To Catch a Vampire
B.J. McCall
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"Detective Wynn."

Valen turned away from the computer screen. Her gaze landed on a leather belt riding a narrow waist, slipped upwards to a broad chest sheathed in a black, athletic T-shirt and settled on a chiseled face right out of hunk monthly. A pair of stunning blue eyes framed by black eyebrows greeted her.

For a long moment, Valen simply stared, drinking in a face that epitomized every fantasy she'd ever had.

A smile tugged at the corners of the hunk's lips as he opened a leather wallet and displayed his identification and badge. "Archer Dane, FBI."

That yanked her out of her revelry. A fed? Her fantasy man was a fed? Since when did the FBI sanction jeans, a day's growth of beard and untrimmed hair? The agent's thick, dark hair fell in layers and almost grazed his broad shoulders.

Valen rose to her feet. "How can I help you, Agent Dane?"

He closed his wallet and slid it back into his right rear pocket. "You made an inquiry into the national crime database. Female victims with puncture wounds on the neck and blood loss. I'm here to help you. I've already spoken with Chief Hall and he's accepted the agency's support. I think your perp is the same guy I'm hunting."

Ready to jump on any lead, Valen offered the agent a seat. "I'm listening, Agent Dane."

"You look like you could use a cup of coffee, Detective."

Suddenly aware of her appearance, Valen tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. She hadn't been home since rolling out of bed in the middle of the night to race to the crime scene. She must look like hell. The agent had most likely seen worse, but damn, his unruly hair and five-o'clock shadow made him look hot, nothing like the groomed, spit and polished feds she'd encountered during her career. Her curiosity piqued, Valen decided a cup of coffee was exactly what she needed. "Sounds good, Agent Dane. Redwood Cafe is right across the street."

"How about joining me in my RV? I'll make you a fresh cup and you can bring me up to speed. The bureau wants to keep a low profile and in my rig we can speak freely."

A handsome fed dressed like an undercover narc with an RV who knew the name of the perp. This case got weirder and weirder. "An RV? You brought a mobile crime unit?"

"It's my personal vehicle," Dane said. "I work cult crimes, special unit, what the regular agents call the weird stuff. I'm on the road more than at home. I got tired of living out of a suitcase, sold my condo and bought an RV."

"You think this is the work of a cult?"

"Not exactly."

"You're aware of similar crimes?"

"Several cases like yours," Dane said. "My rig is parked out back. Why don't you finish here and I'll start the coffee?"

"See you in ten minutes."

That bought her a full smile. Fine lines fanned out from corners of his eyes and his face softened. He must have had a great orthodontist. His teeth were perfectly straight and pearly white.

As he walked away with an easy stride, Valen dropped back into her chair and decided Agent Dane had one fine ass. The man was serious eye candy, but he was also her best resource to solve the red shoe cases. She refused to refer to the crimes as the vampire kisses. Once Dane had disappeared from view, Valen shut down her computer and stuffed the laptop into her oversize leather bag. The bag also held her wallet, badge and department-issued weapon.

In the ladies' restroom, she washed her face and applied pink-tinted gloss to her lips. She brushed her hair and bound the thick blonde mass with a clip at her nape. To neaten her appearance, she tucked her wrinkled white blouse into her black slacks. Shouldering her bag, Valen stopped by Chief Hall's office on her way out.

Her boss was a good leader, a cop with over twenty years of street experience. His brown eyes were shadowed with fatigue.

"I'm meeting with the fed, Agent Dane."

"Good. Mayor Reynolds and the whole city council are riled up. The sooner we catch this guy the quicker all this craziness will stop."

"We'll get him," Valen said.

"Keep me posted."

"Will do."

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