Private Meetings
Zenobia Renquist
All rights reserved.
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And the day had started off so well... No, wait. No, it hadn't.

First the morning elevator ride had amounted to a giant teasing session that left Rachel teetering on the edge of what had promised to be an amazing orgasm. There was no grace period this time around. The executives had left her primed and begging -- internally, since begging was against company policy -- for release.

She'd thought Matt might do the deed since he'd gotten into the habit of testing research and development's latest -- and, she suspected, not so latest -- toy creations on her.

Every morning for the last month and a half had been one new toy after another. Each toy required a full day's evaluation... after Matt spent the first ten to twenty minutes of the work day testing the toy's limits. That meant making Rachel come for the enjoyment of her watching coworkers.

But not this morning. Matt had sent her to Mr. Collins to collect a demo piece to be used in a presentation Matt would be making to an important company client. Normally the executives didn't do pitches. They had employees for that. But some clients required special handling by the ones in charge. Since Mr. Collins couldn't go, Matt had been tapped. That meant Rachel had gone with him.

The demo presentation had started with the promise of sex and shared pleasure. Started...

Rachel sat suspended off the ground. Thick, padded straps on her upper thighs held her weight while the strap across her back kept her upright. Her wrists were cuffed to the bar above her head. The position was more comfortable than it sounded and she would have been happy to stay in the swing all day -- with or without clothing, depending on Matt's mood.

His current mood had her in a tube top that had been pulled down so her breasts were bared with her short skirt bunched at her waist -- thanks to the swing and the demonstration -- and no panties. The demonstration piece was currently situated deep in her pussy and asshole. Her state was a sure recipe for fun. Or that was what she'd thought until the client, Jake Landy, ruined it for her.

Matt hugged Rachel close while shoving Jake back. "That's enough."

Jake yelled, "What the fuck? It was just getting good."

"Not for her."

"Her? This is about me. I'm the client."

Matt kept hold of her, rubbing her lower back in a soothing manner. "You are the client, Jake, but you don't get to mistreat my employees to get your rocks off."

"Fuck this bullshit. I should have had Collins do the demonstration after all. He might be a hard bastard to negotiate with but at least he's not squeamish."

Jake Landy was a fake. He used a little sweet talk and a few gentle touches before turning into a rutting beast concerned with his own pleasure at the expense of his partner. Thankfully, Matt had figured out the man's game and stopped him before he had gotten further than fondling Rachel's breasts too roughly.

But Landy's company was a valuable client. She could ignore a little pain if it meant getting the contract. She licked her dry lips and prepared herself to impart that news to Matt. She didn't want him to lose the contract because of her.

It hadn't hurt that bad.

She took a breath but Matt's finger covered her lips before she could speak.

He said, "Landy, if the contract comes at the expense of Rachel, then you can roll it lengthwise and shove it up your ass. Collins was an idiot for letting you do as you pleased until now, and I will be bringing it up to the president at the next executive review. Tedson doesn't like the assistants being abused. I'm sure quite a few of them will have something to say about you."

Landy bit out something Rachel didn't catch before he stormed out of the room. The door slamming made her flinch.

She stared at Matt with wide eyes. "Sir?"

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