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Mychael Black

Call me Katherine or Mychael -- I'll answer to both. I'm a mother, partner, student, author by trade, and editor by compulsion. I've been in the publishing business for several years, namely as a writer but also as an editor on occasion. It never fails, though. I always end up editing eventually.

When not writing or reading or editing, I... eat. Maybe sleep. Or watch Spongebob. Yes. I am a self-proclaimed, thirty-something year old Spongebob Squarepants addict. Much to my partner's dismay. It's fun.

If you're curious about what I write (and who wouldn't be?!), then you can find me below:

"Black's work is poetic and haunting. Nobody can pull off smoldering sex alongside holler-deep, soulful characters like Mychael Black." --Sara Jay

LR Cafe Best of 2013 Award Nominee: Best Author
Scorned Gods Series

Karma's Brutality (Scorned Gods 4)
by Mychael Black

Jason and his bandmates from Scorned Gods are about to discover combat is not for the faint of heart...


Shackled (Scorned Gods 3)
by Mychael Black

Time is swiftly running out for the members of Scorned Gods... and the mortal, Daniel.


Delirium (Scorned Gods 2)
by Mychael Black

A cult of vampires is hellbent on starting a war. Their 1st target, Jason and bandmates Scorned Gods...


Iconoclast (Scorned Gods 1)
by Mychael Black

Scorned Gods needs a lead singer and Jason wants in. But music is not all the band has to offer.


Wit & Wizardry Multi-Author Series

Sky's The Limit (Wit & Wizardry Multi-Author)
by Mychael Black

Ice and snow are cold. Ice dragons are definitely not!


Set In Stone Multi-Author Series

Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Set in Stone)
by Mychael Black

Is Christian real, or is Malcolm just trying to drive Jacob insane from beyond the grave?


Coriolis Series

Coriolis (Box Set)
by Mychael Black
Sale Price: $3.99

Sometimes the perfect soldier isn't what you expect - neither is the perfect lover.


Clutch Wars Series

Clutch Wars (Box Set)
by Mychael Black
Sale Price: $3.99

Four exiles come together to preserve the dragon species from demons bent on destroying their clan.


DungeonCrawl Series

Client Has Stopped Responding (DungeonCrawl 5)
by Mychael Black

War is on their doorstep, and Elijah and his lover Sarin must defeat Mirov, or all will be lost.


Resurrection Point (DungeonCrawl 4)
by Mychael Black

It'll take far more than a goddess to deflect a king's wrath.


Patch Day (DungeonCrawl 2)
by Mychael Black

PvP takes on a whole new meaning when Elijah Burrows meets a fellow gamer in Timiria.


LinkDead (DungeonCrawl 3)
by Mychael Black

Espionage has a way of making a man lose his mind...or his head.


Loading, Please Wait (DungeonCrawl 1)
by Mychael Black

Live action roleplaying has nothing on Elijah Burrows' new life.


Changeling Seasons Series

A Changeling For All Seasons 6 (Box Set)
by Stephanie Burke and
Alice Gaines
Sale Price: $4.79

Eleven tales of seasonal magic from your favorite Changeling authors!


Dark Reign Series

Dark Reign (Box Set)
by Mychael Black
Sale Price: $3.99

Alpha Marcus Deleon's about to go to war to save his pack from his ex-lover, vampire Dalton Gray.


Spirits of Abaddon Series

Spirits of Abaddon (Box Set)
by Mychael Black
Sale Price: $3.99

Jesse doesn't like vampires, but he can't deny Gabriel, and time is quickly running out.


Earth Con Series

Chasing Secrets (Earth Con)
by Mychael Black

Detective Faron Krius must choose between the evidence he can see and truth he feels in his heart.


Black Velvet Society Multi-Author Series

Tempering Steele (Black Velvet Society)
by Mychael Black

Two Masters. One week.


Soul Debt Multi-Author Series

2nd Edition: Repossession (Soul Debt)
by Mychael Black
Sale Price: $2.39

His soul for twenty-four hours of sex. Who could say no?


Blood & Fire Series

Blood Curse
by Mychael Black

Jason Summerfield has finally found the man of his dreams -- Greek vampire Julian Kristados.


Blood & Fire
by Mychael Black

Jason Summerfield is a lead singer of a local metal band -- he's also pyrokinetic!


Non-Series Books

by Mychael Black

The ocean has its secrets� and some of them should stay that way.


by Mychael Black

When the novelty of a human pet wears off, will the Centaur King still keep Ian as his own?


Public Displays of Affection (Box Set)
by Mychael Black

Eight men, four public venues, tons of hot action.


Edible Decadence
by Mychael Black

Ingredients: 1 candy maker, 1 vampiric hunk, dust with a fine layer of powdered sugar. Enjoy.


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