Jack-O-Lantern: Warlock's Eve
Michelle Hoppe
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2006 Michelle Hoppe
An Authorized Excerpt

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"Don't light those now," Tricks hissed.

"Why not?" Dominic blew out the lit match he was holding before it singed his fingers. "Candlelight is romantic. I thought you wanted to set the mood."

Tricks turned around to face the dark-eyed man standing near the altar. "Because it's too soon. We must wait for Cade."

"Who the hell is Ca --" Dominic never finished. Without warning he was lifted from his feet and slammed against the wall as if thrown by invisible hands.

"Do not question the priestess," a deep male voice echoed along the stone walls of the burned out castle as the speaker materialized from thin air.

Tricks dropped to her knees, her head bowed almost to the cold flagstone floor. "Cade," she whispered.

"Why is this piece of flesh here?" Cade demanded.

"You… you said…" Tricks stammered. She kept her head bowed to avoid meeting his eyes.

The sound of Cade's footsteps screamed in her ears. He stopped inches from her face. "I said to bring a woman."

Cade's right foot moved forward, sliding easily between her face and the floor. Tricks placed her lips on his boot in greeting. She kissed it before speaking again. "I brought him."

Pain shot through her head as Cade pulled her to her feet by the hair. Silent tears slipped from her eyes, several strands of her blonde tresses breaking off in Cade's hand as he wrapped it tightly in his fist.

"You dare to bring your human toy on Warlock's Eve?"

"It is time, Cade. He is ready."

Tricks knew she was treading on dangerous ground. Cade was a powerful warlock and even her exalted status as high priestess only gave her limited privileges.

Cade's voice cut through her thoughts. "Silence. I decide who is ready and who is not."

She waited for the blow, her eyes closed tight against the coming pain.

Cade's lips crushing against her neck sent a ripple of pleasure coursing down her spine. Tricks moaned.

The pressure on her hair increased, her head pulled back, exposing more of her neck to his mouth. His tongue danced along her jaw, stopping to plunge into her ear.

Tricks reveled in the pleasure he gave, knowing it would be fleeting. Punishment for her boldness in bringing Dominic was coming and the anticipation made her stomach flip.

She could feel the heat building between her legs, now moist from his assault of her ear. She felt a tremor shake her body as Cade released her hair, pulling away from her.

"Strip," he commanded.

With shaking fingers, Tricks unbuttoned the silk blouse, removing it from her shoulders and letting it slip to the ground.

Cade wasn't watching her. His eyes had returned to Dominic, still lying on the floor, knees drawn up in a fetal position.

Tricks reached behind her back to release the clasp on her bra. Shrugging her shoulders to dislodge the straps, she let it fall to her feet.

Cade's eyes glanced at her full breasts, her nipples hard from the slight chill in the evening air. He seemed impatient as his hand shot out to grab the fabric of her skirt. With little effort, he ripped the delicate fabric from her body.

Tricks was naked.

"Stand up," Cade commanded, pointing at Dominic.

The man buried his head under his arm. Tricks could see him trembling.

"I said, stand up." Cade's voice was deep, threatening.

Once again invisible hands grabbed the man and pulled him to his feet. Dominic's eyes reflected terror and he seemed unable to speak.

"Remove your clothing," Cade demanded, releasing the invisible hold on Dominic, causing him to stumble back against the wall.

Cade turned to Tricks. "You are sure this is what you desire?"

Tricks lowered her eyes, her head nodding in agreement.

"Say it."

"Yes, Cade. This is the man I want."

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