Encounter: Vaaden Harems #1 -- Sarah
Jessica Coulter Smith

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Copyright ©2011 Jessica Coulter Smith


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Vaaden Harems #1: Sarah


Sarah stared up at the large Vaaden warrior and trembled. She’d been captured on Earth and enslaved, sent to work in the Vaaden harems three years ago, and still, this man always made her tremble. There was something about Lede that spoke to her. His every touch, every whisper, every kiss teased and tormented her.

She licked her lips, anxious for their session to begin. When he undressed her and led her to one of the special rooms in the back, a chill snaked down her spine. They’d never used an area other than a simple room before. Before they entered, he blindfolded her. Her breath hitched.

Obediently, she placed her hand in his and followed his lead. When they stopped in what she thought was the middle of the room and she couldn’t detect a bed, she was confused. He lifted her hands over her head and snapped cuffs around her wrists. Spreading her legs, he chained her ankles as well.

Sarah’s heart raced.

Lede ran a hand down the column of her neck, down between the valley of her breasts and down her stomach. Her skin tingled from his touch and she wanted to beg for more, but knew she shouldn’t. He had yet to say a word to her and she craved the sound of his voice.

She heard some rustling and then a noise like a bottle being opened and closed. When he touched her next, it was to rub oil into her skin. When his large, calloused hands stroked her breasts, her nipples puckered, and she couldn’t help but lean into his touch. His hands massaged their way down her stomach to her waist, and lower. While she tried to keep silent like a good little slave, the moment she felt his fingers slide into her pussy, she cried out. She hadn’t meant to, but it felt too incredible for her to remain silent. She wondered why he hadn’t given her permission to speak yet. It was usually the first thing he did.

Lede withdrew his fingers and moved away from her, making her want to weep. The next time he came near, it was to massage the oils into her back. As his hands slid over her ass, he parted the cheeks. She tensed for a moment, not sure what to expect, but his fingers gently massaged her and she relaxed.

A moment later, she hissed in a breath when another set of hands began to rub her pussy while Lede slowly sank a finger into her ass. There were two of them? Lede had never brought someone along before. For that matter, Sarah had never been with more than one warrior at a time before. She’d heard of others who had, but not her. She wished she could see who it was, or that one of them would speak to her!

The stranger circled her clit with his thumb and slowly eased two fingers inside of her pussy. She whimpered and pressed her hips forward, only to have Lede pull her back, holding her stationary. The fingers in her pussy began to stroke her, in and out, slowly. With every stroke, she felt Lede thrust his finger in and out of her ass, and she was getting more and more turned on. She felt him add a second finger and she thrust back against him, only to be pulled back into position and held in place again. They were tormenting her and she wanted to scream out her frustration.

Deciding to take whatever punishment they gave her, she knew she had to speak. “Please. I want you.”

She felt Lede gently bite her on the shoulder. “You weren’t given permission to speak.”

“I don’t care. I need you. Please.”

She felt both of them press in close to her.

Lede parted the cheeks of her ass and slowly eased his cock inside of her. It hurt a little, but it also was the most incredible thing she’d experienced so far. The stranger gripped her hips and thrust into her pussy, making her gasp in pleasure. With both cocks filling her, she’d never felt so full or so wonderful in her life. She only wished her hands were free so she could touch them, and her eyes were open so she could watch them.

As they fucked her with long, slow strokes, the stranger leaned in close and whispered, “Do you know why I asked to be in front? Because I wanted to watch you come.”

She gasped. She knew that voice! It was Velk, her other favorite warrior. Somehow, knowing he was the other man pleasuring her turned her on even more.

With both cocks thrusting into her, and Velk’s hands caressing her breasts, she felt her orgasm building. When Velk began plunging into her harder and faster, she fought against the chains, wanting desperately to hold on to him as her orgasm came closer and closer to the surface. Sarah felt his hand slip down between their bodies, and his fingers brushed against her clit. Her orgasm burst through her, leaving her breathless and dizzy, and as her pussy convulsed around Velk’s cock, she felt both men come deep inside of her.

As they slid free, Velk removed the blindfold and smiled at her. “Now you have permission to speak.”

“Next time, can we do this on a bed? And preferably where I can touch you?”

Velk laughed and Lede lifted her into his arms.

“What if we go find one now?” Lede asked.

Sarah smiled. There were certainly worse ways to spend your day than with your two favorite warriors.


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