Delirium (Scorned Gods 2)
Mychael Black
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2016 Mychael Black

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Jason flopped back onto the bed and sighed. They'd moved here to get away from the drama, but it seemed like the headaches decided to follow along. He couldn't get his mind off the nightmare he'd witnessed at their first gig, the horror of mortals bleeding to death behind the club, the sirens wailing in the distance. How could Yates -- a fellow vampire, of all things -- even consider starting this deadly game?

And, on top of everything else, Jason still had no idea what to make of whatever he and Julian had with Saul. He didn't think it was love -- not yet, anyway. He certainly wasn't going to rule that out, though. Something about Saul made him feel... overprotective. Having two lovers presented interesting challenges, many beyond the bedroom. But the three of them seemed to mesh well together -- no arguments or anything like that.

The bed dipped, and Jason smiled as Saul climbed over and straddled him. Another good thing about Saul? He loved bottoming.

Hands resting on Saul's hips, Jason opened for a kiss when Saul leaned down. They took it slow, easy, like nothing else in the world existed beyond the two of them. Jason had learned early on just how sensual Saul could be. He figured it had a lot to do with Saul's psychic vampirism, which centered around tantric energies.

"The others..." Jason murmured in between kisses.

"Just left."

Jason heard the door shut, then footsteps approaching the bed. He sensed Julian's presence, but no one else's. Instead of joining them on the bed, though, Julian pulled a chair over to the bedside.

Warmth flooded through Jason's body, beginning at his head and sliding through him, down to his toes. The heat tingled, like his own inner fire somehow mixed with Saul's innate psi energy.

"What are you doing to me?"

Saul chuckled softly and kissed his way along Jason's jaw, neck, pulling Jason's shirt collar down enough to brush soft lips over Jason's overheated skin. "Reminding you why you two keep me around."

Jason would've happily given the man many more reasons, but words just wouldn't come. Saul worked Jason's shirt off, then started on his jeans. Jason lifted his hips so Saul could tug the jeans off. Then slick heat surrounded Jason's cock, Saul's lips touching the base before pulling back for a breath.

"Saul..." Jason's eyes rolled when Saul exhaled down his shaft. "Fuck, babe..."

Julian settled in the chair by the bed, one hand rubbing his cock through his pants. "Ride him."

Saul rose up, licking his lips, the look in his eyes hungry -- for sex, energy, Jason had no idea. Nor did he care. He tugged Saul up for a hard kiss. Saul somehow got his own pants off, then he straddled Jason. A moment later, slick fingers stroked Jason's cock. Then Saul moaned, rocking back onto what Jason realized was Julian's hand. Julian gripped Jason and lined him up. Hands on Saul's hips, Jason thrust in deep.

Saul gasped, eyes going wide and, if Jason had to put a word on it, feral. Jason never looked away, just held Saul's gaze as he pumped in and out. Saul sat up and let his head fall back. When Jason wrapped his fingers around Saul's hard cock, Saul whimpered.

"Now, baby," Jason panted as he stroked in time to his thrusts. "Saul..."

Saul's eyes closed, and Jason bucked as a fire flashed through his body. Wispy, gray clouds swirled around them, between them, undulating and matching the rhythm of Saul's body.

Jason felt as if a part of his soul flowed out of him and into Saul. Waves of almost-excruciating pleasure flooded Jason's body. He shouted, nearly coming entirely off the bed as he came. Saul inhaled the mist and shivered. Semen shot over Jason's fist.

Somewhere beside them, Jason thought he heard Julian grunt with an orgasm.

Saul swayed, and Jason caught him, easing the man down onto the bed.

"Saul?" Jason touched Saul's face gently, rubbing his thumb over Saul's lower lip. "Babe..."

Saul blinked. His eyes were glazed, as if he was high as a kite. He smiled.

"What the hell did you do?"

"I wanted you to see what I feel, how I feed."

"Wow..." It was all Jason could say.

"You should have seen it from my point of view," Julian murmured. "We need to do this more often."

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