Julie knows from past experience how badly things can go when you fall for the wrong man. It's up to Ian to convince her he's the perfect Dominant to meet her submissive needs, not just for one night, but for a lifetime.

    Praise for Power Games

    "Power Games is a welcome addition to the universe Madeleine Oh started with Power Exchange."

    -- Victoria, TwoLips Reviews

    "The tenderness and care shown by John and Ellen made me realize that love can happen twice in a lifetime."
    --Hibiscus, Whipped Cream Reviews

    "Miss Oh has written many stories exploring the BDSM lifestyle and I love reading each one."
    -- Leslie Jane, The Romance Studio

    Praise for Submissive Games

    "This is definitely one very hot, sexy read in Ms. Oh's Games series. The sexual relationship between Tom and Claudine really heated me up. I would recommend reading not only Submissive Games, but if you enjoyed it, all the very hot Games books."

    -- Hibiscus, Whipped Cream Reviews

    "Madeleine Oh delivers plenty of sexually charged scenes but they're infused with her trademark humor and there's even a heart stopping scene that pulls at the readers' heartstrings as you realize just how precarious life truly can be."
    4.5 Ribbons! -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

    Praise for Sexy Games

    "Sexy Games is a seriously hot story that is descriptive enough that anyone could play the games along with Jenny and Baz. I can't wait for the next sizzling story in Ms. Oh's Games series."

    -- Hibiscus, Whipped Cream Reviews

    "Sexy Games is another great installment in Ms. Oh's D/s universe."
    -- Victoria, TwoLips Reviews

    "Sexy Games is fast-paced and keeps the heat going. I definitely kept the ice handy. This is one for the bookshelf."
    4.5 Nymphs! --Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs

    Praise for Dominant Games

    "Dominant Games is a fun, sexy short story between two people who see the attraction in the other but are afraid to take the risk of sharing their more sexual desires for fear of rejection."

    4 Angels! -- Bella, Fallen Angel Reviews

    "Julie and Ian play off each other beautifully and I couldn't help but smile at how they discover that they're so compatible sexually."
    4.5 Ribbons! -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

    "Ms. Oh knows how to bring this lifestyle to life in a way that is both sexy and enlightening. Readers that like BDSM or just curious about it would do well to read the Games series."
    4 Nymphs! -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs

    "This novel shows that even punishment doesn't have to be a bad thing when it's administered correctly. I give Dominant Games 4½ cherries! Kudos!"
    -- Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream Reviews
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