All Tied Up
J. D.
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"Stephanie is all tied up right now and can't possibly come to the phone."

The secretary had a shrewish voice that seemed to gloat over the phone every time she gave me the same message. But I kept calling, even though it was more difficult to get an appointment with Stephanie than the cable television folks who were three weeks behind on connecting my service. Sometimes you have to wait for the best, and Stephanie was the best financial advisor in town. I wanted her real bad, so after two weeks of trying by phone, I stopped by her office un-announced last Tuesday afternoon.

Her secretary looked exactly like she sounded over the phone, and when she found out who I was, she was prepared to tackle me in the hallway if necessary to prevent me from seeing Stephanie. Seems that my $100,000 profit on the sale of my last house wasn't enough money to warrant an appointment with a high-powered advisor like Stephanie who usually dealt with millions. Then, right in the middle of our argument, Stephanie came out of her office.

"What's going on, Mary?" Her light blue eyes studied my face while she brushed a strand of strawberry blonde hair away from her forehead.

"I told him you were booked up for months and that you didn't have time to help him. He's been calling every day, and now he just drops in without an appointment. It's only a hundred thousand," Mary added as an afterthought, folding her arms across her large bosom.

"Look, I don't want to cause any trouble, but I was told you were the best, and I wanted you to turn me down in person, if that's what's going to happen," I said, shrugging my shoulders and smiling.

Stephanie appeared to evaluate the way I filled out my sports coat, and our gazes locked, staring, each unwilling to give up what they saw. I got a hint of a smile and she said, "I'll have some time available tonight after eight, but you'll have to come to my house. Okay with you?"

"Perfect," I replied, shaking her warm, tiny hand and noting that she looked trim and professional in her navy blue business suit. Stephanie walked back to her office. Mary shook her head with a disgusted look on her face. She wrote down the address and handed it to me with a scowl.

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