Encounter -- Soul Seer: Aftermath
Brannan Black

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Soul Seer: Aftermath


Rough hands jerked me flat, stretching my chained arms painfully overhead. I fought, even knowing it would do no good. Hard leather straps tightened around my ankles, spreading my legs, baring my puss to their lewd stares.

“Give me what I want or I will let them have you again.” His voice dripped like venom along my skin.

“I canna! Ye ask the impossible.” I’d long since stopped caring about my pride. “Please, I beg you, sire, I speak truth! Please…”

Darkness hid the men, roughened voices cruel with lust, waiting to abuse me yet again. Fear and pain flooded my body, my mind. The first approached at the wizard’s gesture.

“No, please, no!” A rough hand grabbed my breast with bruising force. I yelped, tears tracking through the filth on my face.

* * *

I jerked up in bed, chest heaving, heart pounding -- which was odd since my heart barely beat while I slept the day away. My heartbeat faded to almost nothing, much like a hibernating animal. I suppose that had given rise to the myth that vampires died each sunrise.

It took me a few of those heartbeats to realize the pounding came from my soul mate’s heart, not mine. Six hundred years ago she’d been captured by a mercenary vampire and his battle wizard. The wizard had kept her poisoned and magically bound while he tortured her. That’d give anyone nightmares.

In the weeks since we’d bonded, I’d started sharing her dreams. Vampires don’t dream, and we sure as hell don’t have nightmares! I could have gone the rest of my ageless life without one, thank you very much.

Raven stirred restlessly, soaked in sweat from her nightmare.

“It’s alright, Raven, you’re safe here.” I pulled her close to offer what comfort I could.

Barely awake, she nestled into my arms. I stroked her back soothingly.

“Thank ye, Ilario. Perhaps I should sleep elsewhere so as no to wake you.” She rolled to her back, staring at the ceiling rather than face me.

I chuckled. “And miss an excuse to hold your naked body? Never!“ I tease my hand across her flat stomach. Her breath caught and my cock twitched to life in response. She’d spent much of the week eating and resting to regain the strength she’d lost. She seemed better today; maybe she’d feel up to a little playtime…

She arched her neck into my kiss. “Mmm, that feels good, Ilario. Do na stop.”

I was never one to ignore a lady’s pleas. I let my hand caress its way up to cup her warm, full breasts. The pace of her pulse quickened beneath my lips as I kissed along the large vein of her neck. My fangs erupted, ready to taste the ambrosia of her blood. But after her ordeal, she needed all of it.

The smell of coffee, bacon, eggs, and, I think, toast interrupted. Wulf toed the door farther open and crossed the room with a large bed tray laden with breakfast. Wulf, our werewolf mate, and Raven, had decided to eat breakfast when they woke, regardless of the time of day. Living with a vampire tended to mess with normal habits.

Wulf offered her the tray and then crawled up on the huge bed to join us. While they ate, I ran over the images from her nightmare. Sometimes I could almost see the faces of her tormentors. Nothing I’d love more than to make them pay for what they’d done.

Wulf and I had encouraged her to talk about her past, but so far she’d refused. Perhaps she just needed more time to feel comfortable with us, or maybe she wanted to spare her mates some of her pain. Either way, her refusal had started to piss me off. We’re her soul mates! And knowing a vampire had captured her, I felt sure I would recognize at least some of those bastards.

Maybe that was why she refused to give names.


I realized Wulf had called my name at least twice. “Sorry, what did you say?”

“Care to join us for a shower?” He stood in the doorway, gloriously naked, his thick cock already at attention. My own sprang to life in a rush of passion.

“Oh, hell, yes!” I threw off the covers and followed.

* * *

I loved our huge glassed in shower. Double rain heads arched out of either end, leaving plenty of room for two, or even three. Raven stood under one of the heads, eyes closed, head thrown back as the water coursed down her chest. Her copper hair fell along the creamy curves of her back. My cock throbbed, arching up in anticipation.

My attention turned to Wulf, soaking down at the other end. Rivulets of water coursed down his chest, the curly hair funneling it toward his ruddy, hard cock. It split around the broad width before spilling in twin streams off his balls. Blood rushed south and fire filled me. Shit, I loved that man’s body.

I palmed my cock, giving it a firm stroke before stepping in between them. I trailed my finger down her back, eliciting a shiver and soft moan from her.

My other hand reached for Wulf’s massive cock, teasing around his foreskin, stroking his length. He stepped into my grip, pumping his hips. A groan rumbled from his chest followed by a whine pf protest when I turned away.

Grabbing a handful of body wash, I pressed up against her back. I started washing her shoulders, working my way down to thoroughly wash her breasts. She moaned and leaned her head back against me. Her nipples peaking under my touch had my cock twitching with need.

Strong male hands kneaded shampoo into my hair until the suds ran down the sides of my face and neck. His fingers played across my scalp momentarily distracting me from my ministrations.

Raven wiggled her breast in my hand and her sweet ass against my throbbing cock. I dipped enough to let it slide between her thighs and brush across her sex. She moaned and squeezed her legs around my length. Heat ran from my cock to emerge as a moan of pleasure.

Wulf moved, leaving my back suddenly bereft of his warmth. He poured shampoo on Raven’s head and I shifted around to her front to give him room.

She soaped up my front and then we pressed together, rubbing our bodies together in a sensual wash. Her taut nipples teased across my chest and her mons ground against my cock. I flipped it down between her legs, letting it rub across the lips of her pussy. Our lips met, passing moans of pleasure back and forth.

Wulf’s strong hands reached around her to grasp my shoulders. We pressed her between us, slick soap letting our bodies glide across each other in a sensual dance.

She gasped and moaned, thrusting her hips forward and back across my cock. Wulf bent and slid his cock under mine. Oh hell, yeah! Her silky thighs, wet pussy and his hard length all rubbing different sides of my cock. Each thrust sent shockwaves of sensations flowing through me. Oh Yeah!

Then she pressed her thighs tighter around us. Shit! My balls drew up and I felt my seed near to spilling! My fangs ached to taste her rich blood. I turned my face away.

“Damn, I’m gonna come.” I tried to pull back but Wulf grasped me hard and Raven clamped down tighter. She moaned, thrusting and rubbing against my pelvis. Deep rumbles sounded from Wulf’s chest, signaling his impending climax.

I struggled to hold on just a bit longer. Raven grabbed my ass with one hand and the other rimmed my puckered hole then pressed hard. OH Shit! Convulsions of ecstasy rocked me as my seed pumped from my cock spraying across her pussy lips, Wulf’s cock and balls. His howl followed soon after. I felt every spasm of his cock as his cum spurted out, prolonging my own climax.

Slipping a hand between us, I rolled and pressed her clit; Wulf slipped his fingers in from behind, fucking her pussy hard. Her body shuddered between us as she came hard. Her cries of passion echoed in the shower.

We held onto each other letting the hot water sluice over our sated bodies and enjoying the after glow.

“Shit! That was amazing. I never want to shower alone again.” Wulf’s deep voice rumbled through our embrace. He finally let go and I stumbled back to lean against the wall.

Raven snickered. “Aye, I like the way ye scrub me.”

I just laughed and bumped her out from under the spray with my hip. “Easy to say when you’re hogging the water.”

Wulf laughed, pulling her under the water with him,

I closed my eyes, letting the water rinse down my face. Totally relaxed, my thoughts wandered. An image sprang to mind, a face from her nightmares.

A face I knew.


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