Encounter -- Harley on the Rocks: What She Saw
Zenobia Renquist

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Copyright ©2011 Zenobia Renquist


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What She Saw


Coming home early from work had its advantages. Harley edged the bedroom door open, hoping it wouldn’t squeak and give her away. Her boys were having fun without her. If they noticed her watching, they would stop so she could join them. A considerate gesture, but not what she wanted.

Besides, her boys looked too distracted to notice her. Both men were on the bed giving her a perfect view of Davis, her red headed Viking, on his back, breathing hard and moaning at the ceiling, while Koijirou, her model of Japanese perfection, availed himself of Davis’s rock hard dick.

Harley wished she had a pen and paper to take notes. She was no slouch in the blowjob department, and she had gotten her boys to call her name many times, but Koijirou made her look like a stumbling amateur.

Koijirou fondled Davis’s sack while bobbing his head in rapid motion up and down Davis’s dick. When Davis tensed up, Koijirou released him completely with a wicked smile.

“Don’t tease,” Davis said, his voice rough. He cupped Koijirou’s head and urged him to continue.

Koijirou laid a kiss on Davis’s tip. “Don’t come. Not until I’ve had my fun.”

Harley silently agreed with that sentiment. She didn’t want the encounter to end too quickly, especially since it was making her drench her panties. She slipped her hand into her pants and rubbed two fingers between her pussy lips as Koijirou resumed sucking Davis.

The harder Koijirou sucked, the harder Harley rubbed her clit. She had to bite her lip to keep from making noise. She even thought her breathing was too loud, but Davis’s was louder.

Koijirou released Davis again. “I’m taking it all the way down.”

Davis’s reply was a grunting affirmative noise. “Oh fuck yeah!” left his lips a few seconds later when Koijirou swallowed Davis’s dick all the way down to his sack. Davis’s hips twitched like he wanted to move, but held back instead. He buried his hands in Koijirou’s hair. “Off. Going to come.”

With a little nod, Koijirou raised his head, making sure his lips dragged up Davis’s shaft slowly. He licked the head a few times before dragging his tongue up and down the throbbing vein running the length of the underside.

Davis pumped his hips, thrusting into the air, and groaned loudly with pleasure. Harley didn’t know how Davis was holding out. She was ready to come just watching. She knew first hand how talented Koijirou’s mouth was. She also knew the agony of wanting to come even as she wanted more.

“One more time,” Koijirou said before taking Davis’s dick down his throat once again.

Davis’s denial choked off into a satisfied shout as he bucked his hips up, forcing himself deeper down Koijirou’s throat. His legs shook as he came.

Harley squeezed her legs together and had to lean hard against the door jamb as her own orgasm swept over her. She gave a tiny muffled whimper that she hoped didn’t carry.

In the bedroom, Koijirou said, “Now that I got you off, you can do Harley.”

She jerked her head up and saw both Koijirou and Davis grinning at her. She looked at one and then the other. “How long have you known?”

Davis said, “Right before Koi deep throated me.”

“I saw you as soon as you got here.” Koijirou crossed the room to the doorway. “It seemed like you wanted a show, so I gave you one.”

Harley smiled at him. “I appreciate that.”

“Come show us how much.” Koijirou pulled her out of the doorway and kicked the door shut.

Harley had a feeling dinner would be late.


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