Encounter: Vanilla Dream
B.J. McCall

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2009 B.J. McCall


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Vanilla Dream


Polished nails glinting in the soft glow of torches surrounding the outdoor restaurant, Riva ran her fingertips along the stem of her wineglass, the slow up-and-down rhythm driving Landis crazy.

He imagined those slender fingers on his cock, rubbing his hard flesh.

Unable to take his eyes off Riva’s hands, Landis sloshed the wine as he refilled their glasses. Everything about Riva made him burn, her beautiful face, her smoldering eyes, her lush lips and the image of her soft hands touching and squeezing his cock.

She lifted the glass to her lips, sipped the wine, then ran her tongue over her upper lip. His cock stretched. Landis prayed she was half as turned on as he was.

After a chance meeting on the beach, he and Riva had spent the afternoon swimming in the lagoon and sharing drinks by the pool. As the sun had set they’d stripped off their clothes and enjoyed one last swim. Holding a wet, naked Riva in his arms, Landis had rethought his purpose for visiting Paradise Resort, a manmade tropical destination on Solis 6.

The advertisement for Paradise had promised perfect sunsets, warm blue water and gentle breezes, the best place in the Solis planetary system to relax and experience a reproduction of the legendary Earth tropics.

Landis had booked the expensive holiday to scout out a potential mark, a wealthy female with a reputation for enjoying younger men and owning a fabulous collection of precious Earth emeralds. Instead, Landis had met Riva and all thoughts of stealing the emeralds vanished.

He wanted Riva and the evidence of that desire was straining his trousers.

Landis scooted his chair closer to the table, allowing the tablecloth to hide his reaction to Riva’s subtle, yet effective seduction. Did she have any idea what she was doing to him?

She picked up the dessert menu.

“Have you tried the ice cream?” he asked, letting his gaze drift to Riva’s inviting cleavage. Landis’ mouth watered at the thought of her taut nipples in his mouth. His cock jerked, painfully. “It’s the real thing, brought in by special transport from Earth.”

“It’s terribly expensive.”

“Well worth the price. It’s available from the auto-dispenser in my room,” he said, waiting for Riva’s reaction.

She smiled and laid the menu aside. “Sounds delicious.”

* * *

Landis handed Riva a dish of ice cream. “Vanilla dream.”

Riva ate a spoonful and licked her lips. “Mmmmm. No wonder it’s so expensive.”

She wanted ice cream, but she wanted Landis more.

He was striking, with black hair and sexy-as-sin blue eyes. Nothing about Landis was ordinary. Just looking at him made Riva breathless. The lush, hungry kisses they’d shared in the gardens between the restaurant and his room was only a heated prelude to what Riva knew would be an unforgettable night.

He finished his ice cream and licked a drop off Riva’s lips. Then he kissed the soft spot beneath her ear. “I don’t want the evening to end,” he whispered. “Stay with me, Riva. Sleep here tonight?”

Riva liked his straight approach. “I’d like ice cream for breakfast.”

He lifted his head and looked her in the eyes. “You can have all the ice cream you want.”

“Anyway I want it?”


Desire coiled, throbbing deep in her middle. “Take off your clothes, Landis.”

He lifted an eyebrow, but didn’t speak. In seconds he was stripped naked, his thick cock pointing at her navel.

“Close your eyes and we’ll both enjoy my dessert.”

As his eyes drifted closed, Riva slid to her knees. Placing a spoonful of ice cream on her tongue, Riva swallowed his cock.

He jerked with the contact of the cold ice cream on his cock and rocked on his heels as Riva tugged on his hot flesh, the smooth tip teasing the roof of her mouth. Riva scooped another cold spoonful onto her tongue and devoured him to the root.

Groaning, he slid his fingers in her hair, twisting the length in his hands. “Great stars. You’re good.”

Each spoonful was followed with a slow swirl around the crown, long licks and lush tugs until the dish was empty.

Heat poured off his skin. “Riva, baby. I’m gonna come.”

Dropping the dish, Riva gripped his taut ass and dug her fingers into his cheeks. Using her tongue, Riva furrowed the underside of his cock from tip to root. His grip tightened on her hair, almost to the point of pain. She sucked hard and he exploded in her mouth. A mixture of sweet and salty, dessert had never tasted so good.

Gripping her hair, he pulled her to her feet. His eyes were fiery and hot. “The dispenser has ten flavors of ice cream. I think we should try them all.”

Riva twined her arms around his neck. “I’d love Strawberry Delight for breakfast.”