Encounter: Tail Boner
Kate Hill

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Copyright ©2009 Kate Hill


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Tail Boner


“There’s a surprise for you in your tent,” said Joyce Mason to her friend, Dr. Teena Parker, who had just returned to camp after a short walk. The women were currently involved in another expedition in the Australian wilderness.

Teena and Joyce had worked together for years, pursuing their mutual interest in reptiles. Of course Teena had a secret reason for her enthusiasm about those cold-blooded beauties.

A smile tugged at her lips when she thought about the man in her life and his “special” qualities.

“What kind of surprise?” Teena asked. “You didn’t put a snake in there, did you?”

Joyce raised her eyes to the heavens. “Have I ever done anything that dangerous, not to mention stupid?”

“I was only kidding. Sometimes I think you’re so busy with research that you’ve forgotten how to take a joke.”

Teena stepped into her tent and drew a sharp breath of surprise. Excitement darted through her at the sight of the tall, lean, absolutely gorgeous man reclining on top of her sleeping bag. His muscular arms were folded behind his smooth head and his long, sinewy legs were stretched out in front of him and crossed at the ankles. Best of all was his thick cock that would have been impossible to miss, even if his pelvis wasn’t hairless. His cock twitched to life, growing even larger as her visitor’s wide-set blue eyes fixed on Teena.

“Doctor, I have a real bad ache,” he said, a smile flirting with his lips. He curled his fist around his cock and pumped. “I think you’re the only one who can cure it.”

Teena’s gaze fixed on his stroking hand. His cock swelled even more, the bulbous head begging for her healing touch. She licked her lips and stepped closer, her heart pounding with desire.

“Flick, what are you doing here?” she asked, turning to make sure the tent flaps were secured. The last thing she wanted was someone walking in on them, especially not when he was in this mood.

“Swift gave me a few days off so I thought I’d check on you. Make sure you were safe --”

“This is my job,” she said, folding her arms beneath her breasts. It was difficult to sound scolding when he looked at her with those melting blue eyes.

“I know, but I wanted to see you. Joyce doesn’t seem to mind that I crashed the expedition. She was a little curious about how I made it all the way out here with nothing but cutoff jeans and a canteen, though.”

Teena settled onto the ground beside him and rested a hand on his broad, smooth chest. She lightly trailed her fingernail over his tight nipple. “That’s because she doesn’t know you’re a Froth Glider, but if you keep showing up in the middle of no man’s land, half naked and without even a backpack, she’s going to get suspicious.”

“We already told her I’m a nature boy.” Flick grasped her arm and tugged her on top of him so they rested breast to chest. His stiff cock pressed against her and she wriggled a bit, longing to feel him buried deep inside her. He lifted his head and kissed her. “So are you going to cure me, Doctor, or leave me suffering with this major swelling?”

“You’re incorrigible, but I love you anyway.” She grinned and covered his face with kisses.

Flick rolled her onto her back and slid one of his steely legs between hers.

Closing her eyes, Teena enjoyed the feel of his big, sleek body and the sensation of his feathery kisses along the side of her neck. His hand dipped between her legs and he fondled her soft mound. He lightly swept his thumb over her clit, then slid a finger inside her pussy. Teena was already slick with desire and his gentle teasing aroused her. When he withdrew his finger from her pussy and began circling her clit, she gasped and shivered with need. “Oh, Flick, I’ve missed you so much.”

“Now that’s the kind of greeting I like,” he whispered in her ear, then traced the shape of it with the tip of his tongue.

“Of course I miss you when I go on expeditions. You think I don’t?”

“I hope you do, because I miss you so much, Teena. I think about you during the day and at night.”

“Do you ever…”

“What, my love?”

“Do you ever masturbate and think of me?”

“Hell yes. Most nights when you’re away.”

“Oh, Flick.” She held him tighter.

His muscles rippled and he quivered slightly. Teena’s heartbeat quickened. She knew what he was doing and it thrilled her. When she opened her eyes, he loomed above her in his Froth Glider form, basically the same as his human shape, except he was covered in soft, ultra-fine scales, like the tiniest chain mail. The scales glowed bright orange and Teena smiled. That particular color meant he was greatly aroused. Normally his scales were pale gold.

Her hands roamed over his back and reached down to caress his tight, rounded ass. In his Froth Glider form, he had a long tail with two stingers at the tip. Curling her fist around the base of his tail, she felt the hard muscle tighten and twitch.

“I love it when you play with my tail,” he said, his voice almost a growl as his passion grew.

“Do you?” Teena purred, using the tip of her finger to tease the base of his tail, very closer to the indentation of his ass.

Flick groaned with pleasure and moved fully on top of her. He braced his hands on either side of her head, supporting most of his body weight, and entered her slowly.

Her breathing quickened and she spread her legs wider, lifting her hips to meet him. No words could describe how good it felt to be filled with his long, thick cock. “Teena, Teena,” he murmured, pumping in a steady rhythm.

“Don’t stop,” she panted.

“As if I could.”

His mouth descended on hers in a deep, possessive kiss while his lean hips and magnificent cock hurled her into ecstasy. Teena gasped into his mouth and he groaned with pleasure. The pulsations of her tight, wet flesh around his cock shattered his control and he exploded too.

Afterward they lay panting, their bodies still entwined until Flick shifted to the side to keep from crushing her.

“Are you mad at me for crashing your expedition?” he asked, nuzzling her neck.

“Oh yeah. I’m furious,” she teased.

“I’ll make it up to you.” He lifted his head and covered her mouth with a kiss. Again she felt his muscles quiver as he changed back to his human form.

Gazing at him, she smiled and caressed his prominent cheekbones and used a fingertip to trace his chiseled lips. No matter what form he was in, she loved him deeply and knew she always would.