Firecracker: The Troll Under The Bridge
Shelby Morgen
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2005 Shelby Morgen
An Authorized Excerpt

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More than a little pissed off now, I stood, meeting him eye to eye, running my nice, sharp nail down the seam of his zipper. Even the feel of that hot, hard cock jumping at my touch wasn't enough, now. "You got a problem with Trolls, Mr. Cop? Not good enough to hang out with you humans, are we? Can't possibly be doing anything as innocent as just sitting on a park bench. Must be doing something illegal. Why not prostitution? All Trolls are inherently evil anyway, right? Must be doing something wrong. Let's all pick on the Troll."

The sight of my bared fangs, fully exposed now and rather close to his face, should have sent him running, screaming for help. Instead he did what I'd wanted him to do in the first place -- he grabbed me and kissed me. Did I mention the man was built? No lesser human could have pulled an enraged Troll against his chest, held her there, and practically bruised her lips with a kiss like that. Damn he was good. Hot and angry and questing, his tongue battled with mine, fitting nicely between the tusks, raking over my teeth and stealing my breath away.

He clawed at me, bunching my skirt up, gripping the firm cheeks of my ass, grinding my pussy against the growing tent in the front of his pants. Oh, God. It was hard to remember why I was mad at this Cop while his cock was driving me wild. I shoved my hands between us, tearing at his zipper, but there was too much Cop stuff in the way. He released my ass long enough to reach for his gunbelt and I shifted my stance, widening my legs to give him better access. Taking advantage of his momentary distraction, I pulled my mouth back from his and bit him -- hard -- on the shoulder.
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