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Cynthia Sax

Some girls dreamed of knights in shining armor. Cynthia Sax dreamed of dragons, magnificent flying dragons. Being a bloodthirsty little thing, Cynthia usually dreamed of these dragons eating the damsels in distress. Now, she dreams of them doing... ahhh... more pleasurable things.

Cynthia is happily married. Although her hubby has not yet shown any shapeshifting abilities, he does buy her medieval princess costumes to wear around the house. Cynthia's rather traditional mother-in-law now always calls before visiting. You can learn more about Cynthia by visiting her website at, her blog at, or email her directly at

"The imagination of Cynthia Sax is where I want to be on a weekly basis. Vivid alternative realities, smoking hot heroes, and the kind of creatures that keep me up at night in a good way all live there, so naturally I want to as well." --Sara Jay

Changeling Seasons Series

A Changeling For All Seasons 6 (Box Set)
by Stephanie Burke and
Alice Gaines
Sale Price: $4.79

Eleven tales of seasonal magic from your favorite Changeling authors!


A Changeling For All Seasons 5 (Box Set)
by Camille Anthony and
Elizabeth Jewell
Sale Price: $4.79

Eleven tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors!


A Changeling For All Seasons 4 (Box Set)
by Lena Austin and
Isabella Jordan
Sale Price: $4.79

Eleven tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors!


Operation Bliss Series

Operation Bliss (Box Set)
by Cynthia Sax and
Ashlynn Monroe

Doctor Arely Sampson fights to save her fellow crewmembers even as an alien fever burns inside her.


Dire Wolves Multi-Author Series

Dire Wolves (Box Set)
by Lena Austin and
Shelby Morgen
Sale Price: $4.79

In the wilds of Northern Alaska, the last of the Dire Wolves fight for their very existence...


Blind Spot (Dire Wolves)
by Cynthia Sax

Once a powerful Alpha, Pavel lost it all. Can Maggy give him a reason to live again?


Big City Series

Big City (Box Set)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $3.99

Dragons, vampires, and wolves -- Finding love in the Big City has never been this wild.


Big City Wolf
by Cynthia Sax

A Bronx wolf discovers even silver can't tarnish true love.


Uptown Vampire
by Cynthia Sax

Vanna is given the choice between true love and eternal life.


Uptown Dragon
by Cynthia Sax

Gold makes this Manhattan dragon hot.


Big City Vampire
by Cynthia Sax

If Vasile can't earn Carly's trust, and soon, their eternity together may become mere minutes.


Big City Dragon
by Cynthia Sax

Frey will fight to the death for his mate. No one messes with a dragon from the Bronx.


Dragon Lord Series

Dragon Lords (Box Set)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $3.99

These seven dragon lords will do anything to claim their destined maidens.


Demon Chronicles Series

Demon Chronicles (Box Set)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $3.99

With ancient demons, sex really does get better with age.


Protect and Serve Multi-Author Series

2nd Edition: Speed Demon (Protect and Serve)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $2.39

Temptation wears a crisp blue uniform and carries a police baton.


2nd Edition: Legal Beagle (Protect and Serve)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $2.39

Sniffing out the bad guys, one ass at a time.


2nd Edition: The Godrabbit (Protect and Serve)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $3.19

I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.


2nd Edition: Badge Bunny (Protect and Serve)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $2.39

Getting arrested has never been so sexy.


White Hot Christmas Series

Clothing Optional (White Hot Christmas)
by Cynthia Sax

'Tis the season for running naked in the snow!


Sugarplums Multi-Author Series

Bitsy's Christmas Demon (Sugarplums)
by Cynthia Sax

Sex with a Christmas fairy tops this powerful demon's wish list.


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