Encounter: Unearthly Love
Jessica Coulter Smith

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Copyright ©2010 Jessica Coulter Smith


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Unearthly Love


Alex stared at the beautiful Xanish woman in front of him. At least he assumed she was a woman, though she looked like she was barely eighteen. Her name was Elora, and she was being punished.

He was her punishment.

Chained to the wall, she was at his mercy. His gaze swept over her from head to toe. Her hair was a beautiful sapphire, her eyes a myriad of blue tones, her soft skin a powder blue. Stripped naked in front of him, he couldn’t deny the attraction he felt to her. The moment he’d seen her his cock had hardened and he’d wanted to bury himself in her body.

He stroked one small, perfect breast and watched as her nipple puckered. She’d told him she was a virgin and he worried about hurting her, but some pain was unavoidable. At least he wasn’t as big as the Xanish men, so maybe the pain would be minimal. The men on Xanzar were large, thin and had two enormous cocks. It seemed that double penetration was the forte.

“You know this will be different than what you’d experience with a man from your planet.”

“I know.”

“You aren’t disappointed?”

She gave him a small smile and shook her head.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pressed his cock against her pussy. She was already hot and wet. It took everything in him not to thrust into her hard and fast, but he knew that would hurt her. Taking his time, he eased into her.

“Alex, you feel so wonderful,” she said in a breathy voice.

“So do you, Elora.” Finally buried in her warm body, he paused, allowing her to adjust to him.

“Why did you stop?” she asked softly.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t, I promise. I want you, Alex. I know this is forced on you, but I’m glad you’re my first. My only.”

“Only?” What was she talking about?

“Once you’re finished, I’ll be pregnant and they’ll ship me off to another planet. I’m going to be banished from Xanzar for the rest of my life.”

He caressed her cheek and kissed her lightly. “I can’t return to Earth. Let me go with you.”

She looked at him in surprise. “You would do that?”

“I want to help you raise our child. No child should be without a father. Besides, you may not get pregnant.” He thrust into her slowly, straining with the urge to fuck her hard and fast.

“Xanish women always get pregnant the first time.”

Well, that was something no one had told him before now. Either way, he would stay with her. She needed someone to watch over her, and for some reason, he wanted to be that man.

His hands slid around her waist to her back, and then to her ass. His fingers dipped between her ass cheeks and teased her anus.

“Yes, oh yes, Alex!”

Thrusting harder, he slid three fingers into her ass. His cock fucked her pussy while his fingers fucked her ass, making her moan and pant with desire. Just as he came deep inside her, he felt her pussy spasm around his cock and knew she’d found her pleasure as well.

“Oh my… that was amazing,” she said with a smile.

“Think we can do it again?”

She laughed softly and kissed him. “I think we can definitely do that again.”

He pulled her away from the wall and slid behind her. His cock pressed into her ass and he groaned as she took all of him. Reaching around her, he tweaked her clit, pinching and rolling it between his fingers. He slammed into her hard and fast. He’d thought her pussy was tight, but her ass gripped him even tighter, intensifying his pleasure.

Two fingers dipped inside her pussy as his cock plunged into her ass in long, deep strokes. When he felt her orgasm tear through her, he allowed himself the same pleasure.

“Fuck my pussy again,” she begged.

With a smile, he spread her legs further. His cock was already hard and ready. Taking only a moment’s pause to clean himself, he plunged into her, thrusting all the way in. Her pussy gripped him tight and he fucked her with a frenzy he’d never experienced before.

Elora cried out as she came, her pussy clutching his cock. Alex couldn’t hold out any longer and pushed into her one last time, burying himself in her hot, wet pussy.

When he pulled free, he noticed that his semen was dripping down her legs from both her pussy and her ass. “Let me get a rag and clean you up.”

“Wait, the guards need to know you did what you were supposed to do.”

Alex refused to let the guards see her naked again, now that she was his. He grabbed her tunic off the floor and refastened it around her shoulders. The evidence that he’d fucked her was still visible.

At the door and pushed a button, signaling the guards that they could return. They walked in and stared at him and then Elora. When they looked back, they nodded. “You’ve done your job. You’re free to leave now.”

“I’m staying.”

“You realize she’s being banished?”

Alex nodded. “I want to go with her.”

The guards shook their heads as if they couldn’t understand why he’d want to do such a thing. Unfastening Elora’s shackles, the guards shoved her into Alex’s arms. “Be on the shuttle craft within the hour. By nightfall you’ll be residents of Talore.”

Alex kissed Elora and lifted her into his arms. Carrying her out of the small room, he smiled down at her. He might have been her punishment, but in the end, he’d been her salvation, too. There wasn’t another woman as perfect for him as she was, nor a man as perfect for her as he was.


“What is it, sweetheart?”

“Are you sure you want to go with me? Our baby is going to be a half-breed.”

He growled under his breath. “Never call our child that again.”

She gave him a small smile. “So you’ll love the baby regardless?”

“How could I not with you as his or her mother?”

She blushed and clung to him, burying her face in his neck.

Alex had a feeling that it was the start of something wonderful. He had never believed in love at first sight, but after meeting Elora he couldn’t deny that it existed. Despite the fact he’d only known her a few hours, he knew without a doubt that he loved her.



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