Koffe with Cream
Brenda Bryce
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Koffe Collins stared gloomily down into his cooling black coffee.

"Need topping off, sweetie?"

Looking up, Koffe saw the waitress hovering over him with the coffeepot. "Yes, please."

It was a busy Saturday morning and Koffe spent several minutes gazing around the dining room. An argument broke out at a table of older gentlemen about the size of a fish one of the men supposedly caught last summer.

Koffe smiled at their antics, but it soon fell from his face as he returned his attention to his cup. What was he going to do? He ran a hand through his long, black hair and sighed.

It fucking sucked being fired from a job you could barely tolerate because the boss's daughter wouldn't take the fucking hint that women weren't your bag. But no, the bitch had run to daddy and accused him of hitting the till. He'd never stolen a thing in his life, but here he was, out on his ass. He'd have to find another job soon, before his former boss put out the word on him.

She'd told him she'd fix him for not sleeping with her. Well, she did. "Stupid cunt, as if I woulda slept with her anyway. I'm freaking gay for Christ's sake."

"That's good to know."

Koffe's gaze shot up to the person who stood next to his table. The man towered over him like a golden god. Golden yellow hair spilled over his shoulders and golden tan-hued skin covered his face and bare arms. Even his eyes and mustache had gold in them.

Involuntarily, his attention dropped from the man's face to his broad shoulders and flannel shirt-covered chest. A big, barrel-shaped chest. It tapered down into a small waist and narrow hips and long, long legs covered in tight denim jeans. The pointy-toed cowboy boots looked well used and were probably very comfortable. Perfect was the word leaping into Koffe's mind.

Koffe was tanned, but it was the toasted bread brown of being out in the sun all the time, while this man had a lighter, more sun-kissed color of honey. Wondering what his own darker-hued skin would look like brushing against all that gold, Koffe nearly groaned. He agonized over what the man's skin would taste like.

Still caught in the spell of the stranger, Koffe's gaze traveled back up the man's legs and got trapped by the bulge growing behind the already straining zipper.

A deep chuckle jerked him out of his lust-induced stupor and he flushed as his gaze jumped back to the yellow-brown, twinkling eyes.

"Is this seat taken?"

Come on, Collins, snap out of it. His teeth clicked together when he closed his mouth and managed to shake his head no.

"You're not from around here, are you?" the golden man asked him as he raised his hand to the waitress. "Coffee, please."

"Sure thing, sugar." The waitress returned and headed their way with the pot.

Koffe frowned. "Moved to the area about a month ago. How could you tell?"

The man opened and poured three creamers into his cup, stirred it lightly, and lifted the cup to his lips, blowing on it while contemplating him. "Because you didn't know about Kimmy James. That's where you were working, right? The James' place?"

When Koffe nodded, the man continued. "Everyone except her daddy knows she does all the men who come through the feed store. If they put out, they can continue working. If not, they get shafted. It's why they import their labor. And why there's such a huge turnover rate."

"Sure wish I'd known before I took the job."

"I bet you do."

They shared a quiet moment as they drank their coffee. After a few minutes the man put his cup down and took a deep breath. "All right." Putting his palms flat on the table, he seemed to have come to a hard-won decision. "My name's Leo Deets and I own the parts store just outside of town. I've got a position open and I wonder if you'd like to fill it."

Quietly, he lifted his cup and took another sip while Koffe stared at him, mouth agape. "A job? But you don't even know me." Not to mention, he'd been fired for stealing.

"Don't need to know you. If I know Miss James, and I do, you won't get a recommendation from them. What did she do? Say you tried to rape her?" Leo's eyes glinted with anger and his features hardened.

"Nope, theft."

Leo shook his head. "Doesn't surprise me at all. She'll say anything to get what she wants. Kimmy James makes it difficult for those of us who bat for the same team and don't want to play ball with anyone who has low testosterone levels."

Koffe stared at Leo in stunned silence, then burst out laughing, garnering the attention of several diners. Leaning forward, Koffe shook his head. "I'd like the job, but I don't know if I should take it."

"Why?" Leo's eyelids slid to half-mast as the men stared at each other.

"Well, because if I did, I'd want to take up baseball and round the bases with you."

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