Encounter -- Screwed Again: Taking Dick
J. Hali Steele

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Copyright ©2009 J. Hali Steele


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Taking Dick


“You don’t know Purple. P. Rose. She’d never let him harm me.” Richard E. Rection meant it. Maybe there were advantages after all to having an ex-lover turned vampyre on your side.

He lay on his side, elbow propping his head up, and gave serious thought for a moment. Purp couldn’t see the facts rationally anymore. Peter, the local vampyre enclave’s king, was stealing her heart piece by piece, and becoming quite possessive. He spent more and more time with her, leaving Dick out in the cold. Things had gotten a little hairy for Dick lately.

Since discovering his bisexuality, he’d been living on the wild side occasionally, and damn, it was good. Exploring the facets of this new side of himself kept him in a heightened state of arousal, one he liked a hell of a lot. He’d ventured into vampyre-infested waters and made what he thought was quite a catch. Or had the creature whose eyes pierced him like arrows from across the room reeled him in?

“Dick, I’m not letting you go.” Caldran Staff was nothing if not blunt.

“Maybe I’ll stay a little longer.” Shit, what had he gotten himself into?

“I didn’t give you an option.”

Naked, lying on the bed and ready for other things, this isn’t the conversation Dick wanted to have. He wanted Cal, and the logistics about how long he’d be staying could be worked out another time. A free agent, Dick came and went as he pleased and that wasn’t going to change. For the last week, what pleased him was the vamp standing at the foot of the bed who unfortunately still had his clothes on. Knowing vampyres pretty well now, the remedy for that would only take the blink of an eye.

“Don’t you want some of this?” Dick stroked his erect penis. A drop of cum slipped from the slit on the tip as he slowly pumped his cock up and down.

Cal’s outfit disappeared immediately. “I intend to have all I want from you, for as long as I want it.”

The man climbed onto the bed, his knees beside him, and he peeled Dick’s hand away from his weeping cock. “I could come watching you do that.” Cal fisted the penis in front of him and worked the taut skin back and forth, smearing the precum down Dick’s length.

“Yeah,” Dick moaned. “That’s what I need.” He gyrated and lifted his hips off the bed, forcing his hard-on through Cal’s hand. “Shit, that feels good.”

“I’m going to suck your cock, then I’m going to make you beg to be fucked.”

“Do it.”

Cal’s head lowered, and air whistled through Dick’s lips when Cal’s lips touched the head of his shaft,. The man took every inch in one gulp and bobbed his head up and down, sucking hard. He used his free hand to fondle and pinch Dick’s balls damn near making him come.

“God, yes,” he cried out.

Lifting from his cock, Cal eyed him with a smile. “Tell me how much you like it.”

“I love when you suck my cock. More.” His breath came in hitches, his body arched up, trying to recover the warm lips that had moments ago engulfed his dick. “Damn it, Cal, suck it for me.”

When the vamp latched on the tip again, Dick bowed up, jamming his full length down the man’s throat. He rose up and down fucking Cal’s mouth and loving the suction each time he pulled out. No one had ever sucked his dick this good.

Cal continued to play with his balls, rubbing the sensitive skin behind them. When he reached Dick’s anus, he shuddered in delight. Cal’s finger played at the puckered edge, teasing and taunting him.

“Do it, fuck me.”

The tip of Cal’s finger slipped easily into Dick’s anal passage. He pushed in and pulled out, setting him in a frenzy, all the while his mouth continued to rise and fall on Dick’s cock.

“Stop,” he said and pulling his penis from Cal’s lips, he scooted across the bed. “Come here.” Cal climbed all the way in and laid facing Dick.

“That’s not the begging I wanted to hear.”

“You damn near made me come.”

Cal chuckled softly. “That’s what I wanted to do.”

“Not yet.” Dick reached over and brought Cal’s lips down on his mouth. His tongue pushed into the hot recess and swept every corner. He needed this man, needed to taste him and feel him in every way. Pushing his hand through Cal’s hair, he gripped a hank of it and held him there while he explored his sweetness.

Using his free hand, he stroked down his muscled thigh, moved around to squeeze his ass cheeks, and feathered his fingers back to the man’s crotch. Grasping Cal’s balls, he gently tugged and played with his nut sac.

Wrestling his head from Dick’s hold, Cal groaned, turning to lie on his back he said, “Suck me.”

Dick released his balls, and climbed over him. He captured a peaked nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard, doing the same to the other bud. Cal’s hips nudged up and into him and their stiff cocks bumped together.

He inched down Cal’s body, leaving a trail with his tongue until his chin connected with the wet tip of dick that hindered his progress.

“Fuck, take me in your mouth.”

His lips captured the broad head of Cal’s cock and he swallowed as much as he could. Sweet. Dick loved the way he tasted. He sucked up and down, laved the hardness with his tongue, then sucked some more.

“Yes,” Cal bellowed, lifting his ass from the bed, forcing every inch into Dick’s waiting mouth. “Enough.”

Dick didn’t stop immediately. He savored more of his newest lover’s thickness, working it with his lips and tongue. Using his hand to pin Cal’s cock to his lower belly, he licked and nibbled on his tight balls, running his tongue over the soft, sensitive space behind his sac.

Finishing with a light kiss on the tip, he said, “Now I’m done.” When Cal came, Dick wanted it to be in his ass. Climbing from between the vamp’s legs, he scooted to the other side of the bed, grabbed the pillows, and chunked them beneath his stomach, making sure his penis hung between his thighs and not trapped between his belly and the pillows.

His favorite part about fucking with a vampyre -- no condoms necessary. He would feel the silky length of Cal sink into his body without the artificial sheath. His kind carried no disease.

Unable to wait any longer, Dick gave Cal his wish. “Fuck me, please. I need to feel you in me. Don’t make me keep begging because I will, on hands and knees.”

“Shh, I’m going to take care of you.” He got on his knees and positioned himself behind Dick. “I’ll give you exactly what you want.”

His hands stroked Dick’s butt, reached to slide the skin up and down on his cock, milking drops of liquid in his palm. Smearing the same hand over his tip, Cal spread Dick’s cheeks and prepared to enter him.

The thick cock nudged at the tiny hole and the head sunk past the rim, inch by slow inch his whole length was buried in Dick’s ass. Slowly, he pulled out, and then shoved back in. His tempo built to a fevered pitch until he rode him so hard and fast, Dick grunted each time Cal’s tight balls bumped him. In and out. Over and over again. Cal’s hands gripped his hips and he fucked him good and hard.

“Shit, I’m going to come,” Dick moaned.

Cal quickly grabbed Dick’s cock again and began to jerk him off in time to each thrust he delivered in his ass.

Reaching his own orgasm, Cal bellowed, “Take it, take it all.” Dick squeezed his muscles, clenched his cheeks hard, providing the pressure Cal liked. “Yes.”

He stiffened, his hand still working Dick’s cock until he exploded and a warm stream of cum slipped from him coating the sides of pillows under his stomach.

Cal’s own climax burst from him, sending a hot jet of semen deep inside Dick.

After he rested on Dick’s back for a minute, Cal pulled out and rolled to the side of the bed. “Damn you’re tight.”

“You fit my ass well.”

“Have you thought of becoming vampyre,” Cal asked softly.

“I like being the way I am.” And Dick meant it. The vampyres could take some sun, they ate like people if they wanted to, and they were extraordinarily strong. Not to mention the mind reading. “I like being human.”



“I’m not going to let you go back.”

Aww shit.


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