Hold Me Hard (Dirty Rotten Vampires 3)
J. Hali Steele
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2015 J. Hali Steele

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When power changes hands, someone gets hurt.

Vigier Stone, a master vampire, intended to ensure it wouldn't be him or the mixed-breed woman he coveted. Having shared his ancient blood with Kiwi Odette, it became paramount in his mind to keep her at his side. This meant away from the vampire council members who'd gone astray and sought to either change Kiwi's kind into vampires, or make sure she didn't see her next birthday. It also entailed keeping her from the hands of her grandfather, the strongest undead creature he knew, and one he considered a friend until Vig realized the cold bastard intentionally kept them apart.

Split Kryder eyed Vig from a well-stocked bar. "He deserves time with his granddaughter, and who better to keep her safe at this perilous time?"

"And if he spirits Tangerine off to God knows where, what then, Sophronius?" The sound of mental shields grinding into place was almost audible in the large room. Vigier moved from the window to sit on a barstool.

Split, who hated his given name of Sophronius, glared at him. "He wouldn't dare."

"Daring Vald Gerlach is a dangerous proposition." Vig grunted. "I take it you remember how easily he vanquished two council members who possessed more power than either of us." Running a hand through dark hair, Vig recalled the battle with the vamps who attempted to use Split's first mate's potion to change not only diseased malevolents, but every demi-vamp alive into what they were -- cold, undead, bloodsucking menaces.

"I was unprepared, weakened by..."

Laughter preceded a blast of cold air into the room. "Sophie, you are full of shit. Pops would tear you to pieces and scatter them around the world."

Both vamps turned to spy Eustace Gerlach, Vald's youngest, lounging against the arm of an overstuffed chair. "And who decorated, Vigier? I like it."

"Screw you, Eustace." Vigier had his newest home built near Split's on Lake Arrowhead in the high desert of California so Kiwi would have a warm place to entertain her sister, Tangerine, whose demon life force remained intact even though she fed from Split. Ki could handle extreme cold, what with her father's vampire blood being stronger in her makeup, but she'd acquired an affinity for warm climes. Didn't matter now since Vald snatched her from Vig's care over a week ago.

"Now that we've established how much we love each other, can we cease the name calling?" Eustace, who preferred being called Staas, strolled behind the bar and picked up a bottle of gin. Twisting the cap off, he tilted it to his lips and drank a good portion. "I think dear old dad is waiting to see how we handle the small bit of power we wrested from the council."

"For Christsakes, use a glass!" Vig grabbed the bottle. "Goddamn mohawked freak."

"So now we're going to talk about hair? Why did you cut yours?"

"Staas, let it go, man."

"I liked Vig's girly tresses." He spun to appraise Split. "Soph, how are you?"

Split knocked him across the room with one blow to his shoulder. "Now you're fucking with the wrong vampire."

Staas regained his footing and flew headfirst into Split, sending him to his ass.

Heat blazed a path through the room as Tangerine Odette appeared out of nowhere, catching Staas off guard. "Dirty, rotten vampire." She flicked her fingers, shooting embers toward his crotch. "Hurting him hurts me, Uncle."

The younger man chuckled as he blew cold air toward his dick. "You've got your mother's flair for flame, but since when can you materialize on your own?"

Tangerine walked to where Split now stood. "Since I imbibed Soph's blood."

"She can call you that?"

Split laughed as he hugged his woman. "Tang can call me anything she wants to."

"Enough!" Vig clenched and unclenched his fists as he strode to the window and stared out at snow-covered mountains in the distance. "I want Kiwi back where she belongs." Vigier pivoted when he noted the temperature dip dramatically, covering the windows and walls with icicles.

"You piece of shit." Vald had finally returned with his granddaughter, Kiwi, whose cheeks reddened as she glanced at Vig from beneath dark lashes. Her blush reminded him how shyly she first came to his bed, how much he still coveted her body, her... Damn, it was much more than that!

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