Shadow Whispers
Lexxie Couper
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2006 Lexxie Couper
An Authorized Excerpt

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He crossed the floor of her bedroom as he had every night for the last five: eyes burning with desire, cock a rigid pole pointing straight up from the dark thatch between his thighs. Moonlight filtered through the open window, playing over his almost pearlescent flesh and casting his face in shadows.

From her bed, body quivering with hungry anticipation, Tess Darcy watched him, pussy sodden with aching lust.

Muscles seemingly sculpted from smoke coiled and flexed as he approached her, fluid and steely all at once. The contradiction drove her wild and her cunt fluttered.

Her fists knotted in the tangled bed sheets, breath growing short and shallow with each step he took closer. A gust of hot wind blew through the window, kissing her already fevered flesh until she shivered with wanton pleasure. She pressed her thighs together, squeezed her pussy tight and bit back a moan.

How could she be this aroused? When even a summer night's breeze almost brought her to climax?

Eyes that glowed with consuming passion raked over her and Tess gasped.

That was how. Her lover.

Silently he reached the foot of her bed, gaze burning a slow path over her tingling limbs, caressing her breasts, belly, cunt. Cool fingers, long and impossibly strong, curled around her ankles and as his hypnotic eyes held hers captive, he thrust her legs apart.

Wet tension flooded Tess's cunt. Oh, God, yes!

With fluid ease and undeniable purpose, he placed one knee and then the other onto the mattress, the corded columns of his legs pushing hers further apart, exposing her throbbing sex to his inspection.

Waves of hot want crashed over her. She arched her back, lifting her ass from the bed to meet her silent lover's descending mouth. Immediately his tongue found her swollen clit, like the cool kiss of spring mist on her flushed sex. She bucked, wanting that tongue, that mouth, to devour her. "Jesus! That's sooo good!"

The fingers around her ankles relaxed -- just enough to let his cool hands slide up her calves to her knees, forcing her thighs even further apart. The tongue on her cunt stabbed between her hot nether lips, lapped at the fresh cream coating them. It flicked the small nub of flesh until Tess flung her head from side to side and rammed her hips harder to his face.

Tension mounted. Her cunt contracted.

The tongue rolled over her clit, plunged into her slit and back to her clit again.

"Oh, fuck me!"

Her cry was hoarse. Raw.

The cool hands at her knees slipped to her thighs, icy on her fevered skin. Pushed her wider. Wider. Granting his insatiable, masterful mouth complete and absolute access to her clit, cunt and ass.

Tess's fists pulled on the sheets, tore them from the mattress. Juices flooded her sex.











Just as she knew she could take no more, that she was on the edge of the precipice ready to fall, her lover stopped. Lifted his head.

Eyes like ice stared into hers, boring into her soul.

"Tease!" she gasped.

He didn't reply. He never did. Instead he straightened, knees still firmly planted beside hers, and wrapped one large hand around his rigid organ, stroking its bulbous head with his thumb.

Tess sucked in a breath, the squirming tension in her pussy impatient. That massive, solid cock would soon be embedded in her sex, stretching her to the very limits. Meeting his burning stare, she caught her breath as he moved closer, cock lined up with her spread cunt.

She was ready.

Ready to be consumed.

To be --

The raucous laugh of a lone kookaburra shattered the night.

With a gasp, Tess sat bolt upright, heart hammering against her chest, nostrils flaring.

She stared about the room, her eyes darting from one dark corner to the next. Nothing but unpacked boxes, stacks of books and deep moon-cast shadows. Alone. She was alone.

A growl of frustration tore from her throat as she dragged her hands through her tousled hair. A dream. Just another goddamn dream!

Outside, the insomniac kookaburra screeched with mirth again.

Biting back a curse, Tess dropped back onto her bed. "Fuck." Her mutter fell heavy in the silence of the night, as did her angry sigh.

Five nights! Five nights in a row of the most explosive sex of her life, only to awake every time to discover it was just a dream! She stared up at the still unfamiliar ceiling of her bedroom, craving release.

Five nights.

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