Remus (Watchdogs 2)
Gale Stanley
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2018 Gale Stanley

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Jared woke in a cold sweat, tormented by strange dreams that still haunted him. Someone, or something, had been chasing him through the woods surrounding their house. He ran hard and fast, swerving around the trees, but the predator kept gaining on him. His foot caught on a log and he went down. Hot breath huffed on his neck and sharp teeth sank in the tender flesh where his neck met his shoulder. The nightmare had been so real. His neck actually felt sore.

Jared reached out for Ray. Hold me until I forget how spooked I am. But his lover's side of the bed was empty. Disappointed, he flung his arm over his closed eyes and let his dream evaporate. Now that he was fully awake and the nightmare fading from memory, he was glad Ray hadn't been here to share it with him. Better to keep it to himself. Ray might laugh at him. Or even worse, humiliate him like his father used to do. "Be a man," his father always said. "Tears are for sissies."

They never had had a good relationship. Jared didn't strive to be like him, and yet his old man was the reason he became a cop. All his life he'd felt the need to prove himself strong, tough, smart, a man.

Not that being afraid made you weak. Sometimes it could be a good thing. Sometimes it kept you sharp. But, Ray, ex-military and former assassin, was fearless, and Jared still felt the need to measure up.

Jared huddled under the covers until the smell of coffee drew him out of bed. First stop, the bathroom. He glanced in the mirror, and did a double take. What the fuck! Gripping the small sink, he leaned in for a closer look. Teeth marks.

Suddenly, a naked Ray appeared behind him, and strong muscular arms circled Jared. "Do you want coffee or a blowjob?" Ray stroked Jared's flaccid penis back to life.

Jared melted back against him. "I want to get fucked." Then he remembered. "You bit me."

Ray inspected his handiwork. "So? You know you like it rough. You were so fucking hot, you didn't even feel it."

"You broke the skin."

"Don't be a wuss. I had my rabies shot."

"Very funny."

Ray kissed the mark. "It's a love bite. Means you're mine. Forever."

Jared sighed. "I don't need a mark to remind me. I love you."

"Love you, too. Come back to bed and I'll prove it."

Ray pulled Jared down beside him. Face to face with his lover, Ray was at his most vulnerable. In his past life, vulnerability had been a liability. He'd worn his toughness like a suit of armor.

After losing his eye in Afghanistan, he'd felt ugly and worthless. He couldn't look his sexual partners in the eye. Then Sarge had hired him as a contract killer, and he had secrets to keep. No one got close. His hookups were all about his orgasm and the pleasure leading up to it. Lovers came and lovers went.

Then he met Jared. They were opposites who connected. Jared's blond beauty set off Ray's dark masculinity. His goodness was the antithesis to Ray's badness. Ray couldn't bear to lose him. In the end, Ray had revealed the real, stripped-down version of himself, and Jared had accepted all of it. That's when Ray had known he wouldn't die alone. Jared had crawled into his fucking heart. They were partners in every sense, and no one could ever come between them.

Cupping Jared's face, Ray kissed him so deeply that he felt like they were sharing the same breath. Before Jared, he had never enjoyed kissing. Now he couldn't get enough.

Jared's erection pressed hard against Ray's, lighting a spark that set him on fire. Blood raced through his veins to his cock. He murmured against Jared's lips. "I promised you a blowjob."

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