Encounter -- Keshpan Love Slaves: Alexandra
Jessica Coulter Smith

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Copyright ©2011 Jessica Coulter Smith


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Keshpan Love Slaves: Alexandra


Keshpa was buzzing with the news of the latest arrivals -- five women from the planet Earth. Sere moved quickly through the throng of Keshpans to see the women first-hand. It had been a long time since he’d had a satisfying sexual encounter, and he knew Earth women were the best for bed sport, which is why his planet acquired them. The acquisitions team would select women from other planets on occasion, but they weren’t as satisfying.

Pushing his way to the front of the crowd, his eyes devoured each of the beauties stripped bare and put on display. One in particular caught his eye. The proud tilt of her head, her long flowing blonde tresses, and the golden body of a goddess. Her breasts were full and high, her waist slim. When his eyes dropped to her shaved pussy, his mouth ran dry and his mind immediately thought of her lying beneath him in his large bed.

He made his way over to the magister, intent on purchasing the exotic creature before anyone else had the chance. “Magister, how much for the blonde?”

“Seven thousand karos.”

Sere was surprised at the exorbitant cost, but decided she was worth it. Handing over the money, he climbed the stairs to the dais two at a time, rushing to the side of the blonde. Sweeping her up into his arms, he hurried back to his home. The sooner he had her behind closed doors, the sooner he could slake his lust.

* * *

When Sere entered his home, he walked straight to his bedroom and tossed his delightful package onto the bed, watching as she bounced. He unfastened his boots and slid his pants off, standing before her in all his naked glory. His skin was darker than hers was and rougher.

He stared at his prey a moment longer, noticing the differences in her body compared to a Keshpan woman’s. The women of his planet were as dark as Sere, and just as tall. Their slim bodies had very little curve to them and they always wore their hair bound tightly at the base of their skulls. Why Keshpan men married had always been a mystery to Sere.

His cock ached with need and he watched as she studied him. When her eyes rested on the bulge of his cock, he saw surprise and wariness flash in their blue depths. He knew men on Earth were different from Keshpans, but he also knew he could bring her great pleasure. “Don’t be afraid.”

She looked up in confusion, obviously not understanding him.

Making a frustrated noise, he walked over to the wall and pushed a button on the silver panel beside the door. As long as she was in his home, they would be able to understand one another, making communication easier on the both of them. “Don’t be afraid,” he repeated.

“What did you do?”

He smiled. “Keshpan translators are designed to communicate in over a hundred languages. I made it possible for us to understand one another.”

She nodded and continued to stare at his cock. “I’m not sure that’s going to fit.”

Sere threw back his head and laughed. “Trust me, it will fit.”

His cock was longer and wider than a human’s, the head shaped like a heart. Thick rings ran around the shaft that would cause delicious friction once he was inside of her. Oh yes, he would definitely fit, and she would love what he did to her, of that he had no doubt.

Getting on the bed, he covered her body with his, feeling her soft breasts press against his chest. His cock pushed against her moist heat, begging to be inside of her. The fact that she was wet told him how much she wanted him, and it pleased him.

He eased into her, watching her eyes dilate with desire. When he embedded his cock deep within her, he lifted himself on his arms, pushing himself even further inside her pussy. She gasped and lifted her hips, taking him in even deeper.

With a groan, he began thrusting into her, loving the feel of her hot, wet pussy gripping his cock. “You feel so damn good.”

“So… do… you!” she panted.

He fucked her hard and fast, never having experienced anything like being with her. He knew he should pull out, knew that getting an Earth woman pregnant was frowned upon, but he couldn’t stop himself. She felt too wonderful not to finish inside of her, plunging into her as far as he could go. As he found his release, he felt her pussy grip his cock as her orgasm surged through her.

“That was… incredible,” she said.

“I would have to agree.”

She sighed and curled her arms around his neck. Having a woman wrap herself around him was a unique experience, and he found that he liked it. Without a doubt, this one would be different from any other slave he’d previously claimed. Eventually he let them all go, but this one… this one he would keep.


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