Encounter: A Place of Their Own
Anne Kane

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A Place of Their Own


Joli watched as Trey affixed his seal to the last of the electronic documents. After almost a decade of negotiation and doubt, the Imperial Were-Panthers had a place of their own. The Dark Planet was a perfect mix of open plains and deep, lush jungles. Already, a work team was busy setting up a temporary village on the largest of the continents.

“Done.” Trey turned off the screen and turned to her. “We finally have a home.”

Joli moved in close and wrapped her arms around his neck. “And you and I can stop worrying about negotiating points and back room deals. Did you ever wonder just how far out that door we’d have to go to find a nice quiet spot in the jungle?”

Trey lowered his head to sear a kiss across her lips, and Joli closed her eyes to savor the feel of his mouth. The long celibate nights spent securing this planet had taken their toll, and need rushed through her body, dragging the air from her lungs.

She kissed him back, opening her mouth to let his invading tongue slide seductively along hers. His kisses felt like an exotic drug, sending her senses reeling towards the stars. He nipped her lower lip with sharp teeth, and she whimpered at the heady sensation Nibbling his way from her lips to her ear, he nuzzled the heavy fall of her hair aside to whisper three magical worlds that sent darts of lust sizzling through her. “The jungle’s calling.”

The lure of the jungle had been pulling at her since her last heat cycle, over two moons ago. Dropping to all fours, she called her magic, and felt the change sweep over her. As she emerged from the sparkling cloud of magic, she saw an identical cloud in the corner that told her Trey wasn’t far behind. Pushing through the doorway, she surrendered to her instincts and started to run.

She reveled in the feel of sinew and muscle stretching to its fullest as she jumped onto a low sweeping branch and climbed to the canopy. Glancing back, she caught a glimpse of Trey keeping pace behind her. The sight of his sleek muscles sliding beneath that coal black pelt sent darts of lust racing to her groin, and she let out a seductive purr. Unwilling to wait any longer, she dropped to the ground and turned to watch Trey descend. Her tail lashing back and forth betrayed her agitation.

The larger cat moved through the foliage with an easy grace, his wickedly dark gaze fixed intently on her. Stalking along a vine-wrapped limb, he opened his massive jaw and let out a loud snarl. Demanding. Commanding. Letting her know he claimed her as his own.

Joli tipped her head, her ears pricked forward as she pranced sideways, teasing the big cat with a show of feminine grace. Anticipation heightened the desire racing through her veins, and she let out a low growl.

Trey dropped the last few feet to the ground and paced around her. She admired his heavy build, the ropes of muscle crossing his massive chest. Leaning into him, she closed her eyes and rubbed herself along his sleek side. She could feel the tension arching between them, need and want searing through her body and building to a fever pitch. Turning her head into the temptation of his muscular shoulder, she nipped the tough hide between her teeth.

Trey reacted swiftly, twisting around to bowl her over with his superior size. Joli rolled with the blow and came to her feet in a single fluid movement, unfazed by the attack. Imperial Were-Panthers played rough, and they played for keeps. She wouldn’t respect a passive mate.

She leapt to the edge of the clearing and called her magic. What she craved would feel infinitely better in human form. Gritting her teeth impatiently, she waited for her body to reform. Lust heightened every sensation, every twist of muscle and bone. It seemed like forever before she stepped out of the cloud and ran her fingers through the tangles in her long hair.

Her clothing had shifted with her, normally a perk she enjoyed, but right now even the silk shirt felt rough against the her skin. She pulled it over her head, and tossed it aside. Keeping one eye on the cloud of magic hiding Trey’s shift from her eyes, she skimmed her tights down over her hips and kicked them over to the discarded shirt.

A soft snarl warned her Trey’s shift was complete. She looked up, hot darts of desire dancing down her spine at the site of him. Naked and magnificently aroused, he stalked across the clearing and pulled her into his arms. His massive cock pushed against the soft skin of her belly as he took her lips in a kiss that sent her lust spiking to a new high.

He devoured her with his lips, licking, nipping, and teasing until she moaned softly in surrender. Scooping her up in his arms, he strode to the base of a tree, the ground cushioned by decades of discarded foliage. He laid her down, straddling her thighs while his mouth moved from her lips, down to the sensitive hollow of her throat and then on to the tightly pebbled peaks of her breasts. He sucked one nipple into his mouth, scoring his teeth across the tip.

Joli arched her back, writhing beneath him as liquid heat flooded her senses. She clung to his shoulders, her nails digging into the skin as she whimpered beneath his talented hands and lips.

His hands wandered lower, exploring the soft skin of her belly, the delicate hollow of her hips. He cupped the softly furred mound of her sex in the palm of his hand and a pleading gasp escaped her lips. She’d waited so long for this, so long to finally let him see how much she wanted him, how much she needed him. Acquiring the Dark Planet had consumed their every waking moment, but now, finally, they were free to enjoy each other.

He slipped a finger between the soft folds guarding her entrance, letting his thumb slide across the tiny engorged bud of her clit, and she arched into his hand as heat spiraled through her body. Warm liquid rushed to greet his invading fingers, and he laughed softly. “Methinks we waited a little too long to christen our new home planet.”

“I’m going to come!” Joli gasped as she felt her orgasm beginning, working its way from the tips of her toes and sweeping through every nerve. Trey worked his finger in and out, coaxing her lust higher with every calculated movement, until the orgasm exploded over her. She let out a high pitched scream as wave after wave of intense pleasure surged through her, taking her up and throwing her over the edge.

While she laid passive, eyes closed to enjoy the aftershocks sweeping over her, he positioned himself between her thighs and buried himself to the balls with one powerful thrust of his hips.

Joli moaned at the invasion, his thick shaft stretching the walls of her sex until she felt she couldn’t take any more. She arched her back as he began to thrust in and out, and another climax building even as the first subsided. In. Out. He was so big, so powerful. Everything she’d dreamed of each day when they met to work on obtaining the Dark Planet.

“Tell me you want me.” He stared down at her, amber streaks swirling within the dark of his eyes. “Tell me.”

“Quit talking and fuck me!” She thrust her hips up, straining to take every inch of his gorgeous cock.

Trey chuckled, the sound deep and rich. “As my lady wishes.” He picked up the pace, spearing her with long deep strokes that sent liquid heat spinning through her veins. Faster and harder, he plunged deep, every stroke rubbing against the sensitive walls of her sex.

Joli bucked her hips up, tightening the muscles of her pussy around his shaft, squeezing it as she writhed beneath him. She chanted his name, softly, lovingly, as she matched the rhythm of his strokes. The pressure built higher, and she locked her gaze on his, staring into the ever-changing kaleidoscope of browns as she let instinct take over.

His cock grew even larger and jerked deep within her. Trey let out a hoarse growl of triumph, and the feel of his hot seed jetting into her triggered her own orgasm. Pleasure burst over her in a wave that threatened to wash away the last shred of sanity. She clung to her lover, and they collapsed together in a tangled heap of limbs.

“Now that’s what it feels like to make love on our very own planet!” Trey ran a rough hand through the tangled mess of her hair. “Want to do it again?”


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