Encounter: Friendly Foursome
Kira Stone

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Kira Stone


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Friendly Foursome


Hannah placed her hands on the back of Matt’s knees and slowly drew them up. By the time she reached his butt, his cock was twitching and swelling. She nuzzled his erection, inhaling the clean, masculine scent of him before she wrapped her lips around the plump head.

“Dear God in heaven.” Matt exhaled softly.

Encouraged, Hannah swirled her tongue over the incredibly smooth skin. His hands dropped to her shoulders, and she could feel the tension in them, the restraint it took to prevent himself from plunging deep into her throat.

Hannah both loved and hated how he held himself back. It showed how much control he had over his body, how considerate he was not to use her to pleasure himself at her expense the way her ex had. However, she wanted to push him beyond his limits, unleash his passion.

Using her hands, she pulled him deeper into her mouth. Her tongue traced the seam at the tip of his shaft. The pulse in his cock beat faster now against her lips. Hannah hummed with pleasure at the reaction she’d wrought.

Matthew widened his stance. Hannah applied more suction as she drew him out of her mouth, then pushed him back in. She kept a slow, steady pressure, savoring the feel of his hardening length under her tongue. One of his hands trailed over her collarbone to her breast. His fingers tugged on her nipple at the same pace as her hungry mouth loved his cock.

Hannah felt someone take her hand away from Matt’s glutes. She didn’t realize who it was until her fingers were encouraged to curl around a shaft that could not possibly be Matt’s. Startled, her eyes flew open and she caught Tigg’s happy grin.

“We were feeling left out, so we thought we’d join you. Do you mind?”

Having two cocks to pleasure? Hell, no. Usurping the other woman’s position is what put the hitch in her stride. “I’m good with it as along as Aurora is.”

The female dancer circled the men to face Hannah. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll find something to keep me busy.”

Hannah shrugged, happy with that answer, and went back to licking the man of her dreams. Tigg’s cock thrust through her tight fist. She ran her thumb up the seam of his head, pushing a dollop of white fluid through the narrow opening. Seized by an overwhelming need to taste it, she tugged him closer. With tiny flicks of her tongue, she cleaned him off.

Matt reminded her of her previous obligation by wrapping her hand around his own shaft and showing her how he liked to be stroked. Soon he produced a drop of cream and Hannah felt torn, not sure how to be what both men seemed to need.

“Get a little closer, guys, before her brain shorts out.”

Hannah couldn’t believe how quickly the men complied with Aurora’s request. They were now standing side by side, angling their bodies toward each other so that she’d have no problem reaching or tasting both at the same time. It blew her mind how comfortable they were with each other.

“Are you bi?” she asked them.

Tigg actually blushed slightly. Matt seemed equally embarrassed but neither man retreated. “Tigg and I share a philosophy that most heterosexual men don’t.”

“And that is?”

“Good friends should be able to share everything.”

Aurora sat on the floor between Hannah’s legs, facing the men. She explained, “If another man walked in this room, no matter what his sexual orientation, these two would spring apart like reversed magnets. But when it comes to the three of us having sex, they’re more adventurous because our deep friendship prevents their egos from getting in the way. Does that make sense?”

Hannah didn’t know what she found sexier. Knowing the two men cared so much for each other that they could share their bodies as well as their women, or the fact that they trusted her with that knowledge.

Wetness seeped from her core as she thought about the possibilities that brought to their current arrangement.

“Stop thinking about it and just do it.” Matt’s voice was low, gruff.

Hannah decided they would stop her if she pushed them too far, so she acted on one of the ideas bubbling through her mind. She encompassed both shafts within her hands. She stroked them in tandem so that they rubbed against each other as well as her palms.

“I think you’ve got the right idea,” Aurora said, as the men began to pant with lust. “Let’s see if I can turn up the heat a notch or two.” From below, she fondled their balls, licking the sensitive sacs whenever Hannah’s down stroke lowered them into range.

“I think they’re trying to kill us,” Tigg said. A long groan was Matt’s reply.

Hannah changed her position so she was kneeling on the cushions to give Aurora more room. It also put her in a better position to reach the tempting juice her motions were drawing out of them. Again she applied her tongue to the task of cleaning the sticky fluid from the heads of their joined cocks.

“Oh. My. God.”

Hannah couldn’t identify which man had spoken. Both seemed moved beyond reality as they took over the thrusts. Their arms wrapped around each other for stability as they sought release in her hands. Soon there wasn’t even a finger’s breadth between them, and Hannah had to back away or get brutally ground between them.

“You little witch. I’m going to come.”

Aurora made sure that Tigg’s prediction came true by stroking the short, narrow strip of skin between his balls and his anus.

Hannah rested against the back of the couch and watched as Tigg grabbed Matt’s ass and fucked his rock hard abdomen. Aurora had to scoot out of the way or be trampled because the only thing keeping the men upright was Matt’s ability to meet Tigg thrust for thrust. The sight was so erotic, Hannah was forced to respond to her body’s need by pressing her palm against her pussy, which was still encased in a pair of pantyhose.

Tigg came with a hoarse cry. He arched his back as he ejaculated, shooting ribbons of come against the wall of Matt’s hard muscle. The male dancer rode out his orgasm, humping his friend, until the haze of lust finally cleared his brain.

“Shit, man, I don’t know what to say.”

Hannah deduced that this particular ending hadn’t happened before and Tigg was embarrassed that he’d used his friend so unreservedly.

Matt began stroking himself, whether to keep his cock hard, or to let loose as his friend had, Hannah couldn’t tell. “Tell me you enjoyed it.”

Tigg squared his shoulders. “I did.”

“That’s all that matters. Another few minutes and I wouldn’t have been able to hold back myself.”

The words seemed to restore Tigg’s cocky attitude. “Then it’s all good. I’m going to get cleaned up. Don’t have too much fun without me.”