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Changeling Press Authors

By First Name

Alice Gaines
Amanda Steiger
Amber Malloy
Amelia Elias
Ana Raine
Angela Knight
Angelina Evans
Anne Kane
Ashlynn Monroe
Ayla Ruse
B.J. McCall
BA Tortuga
Belinda McBride
Brannan Black
Brenda Bryce
Bryl R. Tyne
CJ England
Camille Anthony
Carlanime Bligh
Cassidy McKay
Ciarra Sims
Crymsyn Hart
Crystal Red
Cynthia Sax
Dahlia Rose
Daisy R. Miller
Dakota Cassidy
Danni Price
Dawn Montgomery
Declan Sands
Deirdre O'Dare
Dulce Dennison
Echo Ishii
Eden Royce
Elayne S. Venton
Elisa Adams
Elizabeth Jewell
Emma Ray Garrett
Eve Vaughn
Faith Talbot
Gale Stanley
Gina Kincade
Harley Wylde
Hunter Raines
Isabella Jordan
J R Pearson
J. D. Laurel
J. Hali Steele
Jacquelyn Frank
Jade Buchanan
Jax L. Kramer
Jessica Coulter Smith
Jocelyn Michel
Jonathan Wright
Judy Mays
Julia Talbot
K.Z. Snow
Kate Hill
Kate Steele
Kate Douglas
Kaylee Grayson
Kiernan Kelly
Kira Stone
Kyla Logan
L. Shannon
Lacey Savage
Leila Brown
Lena Austin
Leona Grey
Lexxie Couper
Lia Connor
Lily Vega
M.A. Church
M.L. Sawyer
Mardi Ballou
Marie Treanor
Marteeka Karland
Mary Winter
Megan Slayer
Melinda Barron
Michele Bardsley
Michelle Hasker
Michelle Hoppe
Mikala Ash
Mychael Black
Paige Warren
RaeLynn Blue
Rayven Renshaw
Renee' George
Rian Monaire
Ruth D. Kerce
Sahara Kelly
Saloni Quinby
Sam Cheever
Samantha Winston
Sara Jay
Sarah Barimen
Sean Michael
Shara Azod
Sharon Maria Bidwell
Shelby Morgen
Sierra Dafoe
Sierra Summers
Silvia Violet
Sophia Titheniel
Stephanie Burke
Theodora Marie Adams
Treva Harte
Tuesday Richards
Tuesday Morrigan
VJ Summers
Willa Okati
Zenobia Renquist
Zoey Daniels
By Last Name

, Kassanna
Adams, Theodora Marie
Adams, Elisa
Anthony, Camille
Ash, Mikala
Austin, Lena
Azod, Shara
Ballou, Mardi
Bardsley, Michele
Barimen, Sarah
Barron, Melinda
Bidwell, Sharon Maria
Black, Brannan
Black, Mychael
Bligh, Carlanime
Blue, RaeLynn
Brown, Leila
Bryce, Brenda
Buchanan, Jade
Burke, Stephanie
Cassidy, Dakota
Cheever, Sam
Church, M.A.
Connor, Lia
Couper, Lexxie
Dafoe, Sierra
Daniels, Zoey
Dennison, Dulce
Douglas, Kate
Elias, Amelia
England, CJ
Evans, Angelina
Frank, Jacquelyn
Gaines, Alice
Garrett, Emma Ray
George, Renee'
Grayson, Kaylee
Grey, Leona
Hart, Crymsyn
Harte, Treva
Hasker, Michelle
Hill, Kate
Hoppe, Michelle
Ishii, Echo
Jay, Sara
Jewell, Elizabeth
Jordan, Isabella
Kane, Anne
Karland, Marteeka
Kelly, Sahara
Kelly, Kiernan
Kerce, Ruth D.
Kincade, Gina
Knight, Angela
Kramer, Jax L.
Laurel, J. D.
Logan, Kyla
Amber Malloy
Mays, Judy
McBride, Belinda
McCall, B.J.
McKay, Cassidy
Michael, Sean
Michel, Jocelyn
Miller, Daisy R.
Monaire, Rian
Monroe, Ashlynn
Montgomery, Dawn
Morgen, Shelby
Morrigan, Tuesday
O'Dare, Deirdre
Okati, Willa
J R Pearson
Price, Danni
Quinby, Saloni
Raine, Ana
Raines, Hunter
Red, Crystal
Renquist, Zenobia
Renshaw, Rayven
Richards, Tuesday
Rose, Dahlia
Royce, Eden
Ruse, Ayla
Sands, Declan
Savage, Lacey
Sawyer, M.L.
Sax, Cynthia
Shannon, L.
Sims, Ciarra
Slayer, Megan
Smith, Jessica Coulter
Snow, K.Z.
Stanley, Gale
Steele, J. Hali
Steele, Kate
Steiger, Amanda
Stone, Kira
Summers, VJ
Summers, Sierra
Talbot, Faith
Talbot, Julia
Titheniel, Sophia
Tortuga, BA
Treanor, Marie
Tyne, Bryl R.
Vaughn, Eve
Vega, Lily
Venton, Elayne S.
Violet, Silvia
Warren, Paige
Winston, Samantha
Winter, Mary
Wright, Jonathan
Harley Wylde
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