Encounter: Ins and Outs of the Office
Laney Stryker

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Laney Stryker


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Ins and Outs of the Office


My eyes were crossed from staring at the computer screen all morning. The numbers blurred together. I stood up to stretch my legs, and the phone rang. Startled, I fumbled with the receiver, then regained control. “Shoffner, Sheffield, Chavez, and Shluterman, how may I help you?”

It had taken a very long time to get that tongue twister phone greeting down to an art.

“I need a lawyer.” The request seemed simple enough.

“Okay, we’re off to a promising start. We have four attorneys in this office. What’s the nature of your problem?”

“I need someone to fuck me, and that’s what lawyers do best isn’t it?” The voice on the other end burst out laughing. “Tell Mike Chavez he’s a chicken fucker and he can kiss my lily white ass!” The line went dead.

I just hung up. The jokes were normal and frequent in our office. One of the office doors creaked behind me, so I swiveled around to see, but didn’t find anyone. Suddenly large, strong hands slid around my waist.

My eyes popped open in surprise. Warm breath fanned the back of my neck until the claw clip holding it back was released. “I love your hair down, Victoria. It’s sexy as hell.” Harry Shoffner’s silky smooth voice sent goose bumps scattering down my arms. Though all my bosses were H-O-T, he definitely was the hunkiest.

Though we’d never been intimate, it had been brewing for ages. Maybe he’d finally gotten his fill of my super short business skirts, low cut tops, and always exposed cleavage that screamed “come and get me, baby.”

I felt so aroused by just the slightest touch from him. Thankfully, the other partners were on a business trip together and Harry and I had the office to ourselves. As his hands slid over my breasts, I gasped at how good it felt. “You’re sneaky, Mr. Shoffner.”

“I know.” His lips tugged on the lobe of my ear. “Are you complaining?”

“Not at all.” I rested my head back against his shoulder.

His hard dick pressed into the small of my back. He was ready for me, but I wasn’t quite ready to give him all the power. Slowly, I moved my hips back, teasing him, arousing him more. My nipples were hard pebbles, aching for his caress. Like a mind reader, Mr. Shoffner slid a hand underneath the hem of my blouse.

I sighed in pleasure as his fingers snuck under the wire of my bra and found the taut peaks. He twisted and pulled, sending repeated electric shocks straight to my pussy, which grew wetter by the second. “That feels good, Mr. Shoffner.”

“Call me Harry.” His voice, sort of a pant, had grown more excited.

“You don’t like to feel like a big powerful boss while you’re fucking your assistants?”

A soft chuckle confirmed just what I thought. He liked to be called Mr., just like I enjoyed saying it. There was just something naughty about the whole situation. It completely turned me on.

I pulled off my shirt in one swift move, then he unlatched my bra and tossed it to the floor. His hands returned to my tits, but I wanted more. The thought of his swelling cock inside me only made the burning between my legs hotter.

He turned me around to face him. Pure lust showed on his face. His lips clamped around my nipple, sending me into orbit. I grabbed the back of his head and made sure he knew his place. I creamed my thong as he sucked hard and long, giving each side equal attention.

Pressing my breast together, Mr. Shoffner buried his face into my cleavage and moaned. “You’re one hot piece of ass, Victoria.”

“And don’t you forget it.”

He immediately dropped his pants to the floor and stripped off the crisp white shirt. His toned, rock solid abs suited me perfectly. I’d never had a man so powerful and sexy want me the way he did.

My hand wrapped around his thick shaft and squeezed. “You got a nice package.”

“You know it.”

The confidence was a turn on also. He spun me back around, pulled my hips to him and ground his hard dick into me. His hands reached down to my knees and slowly slid upward, feeling my smooth skin. “I’m gonna fuck you hard, Victoria.” His voice was all business. That business was me.

He shoved me forward, crashing my hips into the desk. I parted my legs to make it easier for him to access all of me. His hands made it to my thighs and stopped. Just as I wondered what he’d do next, his fingers found my cunt.

“Ahh! You’re hot and wet.” It sounded like he licked his lips, but I couldn’t see since I faced forward.

“You gonna fuck me or talk all day?” I teased.

“Oh, I’m gonna fuck you. Trust me. You’ll want no other man after I get inside you. My fat cock’s gonna fill your pussy up!”

He spread my pussy apart and fondled my clit. His thumb found my ass and traced the crack then eased inside. I gasped at the pleasure of being fingered both front and back at the same time. My skirt came up around my waist, and his tongue lapped up my juices from front to back.

“The sweet taste of Victoria.”

I couldn’t say anything. My body and mind were too wrapped up in the moment. His heavy chest leaned forward and pinned me to the desk. I felt his hand between my ass then extreme pleasure.

He stuck his cock in my pussy and thrust deep. Over and over he pounded into me. Grunt after grunt, his long fat dick fucked me. Things fell off the desk, but I didn’t give a damn. Mr. Shoffner had my full attention. His fingers tweaked my nipples while he continued to stick it to me.

I felt the climax creeping up quickly. Though I wanted to put it off, just to enjoy him longer, it didn’t happen. When he stuck his finger in my ass while pumping his cock into me, I exploded like fireworks on the 4th of July. “Oh, Mr. Shoffner,” I panted. “That’s it! Right there. Don’t stop!”

His hips moved faster and he pumped me harder and until he collapsed on top of me. His chest pressed against my back as he gasped for air.

I could only smile at that point. I was already looking forward to the next time Mr. Shoffner and I were left alone in the office.


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