Big, Blooming & Wild! Greenhouse Effect
Nia K. Foxx
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2008 Nia K. Foxx

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It was the moaning that pulled him from a restless slumber. The sounds seemed to resonate in the still crisp morning air. Primal noises. It was the female's pleading whimpers which managed to push him into full wakefulness. Wik heard the distinct sound of male groaning.

They were sounds of pleasure. Ecstasy. He envied the couple their wee-hour romp, although he wished they'd chosen a less public place for their affectionate exchange. He wasn't the only Botan in the forest, but he was the only one of shifting age who spent a great deal of time in his redwood form. For him there was solace to be found amongst his brethren who'd yet to reach the age of maturity.

He was fairly certain he was the only one being impacted by the loud sexual display. As evidence, a branch sprouted and grew in a most unseemly fashion from his wide trunk. There was no mistaking the obvious phallus that sprang forth.

"Harder. Fuck me harder, Riley."

The Botan must have given her exactly what she was asking for because an even louder moan permeated the forest.

"Oh yes, my ass too."

Of all his dumb luck. He'd hoped to get a decent night's sleep for once. He wanted to be in a halfway civil mood when he conducted his tour today of one of their key sites. So much for that idea. Although it was still early enough for him to gain a few hours' rest he'd not be able to do it with the wood he now sported.

Damn Riley and his mate. He wasn't sure how much longer he'd be able to put up with being in such close proximity to all the other mated Botans. Granted, he was happy for them all, but he was fairly sure he'd die from horniness or bludgeon some unsuspecting passerby if he didn't find his own mate.

"Oh yes, I'm coming!" the woman shouted.

Damn! He'd need to find her soon.

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