Roadside Assistance
Danni Price
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Renee rested her head in her hands. Her hair fell forward, blocking out the dismal view. It had been an hour since the car had broken down, and she'd been obligated to call roadside assistance. After the first half hour, she thought of a thousand different ways she could have handled the David situation better. For the second half hour she wondered why she hadn't managed to do any of those wonderful things.

Lost in a major bout of self-pity, she didn't notice the lights of an approaching vehicle until it was nearly upon her. As the lights slowed down, she checked to make sure all her doors were locked. There was no way she was ending the worst day ever murdered on the side of the road by some crazed, sociopath B movie wannabe.

Relief flooded her when the tow truck passed and parked a few feet in front of her beat up Honda. The tow truck driver left the engine running as he walked back to her car. The truck's spotlight silhouetted his tall frame. She opened her door before he spoke, eager for the ordeal to end.

The interior light revealed a square cut jaw and sensual mouth in a far too handsome face. Shaggy black hair topped off the entire sexy as hell vibe Jack had going. She stifled a groan. Yeah, leave it to her to get rescued by her high school sweetheart -- the guy she'd dumped when she went off to college. What more could possibly go wrong?

Renee recognized the exact moment Jack made the connection. His face broke out in a smile so wide, she wondered that his jaw didn't split in two. "Hey, Renie. Imagine meeting you here." He draped an arm over the open door and leaned against it.

She groaned. After ten, years, he looked better than ever. "Don't call me that."

He laughed and stretched out a hand to help her up. Always a gentleman. When they'd dated, that had irritated her -- he'd been so perfect. Or maybe she'd resented him because they'd been together forever and she wanted something new and exciting. But after the day she'd had...

Jack's large, work-roughened hand engulfed hers. "You're freezing." With a frown, Jack ripped off his denim jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. It hung down to mid-thigh on her. Beneath the jacket Jack wore a T-shirt that clung to his well-defined biceps, but he didn't look cold.

The smell of him flooded her senses, and she closed her eyes to linger over memories -- like the nights they'd spent in the back seat of his old Dodge, fogging up the windows, squirming beneath his skilled hands.

He led her to his truck and into the cab. Heat buffeted her, and she angled closer to the vents. When the door slammed shut, she glanced up to find he'd climbed in after her instead of tending to her car.

She watched him watching her until the serious expression he wore morphed into a mischievous grin. "I could help you warm up. Like old times."

Renee only had to think about it for a minute. A mindless fuck was exactly what the doctor ordered after the day she'd had. If David could sleep with whoever he wanted, then why couldn't she? And if memory served, Jack was a great lay. "Do you have a condom?"

Deep green eyes went wide as he shoved a hand into the pocket of his snug jeans. "Hell yeah." Out came his wallet. He withdrew a foil package and placed both items on the dash of the truck.

On her knees beside him, she placed one hand on the side of his face and turned him toward her. She kissed his soft lips. Her hands worked at the buckle of his belt. No hesitation, no regrets.

Jack's tongue thrust between her lips as his fingers tangled with hers in a race to remove his faded jeans. When the pants came off, he pressed her hand onto his erection, but jerked as her icy cold hands ran over the length of him. "Mmm, not quite warm yet, baby."

"But I'm getting there." She pulled away to admire his beautiful cock. It angled up toward his belly, long and thick, just like she remembered. Her body hummed in anticipation.

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