Devil May Care (Box Set)
Lily Vega
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Excerpt from Devil Inside

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Costumed partygoers crammed the ballroom of the glitzy downtown Chicago hotel well past capacity. Blake Owens knew the man at the bar wearing the uniform of a beat cop hadn't come to enforce the fire code ordinance. Fake fur covered the officer's exposed skin and a werewolf mask hid his face. Another wannabe.

On a security gig at the Webb Corporation's annual Halloween fundraiser, Blake stood out in his simple charcoal-gray suit with no mask or semblance of a costume. What appeared to be no disguise was the best one of all. While the humans played at being supernatural creatures of the night, the genuine article came incognito.

One of the guests collided with him, knocking the calm demeanor out of him along with his breath. Automatically he reached for his holster, catching himself before he withdrew the gun. Flexing his twitchy fingers provided a mental release of the tension making his shoulders tight.

Being bumped into wasn't a valid reason to discharge a weapon. Even one loaded with rubber pellets instead of bullets.

His assailant, a smoking hot blonde, rocked a pair of snow-white angel wings, a bemused expression on her glossy pink lips. She leaned against him for balance and adjusted the straps of her three-inch heels. The blood-red sole contrasted with the pristine whiteness of the rest of the shoe and the spiked heel looked capable of impaling a vampire. Good thing he wasn't a bloodsucker.

The disco ball fired up the sequins on her dress, causing sparkles to dance along her curves. For the first time all night, his cock stirred.

He forgave himself since his dick had slumbered through the first four hours of the shift, which included watching barely dressed drunk women grind against their partners like the men were shiny metal poles.

The angel stepped away, crooked a finger at him and maneuvered her way across the mash of make-believe monsters on the dance floor. He watched her swaying hips until she disappeared from sight. Did she want him to follow?

His security radio beeped rather than emitting the random crackling it had been making all night.

"Owens," he responded.

"Your services are no longer required," Lloyd Webb, the smarmy owner of the corporation, screeched over the tiny speaker. "You'll be paid in full for the evening."

Blake wasn't going to argue with the man. The frenzy of the gyrating bodies made his head throb. He couldn't wait to return to his quiet apartment to nuke some pizza, guzzle a beer and relieve his semi-hard erection. The image of the beautiful angel firmly implanted in his mind would provide better inspiration than the nudie magazine he'd received as a bachelor party gift. It was one of the few items he hadn't surrendered in the divorce.

He made his way to the makeshift command center and turned in his radio, identification badge and the useless gun to a bored-looking woman clad in an Alice in Wonderland costume. She had her back to the wall of surveillance camera footage, her attention captured instead by a smart phone in a filthy pink case. An abandoned Cheshire cat aimed an upside down, shit-eating grin at the ceiling. He righted the toy, earning an eye roll from Alice. Time to go home.

He left the security room and headed toward the hotel gift shop seeking the relief overpriced aspirin would bring.

The sexy angel blocked his path.

His cock bounced as though nodding hello. Shit. He mentally reordered his needs, putting self-gratification before aspirin, food and alcohol.

"I need your help."

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