Dark Veil
Charisma Knight
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Charisma Knight

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Leaning forward, Samira allowed her breasts to brush against the vampire's face as she impaled herself on his cock. She gasped as he squeezed the plump flesh, gently biting the delicate tips.

If only he'd lose control with me.

"You're going to be the final death of me." Josef spoke with a baritone voice as she twisted and writhed on top of his dick. The sound of their sweat-soaked bodies slapping against one another echoed throughout the room. Outside, beyond the open French doors, a large silver moon cast its beams over the balcony and a warm breeze filtered through her bedroom, causing the flames of the candles to sway in a hypnotic fashion.

The setting was perfect. Now all she needed was for her vampire to fuck her into the realm of insanity. She glanced down. Josef was struggling to keep his demon at bay. Already the beast lurked dangerously close to the surface of his human facade.

"Finish me in doggie. Fuck me hard and fast!" Had she gone mad? Why did she enjoy flirting with death? Goosebumps erupted over her body and fear sliced through her being.

Her vampire lover growled as green glowing eyes overpowered the coal black ones of his demon. This was a sure sign that Josef was still in control.

"I wish you'd lose control with me."

For the past six months Josef had been her friend, companion, and lover. No other man had ever treated her in this manner or bestowed as many orgasms upon her as Josef had. The man could just blow on her, and she'd come. But as always she sought more.

He held her in place as he thrust into her greedy cunt. While the mind-blowing sex was the best she'd ever experienced, she knew he held back. His cry broke through the room. "Samira, I'm coming!"

His face contorted as the veins in his neck bulged and his incisors seemed to lengthen more.

The sight of Josef succumbing to his orgasm forced her to shatter along with him while enjoying the feeling of his seed flooding her pussy. Samira felt his fingers dig into her flesh as she repeatedly impaled herself on his cock. "Yes. Harder." She longed to feel those large hands around her neck, cutting off the air to her lungs. Damn him! He was too much of a gentleman to ever treat her in that manner.

Legs quivering, she collapsed on top of her vampire lover. With a sigh, she ran her fingertips through the soft down on his muscular chest while teasing his pierced nipples.

"What's bothering you?" He caressed her cheek in the palm of his hand. "Did I not satisfy you?"

Pressing her body against his, she smiled while stroking his thick, neatly trimmed sideburns. "You please me, baby, but I need -- more." She winced as his soft gaze hardened.

"More, you say? Do you need another man?" His growl was low and fierce. Even though the hair on the back of her neck stood on end, excitement coursed through her body. This is what she'd sought for so long. Those black unknown eyes peered at her once again, daring her.

"No -- well, not entirely."


She shrugged. "What I need is for you to completely lose it with me. Why don't you ever allow your other side to control me while in bed? I want to be totally submissive to him -- to you."

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