Izzy's Incubus
Leila Brown
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If her phone rang one more time she planned to shoot it. Isabella Duncan smoothed her hair away from her face and verified the list on the screen. She had everything she needed for the spell and then some. Izzy switched tabs on her browser. She had to get both of these spells just right, but if she was going to flub one, it couldn't be this one.

She dug around in the small bowl of salt and took out the necklace. She'd left it there since the full moon three nights ago. She pulled the small heart charm up. That was quicker than digging around for the chain. The silver still held a bit of salt dust. It was almost time.

The phone rang again. That was twice in the last five minutes. She was on vacation, damn it. Technically, she didn't have to answer. But if she didn't the damn thing would go off all night.

"Isabella, I know you're supposed to be on vacation but I just got a call from Peterson. If we can get him a copy of the proposal by Friday he'll take it to the board immediately."

Isabella rolled her eyes and bit her bottom lip to keep from groaning out loud. The proposal was still in its early stages. Which meant she would be working all day tomorrow in order to get it presentable.

"You promised not to call. This is my vacation."

"I know I'm asking a lot but we need to get this done, and I could probably crunch the numbers. But I can't polish it and make it shine like you do." He cleared his throat. "You know this is a five million dollar account. We can't afford not to do this."

Izzy rubbed her palm along her forehead. She wanted to tell him no. Really wanted to tell him where he could stick his damn job. It sucked every ounce of life right out of her.

"I'll give you four hours. But after that I'm done. And if you don't like it then I'll type up my resignation while I'm working up the proposal."

"Okay. Okay. I got it. You do what you can then email it to me. I'll take it from there." He sighed but he didn't ask for anything else.

"Bye." She hung up without giving him the chance to make her feel guilty. He was a master manipulator. Hell, he'd turned the tables and made her feel like an ass for taking her birthday off.

Just as she hung up the special alarm on her phone went off. Her heart kicked into high gear. Damn, it was time. With a quick look around, she made sure everything was in order, then she grabbed the scrap of paper and raced over to sit on her bed. This had to work. She needed a night of no strings attached loving, and there was no way she was going to a bar with her super skinny friends. Each time she made that mistake she went home fuckless. No thank you. Tonight she was getting screwed -- on her terms.

The second alarm on her cell phone went off. Showtime.

"From deep beneath the surface rise, demon lover, heed my call. Come satisfy my heady lust, stay until my passions wane. Come to me in all your glory, provide a happily ever after to my bedtime story." It sounded even sillier when she read it out loud. But she needed it to work.

Izzy jumped as the lights flickered, then laughed at herself as they burned bright again. Jeez, scared much? A pop filled the room and all the lights went out. She started to get up when she caught the shadow of someone sitting on the side of her bed.

"Tell me you did not just summon me away from my dinner, human." The voice played a slow and deliberate baritone melody, and was just about the sexiest thing she'd ever heard.

What did she say to that? Sorry I interrupted your meal, but I have something else for you to eat? That definitely would not go over well. Best to just stick with short words until her heart returned to a semi-normal pace. Although she really wanted this to work, somehow she'd expected to be disappointed. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst... that was her motto. So having the beast pop into her room, several inches from her on the bed, meant she had to do some fast thinking with a brain that was shutting down.

"Did you not hear my question?" the delicious-looking demon asked as he turned and leveled his violet eyes on her.

Izzy wrapped her numb fingers around the pendant hanging at her neck. The rose she'd used to summon him scraped her leg as it tumbled to the floor. If he touched her while he was still angry she was going to send him home in a hurry.

* * *

Amar stared at the mahogany-skinned woman on the other side of the bed. It had been a while since he'd savored the soft skin and particular sexual flavor of such a cocoa beauty. He needed to stop concentrating on her delicious-looking flesh, or her shoulder-length, black, shiny hair. Even her full lips were an unwanted distraction. His main focus should be the fact that she was actually defying him. He was an incubus. He chose his women, they didn't choose him. Not that he should be complaining. The woman in front of him was just what he needed. He'd enjoy toying with her large breasts and large, chocolate cherry nipples, then pounding against her wide hips.

The innocence in her face made him a bit wary. He liked women who knew their way around a dick. They were the easiest to seduce. This one might require a bit of work.

"Why did you summon me?" he asked as he stood, then took a step around the bedpost. He caught her gaze in a stare guaranteed to keep her immobile. They both knew she'd summoned him for sex. Sex he'd gladly give her... for a price.

He took that last step to the other bedpost when something sharp and hot punctured his right foot.

When he picked his foot up his stomach turned. A rose? He looked closer at the crushed flower, and dread spread through him. Those blood-red petals darkened and turned into ash, which ignited until there was no trace of the thing that had been a flower -- his way out. His only way out.

"What did you do?" He knew his voice boomed through the room. When he'd lost eye contact with the woman the spell had broken. She was in the center of the bed, backing away from him. "What spell did you use to bring me here?"

"I was wrong. Leave. Be gone. You're free."

"I can't." He didn't remember all his teachings on this ceremony but for the time being they were bound together. That much he knew. There was something he was supposed to remember. This was what he got for not paying attention during his ritual teachings.

She made a dash to get off the bed as he made a grab for her. The woman wore a sexy scrap of slinky black lingerie tied in the back with two strings. It left her entire luscious ass on display for him. He snagged her ankle just as she'd have reached the other side of the bed. She kicked out at him and luckily missed his head.

"Stop fighting me. I am not going to hurt you." Yet. He dodged her next kick. "You have no clue what you've done."

"I tried no-strings sex, and it was an epic failure," she yelled, then suddenly stopped trying to get away. Her fingers tightened on the heart pendant on her necklace.

He slid his hand up her calf and onto her thigh. "This is not the ceremony for simple sex." He inched closer to her. Why wasn't she fighting him anymore? A few seconds ago she'd been a hellcat but now she was a timid little pussy? Something was wrong here.

He moved until he was directly over her. His arms kept her prisoner on the bed. Then he saw the glow and heard her quickly whispered words, but it was too late. Another spell. This one he knew, but only to avoid it. It was a binding spell.

This one would bind them together -- forever.

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