Encounter: Feesh Bait
Kira Stone

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Feesh Bait


“Look at him,” Niles said, “Hard workin’ man, I’d say.”

Koy floated beside him in the water, bobbing in the gentle current. “Well, he’s certainly working it hard.”

The human lay on the sun warmed rocks, one hand resting over his eyes to shelter them from the sun. The other hand was curled into a fist that lazily stroked his sizeable cock. No clothes to get in the way of the view; they lay under him.

“I wouldn’t mind being hooked by him,” Koy whispered into Niles’s ear.

“Ehh, he could catch and release me,” Niles snickered.

“As long as we don’t end up in his frying pan,” Koy quipped back and they both shared a laugh. One that was apparently too loud as it seemed they’d caught the man’s attention.

“Talking fish, now ain’t that somethin’,” the man rumbled. He sat up and dropped his arm to his side, drew up a knee, and stared frankly at both of them.

Talking fish? Okay, that was a little insulting. Sure, in their native form they were practically hairless except for a long thin line that went from their necks, down their backs, to the crack of their ass. Their skin tended to blend with the colors of the river -- blues, greens, and browns. Perhaps it was a bit rough, but far from scaly. And, if Koy did say so himself, they were rather attractive as feesh go.

“Well, sir,” Koy started, looked at Niles, then back to the man. “Technically we’re feesh, not fish.”

“Both fish and flesh, I got it.” The man got to his feet. Nothing fluid about him, just strong, raw power.

“And you are Percy,” Koy replied. “We’ve been watching you.”


“Guess we’re not going to scare you off,” Niles said with a dry chuckle.

“No, but to get what you want, you are going to have to catch me.” And with that challenge, Percy dove in a perfect arc out into the river.

The hunting pair knew where the obstacles were. Apparently their prey did too. They flipped through the rapids like spawning salmon, then raced into the deep drops that once upon an age had been a towering peak.

Finally Percy popped up in a calm pool surrounded by choppy water which neither Koy, nor Niles, from the look his face, had been to before.

“Long chase,” Percy said, scarcely out of breath. “I guess you caught me.”

“I admit you nearly lost us a time or two,” Niles admitted with a wry smile.

“Then you better not let me be the one that gets away now…”

That was an invitation if Koy ever heard one. With a slight nod toward Niles, they bracketed the man, stroking his smooth skin. He was so much more pale than one of their kind, but he had more hair in a reddish hue. So beautiful…

In return, Percy stroked their skin in tandem, from neck, along the breastbone, then circling around their stomachs in a way that, at least for Koy, stirred up the sexual fairies in his stomach.

Koy wondered if Percy’s cock remained as deliciously hard as it had on the rocks. While licking the curve of the man’s ear, he followed the water droplets down that fair skin until he reached below the surface and found the man’s cock harder than before.

Percy moaned as Koy jacked his cock, but he turned slightly away from whatever Niles was doing. “I top. Only top. Is that going to be a problem?”

“I call middle,” Niles replied in his deep yet sonorous tone.

“That makes me the happy bottom boy,” Koy answered.

Feesh preferred the water for mating, and it seemed Percy did too. The three of them moved as one to a point shallow enough to dig their toes into the sandy bottom, but close enough to have rocks to cling to if needed.

Koy pressed himself against the sun-warmed granite, a perfect surface against his rough skin to hold him in place. Niles covered him, wet, slick and hot. Though they were more feeshing buddies than loving partners, Niles kissed him deeply with the promise of bliss to come.

Niles stroked himself a few times as Percy watched with a gleam in his eye that seemed to hold more than lust… something indefinable. As Niles slid his pulsing erection into Koy’s tight hole, all three of them groaned. Koy felt the stretch of his feeshing partner’s erection and swore Niles’ cock had gotten bigger since the last time they’d joined like this.

“Sweet Posideon,” Dray murmured on a ragged breath. His body undulated creating ripples of water as he penetrated deeper into his friend’s body.

“Spread ‘em,” Percy encouraged, “Before I split you wide.”

Niles moved his legs further apart, bracing himself on the sandy bottom. It was easy for Koy to tell when Percy slippled inside him. Not only was his low groan of appreciation an indication, but Koy swore he could feel Percy inside him too, as if he’d been double penetrated.

And then Percy began to move, and Koy stopped thinking.

The three of them locked together created an erotic loop of give and take. Percy pushing into Niles, who then plunged deeper into Koy. His own cock was too tightly trapped between himself and Niles to touch. All Koy could do was stroke the skin of his lovers and enjoy the ride.

Like the currents around them, Percy went fast, and then slow. Wild and then tame. Keeping them off balance only increased the pleasure they felt. And when Percy gave the order to cum, they were both quite ready to oblige.

Niles shot first, filling Koy’s ass with warm creamy cum. Koy shuddered, coming next as his seed burst from below the water’s surface to leave dollops on both him and Niles.

Koy knew Niles would also be feeling the sweet lethargy of release as feesh do after sex. But he tried to hold out for Percy, making sure their “catch of the day” enjoyed himself to the fullest.

Percy came with a shout that echoed from the rock walls surrounding them. His strong body pressed them both against the rock. In their weakened state, Koy felt as though he’d been trapped between a rock and a hard place, not a bad place to be.

Percy chuckled a little as their bodies disentangled. “You boys put up a good fight. I like that. Haven’t had it that good in ages.”

A note of warning wiggled through Koy’s mind, but in the hazy lassitude of post-coital warmth, he didn’t follow. He just wrapped his arms around Niles, who was already drifting, and snuggled for a short, restorative doze.

* * *

Coming out of the haze of erotic bliss, Koy guessed something was amiss when he raised his arm and Niles’s came up too. The binding was a net that extended all the way up their arms, joining them together. The special nylon thread was attached to a metal hook… and the metal hook, Koy found, by looking over his shoulder, was attached to Percy’s boat.

“Looks like we’re the catch of the day,” Koy told Niles.

Niles took stock of the situation for himself and sighed heavily, knowing they were headed for the feesh market. “This is one feesh tale we’re never going to tell.”

* * *

Percy docked his boat and pulled the feesh stringer out of the water. Two nice ones today, not a bad catch. They’d earn him a pretty penny at market -- if he didn’t decide to keep the pair for himself.

He chuckled a bit at their still shocked expressions. Apparently Koy and Niles hadn’t figured out until it was too late that they’d been reeled in by a first class feesherman.



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