Karma's Brutality (Scorned Gods 4)
Mychael Black
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"What the hell?" Jason watched Gabriel place an unconscious woman on the couch. "Um..."

"She's from Yates' coven," Daniel said. "But she was one of those whom I thought would turn on him."

Gabriel nodded and stood. "She said as much. She followed a beacon here." He glanced at Saul. "I'm assuming she meant you."

"According to Lilith, yes," Saul said. "Did she tell you her name?"

"It's Erin." Daniel shrugged when the others stared at him. "What? Yates had me show anyone new to their rooms. Erin was one of them. Always had a weird feeling about her, though, like she wasn't happy being there."

Given what they knew about Harlan Yates, Jason couldn't blame the poor woman. "Any specific reason why?"

"Erin, and others like her, I imagine, has no issues with coexisting with other vampires, no matter their feeding techniques. They all looked to Yates as someone who could offer refuge -- safety in numbers, that sort of thing. What they got..." Daniel shook his head. "Well, we know how that all turned out. What I don't get is why she's alone."

"Maybe she has more information," Jason said. "How well do you know her?"

"Not on a true friend basis," Daniel said. "But that's just because we never really got to know each other."

"Any idea why she was there, then?"

Daniel shrugged. "A lone vampire can fall prey to any number of things, especially a young one. I know she's not very old -- maybe about fifty. Most of those who came to Yates were around the same age, more or less. I honestly think older vamps would have sensed something seriously wrong with that man."

"They would have," Julian said. "Age tends to make us a lot more cautious about such things."

"What did you do to her, anyway?" Daniel asked Gabriel.

"Something you'll eventually learn. Demonic magic, essentially. Every demon possesses such magic, though each one has a specialty or area they focus on. Mine is, well, mind control, which includes putting someone to sleep."

"This doesn't freak your lovers out?"

Gabriel laughed. "Eventually, you'll meet Jesse and Lazarus. Then you'll understand why it doesn't."

"We should let her rest," Saul said. "Maybe Dana can keep an eye on her, being the only other woman."

Dana nodded. "Sure. I know I'd probably be freaked out if I woke to a house full of strange men." She waved her hand and sat down. "Go on. I got this, guys."

* * *

"Can we trust her?"

Daniel raked a hand through his hair and dropped down onto the bed. "She risked her life by coming here," he pointed out, though Nick didn't look too convinced. "I know you don't quite believe me, but I know her. And, more importantly, I know Yates. It wouldn't surprise me if we found the whole place destroyed at his hand just from her leaving."

"One vampire will set him off like that?" Nick asked.

"Yates is a fucking psychopath. He needs to have control and power, or all hell breaks loose. So someone escaping his grasp? Yeah, that would be more than enough to send him over the edge. Hell, he had all of us donors in a line, slitting throats, when he found out his imprisoned sire was dead. He knew one of us had something to do with it."

Nick grimaced. "Yeah... I remember you telling us all that."

"Had it not been for Haez..." Daniel shuddered.

Nick sat down beside him. "At least you're out now."

"And Erin," Daniel added. "I'm worried about the others, though. I know there were more who despised Yates."

"Maybe she can tell us," Nick said.

"If she ever wakes up. Not sure I wanna know what Gabriel did to knock her out."

Nick chuckled. "Ditto."

Daniel smiled and lay back, pulling Nick with him. Nick moved over him, nestled between Daniel's thighs. The kiss took Daniel's breath away. Hell, Nick's kisses always had that effect. Daniel wrapped his arms around Nick's neck and his legs around Nick's waist, rocking against his lover's body. Nick groaned, and one hand slid down to grip Daniel's hip before Nick thrust against him.

"Too much clothing," Daniel murmured against his lover's lips.

Nick nodded and scooted down until he stood by the bed. He stripped off his shirt, then his jeans. All Daniel could do was stare. Nick grinned and removed his underwear. Seeing that gorgeous cock waiting just for him spurred Daniel into action. He got rid of his own clothes within seconds and then turned so his head landed on a pillow. He crooked a finger, beckoning Nick.

"Don't need to tell me twice." Nick grabbed the lube from a nearby table and stretched out over Daniel, skin to skin. "Love you."

Daniel smiled and tugged Nick down for a kiss. "Love you, too."

Daniel heard the cap of the lube pop up, and a moment later, two slick fingers pressed into him...

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