Flower Garden
Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod


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Flower Garden


Gardenia floated aimlessly through the Magical Forest inspecting the spring flora as she went. Her inspection was half hearted at best. Her wings carried her where she needed to go, but they simply refused to go to the one person in the forest she really wanted to be with. Why? Because the Faery in question was only the most gorgeous Fae in all the forest.

Red hair, hourglass figure, and sweet face all conspired to tempt Gardenia beyond all reason. Tiana the Red was the most beautiful of all the flower Faeries, at least in Gardenia’s opinion. And she was as sweet as the ripe sugar cane, her flaming red hair a perfect foil to her sparkly green skin. Gardenia wanted so badly to touch that skin, to run her lips all over it.

But Tiana sure wouldn’t want someone like Gardenia. She wasn’t bright green like most of the flower Fae. Her deep purple skin made her stand out, her straight black hair held not a hint of curl, her body more like that of a male than a female -- and a skinny male at that.

She was so lost in her thoughts she was startled when she floated straight into the object of her constant lusty musings. Tiana. In the flesh. The beautiful Faery’s face lit up with the most amazing smile in the whole forest. Gardenia was lost.

“Hi, Gardenia.” That voice was musical. “I haven’t seen you around lately. I’ve missed talking to you.”

Gardenia wanted to reply with, “I’ve been avoiding you because I was afraid you’d see how wet you make me when I look at you.” Instead, she stammered. “I-I’ve missed t-talking to you t-too, Tiana. I’ve been… well, busy.”

Tiana merely laughed lightly. “You’ve been running. I’m terribly afraid you’ve been running from me, but I have no idea why.” She stepped closer to Gardenia and Gardenia closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. By the goddess, she smelled good! “I’m beginning to think you’re afraid of me.”

The light pressure of Tiana’s lips on hers made Gardenia’s eyes fly open. The flower Faery stood so close to her, if Gardenia took a deep breath, their breasts would surely brush together.

Then she did. And they did.

Tiana didn’t even consider suppressing the soft moan as their chests met. Little Gardenia’s skin was so hot, so inviting. How long she’d wanted to touch the dark purple skin, speckled with deep blue. Her dark hair fell in a straight waterfall to the slight dip of her waist. So different from the wild curls of most of the flower Fae.

With Gardenia so close, Tiana gave in to the temptation and let the dark mass glide through her fingers. So soft, so silky. “You are quite beautiful, Gardenia. You must let me kiss you.”

“I am?” Gardenia’s deep blue eyes opened wide, as if she couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing. Those juicy lips opened slightly, far too inviting to pass up.

Tiana brushed her own lips across Gardenia’s in a ghost of a kiss. If the little Faery didn’t like it she would move away. But she didn’t. So Tiana pressed forward, her mouth moving against the other Faeries until she opened for a fuller, deeper kiss.

The daintiness of Gardenia’s tongue was a welcomed change from the way it felt to kiss a man. She was so petite and dainty. Her lips and mouth reflected that. Tiana liked the way the other woman touched her body lightly, tentatively. It was like she was as fascinated with the soft textures as Tiana was.

Their sighs echoed in the stillness of the wood even as the wind made the leaves rustle. Gardenia’s melodious sighs and whimpers made Tiana want nothing more than to bring her the ultimate pleasure just to see how her lovely voice sounded at the height of passion.

Neither woman wore more than simple leaf coverings; so discarding clothing was no problem. Once they were nude, Tiana urged Gardenia down to the soft mossy forest floor.

“I’m going to make you feel so good, my little flower.” She couldn’t help stroking Gardenia’s face with her fingertips. “Are you wet for me yet? No? You soon will be.”

Gardenia sighed happily as Tiana’s lush lips traveled down the side of her throat, her tongue snaking out to lick down her collarbone. She wrapped her hands in the riotous flame colored curls on the other woman’s head, afraid if she let go the other woman would disappear. She never wanted this to end. She cried out when Tiana’s mouth captured the tender swollen nub on her breasts, laving it lovingly until Gardenia was a puddle of pure need. Arching her back she rubbed her sodden pussy against the other woman’s thigh, desperately seeking the friction she needed so badly.

“Tiana! Touch me, please.” She was panting as she begged, riding Tiana’s thigh in a quest for more.

“Slow down little one,” Tiana chided, leisurely licking her puckered areola in a slow, wet circle. “We have all the time in the world.”

Gardenia thought she’d die. The pleasure was incredible! Yes, it was nice to have a man’s larger, rougher body over her, but Tiana’s rounded, soft body and silky touch was pure heaven.

Tiana licked a wet path from Gardenia’s breasts to her navel. Then lower. At this point, Gardenia closed her eyes. She didn’t dare hope the other woman would actually lick her pussy. That would be the ultimate pleasure.

And just the thought was extremely naughty!

Sure enough, a dainty, tongue snaked around her clit and Gardenia didn’t have a prayer of holding in the scream. Tiana’s silky head tickled her inner thighs and when Gardenia dared to peek between her legs, her flaming red hair covered the lovely face loving her cunt so expertly.

Tiana sucked in each nether lip in turn before inserting one finger into Gardenia’s pussy. Then she added a second, never letting her mouth leave Gardenia’s clit. Three seconds later, Gardenia’s hand clenched Tiana’s hair close to her scalp so hard, it bordered on pain. The small discomfort only heightened Tiana’s need to bring the dainty little woman to ecstasy.

“Oh great mother! Tiana, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Tiana didn’t waste words, but pulled her clit with her lips and flicked it rapidly with her tongue as hard and as fast as she could. She was rewarded by a gush of moisture as Gardenia crested and fell into bliss. Climbing up the prone panting body of the little purple Faery Tiana trailed a line of kisses until they were once again face to face.

“We can have this every night, Little Gardenia. Just you, me… and Thecious.”

Gardenia shivered at the name of the massive centaur. He was as ruggedly handsome as Tiana was gorgeous. In his true form he stood over seven feet tall, his bottom half that of a rare Lippizzan, pure white and powerful, his top half bulging muscles, ferociously good looking with waving auburn hair hanging down to his shoulders.

“Thecious?” Gardenia whispered against Tiana’s kiss swollen lips. Her clit jumped right against Tiana’s. The motion caused her to groan, lust swarming through her once again. Tiana responded by messing their pussies together, rolling her hips in a sensuous motion. “The centaur? Your --” she gulped, “lover?”

“Ah, now isn’t this a beautiful sight?”

Thecious. Gardenia didn’t have to look away from Tiana to know where the deep, sonorous voice had come from. But she did. The centaur in question stood over them, the light of unbridled lust burning in his violet eyes. He was on two legs, like a man instead of his natural form. His cock stood out tall and proud, massive and ready. Gardenia bucked against Tiana, causing both women to groan.

“Mind if I join you?”