A Kiss in The Dark 2: Locations
Shelby Morgen
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2004 by Shelby Morgen
An Authorized Excerpt

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Jen stood staring out the window into the darkness. Would it never quit raining?

Rain meant more than extra aches and pains where she hadn't had them when she was younger. It meant remembering. Remembering a night filled with passion -- a night she refused to regret -- an indiscretion she couldn't afford to repeat, she reminded herself.

The storm also meant she'd likely be called in way too early. The sections they'd already upgraded were stronger, more able to take the blows the storm dealt, but the rural lines… those she babied.

Lightning cracked outside her window. Somewhere in the distance she heard a tree splinter. Even the newer lines couldn't support that kind of weight. A branch or two, maybe. But a whole -- or more rightly half -- a tree? The lines weren't built that could sustain trees falling into them.

All of which meant she couldn't afford to lie here awake, wondering about decisions she hadn't made, opportunities she might have missed.

From the drawer in the nightstand she extracted her trusty Battery Operated Boyfriend, BOB. Slathering him with baby oil, she tried to feign enthusiasm for the coming ritual. Pretend he was someone she cared about, not just a means to an end, a release that would, inevitably, allow her to find blessed relief -- sleep.

There was no question who he'd be tonight. Thunder rumbled through the night. Lightning offered its brief glimpse into the darkened sky.

Only one man fit the bill.

Tom McCabe.

A man whose face she'd never seen in the daylight.

A man whose body she knew intimately.

Mistake or not, just thinking about him, about what they'd done together, made her hot. Strong, sure hands swept over her skin, lifting her breasts, rolling the nipples between work-hardened fingers until she arched off the bed, thrusting her breasts toward him. Yes. Oh, yes. Harder! The hands knew exactly how much pressure to apply before the pleasure turned to pain.

What the hell. Sometimes pain was good too.

She stifled a scream as those same fingers pinched her clit with equal force. A flood of moisture welcomed the large purple head of his shaft as it explored her folds, lifting her hips up off the bed to meet him. God, yes. Fuck me. Now!

As if he heard her thoughts, the vibrating purple head plunged deep, burying its thick length all the way to the base, so she could feel his balls slam against her perineum. She wouldn't last long. Not like this. The length withdrew, then plunged in again and again. So hard. So hot.

Really hot.

Hot? Why was it hot? Was the damn thing overheating?


Harder, faster, she slammed the vibrating purple toy into her desperate pussy, reaching for that elusive release. So close. So close… She changed the angle slightly, its stroke brushing her clit, driving her nearly insane with the intensity of the need commanding her. More, more, harder, faster, before the damn thing blew up. Now, now, now!

As the orgasm wracked her, she buried the toy deep, all the way to the jelly purple balls, letting the hot, vibrating motor pulse weakly within her as it slowly died.

Well, isn't that special…

Murderer. Now look what you've done. You killed him. You killed BOB.

Well, shit. It wasn't like she'd tried to hammer nails with the damn thing. It was a dildo, for Christ's sake. It was made for only one purpose.

She was so fucked.
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