Encounter -- Fire Woman: Sweet Sizzles

Megan Slayer

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011


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Sweet Sizzles


“Touch yourself.”

Atria’s body warmed all over. The sound of his voice, rough and low, brought on the heat every time. She fisted her hands. A sweet sizzle started in her belly.

“You aren’t touching yourself.” Zac spread his hand out over her stomach, toying with the piercing in her navel. “Should I spank you?”

Liquid excitement slickened her inner thighs and she squirmed. He hadn’t even really touched her, not on any hot spots and yet the sizzle spread to her heart and her pussy. This time, surely this time she’d burn them up.

“You can’t kill me Fire Woman.” Zac lowered his lips to hers. “I won’t let you.”

She quivered all over. How could one man with a voice like gravel turn her insides to mush?

“Touch yourself.” He smoothed his hand across her stomach and grabbed her hand, placing her palm on her clit.

Atria jerked up off the bed. Her back arched and her hips bucked. “Fuck!”

“There’s my firth

She quivered all over. How could one man with a voice like gravel turn her insides to mush?

“Touch yourself.” He smoothed his hand across her stomach and grabbed her hand, placing her palm on her clit.

Atria jerked up off the bed. Her back arched and her hips bucked. “Fuck!”

“There’s my filthy mouthed vixen.” His kisses feathered down her cheek to her earlobe. “What do you want me to do?”

With his hand in hers, she massaged her clit. So close. She writhed on his fingers seeking the delicious beginning of climax.

“No, sweets. Not yet.” From hip to chest, Zac pressed into her. His cock speared her lower belly. She wrapped her free hand around his dick and stroked. He wanted to leave her breathless and on the edge? Fine. She’d do the same to him.

She rubbed her nub faster, dragging slick heat over her sensitive skin.

“So flushed and red.” Zac smiled and dipped his head to her breast, taking her nipple in his mouth. The fire in her veins spread to every part of her body. Her legs trembled with every bite and lick.

“Zac,” she groaned. “More.”

His teeth grazed her nipples. Ice from his touch melted on her skin, making her fire more bearable. Playing with herself wasn’t getting her anywhere and he had to be teasing her. She squeezed his cock, milking him of his pre-come.

“Fuck,” he muttered. “You play dirty.”

The words rumbled on her chest and kicked her fire up ten degrees as he took her fingers in his mouth and licked the slick juices. She drew circles on his lips, marking him.

“Yes.” Zac pulled her tight against his chiseled body and rolled.

Atria sat astride him, her hair in her eyes. She splayed her hands on his chest.

“Sheathe me, little one.” He slapped the nightstand twice before grabbing the condom. Taking her time, she opened the packet and withdrew the rubber. His eyes glittered and he nodded. He gritted his teeth as she slid the slick latex over his cock.

“Goddess, ride me,” he bit out.

She palmed his cock and hesitated. He fit. By Goddess, her water elemental made damn sure they complimented each other in every way in bed, but simply thinking about the fullness took her breath away. Starting at her breasts, she pinched her nipples and stroked down between her legs. Might as well give him a show while she sat on display. His cock thrummed against her ass, sending shivers and heat to her core.

Whimpering, she ground her hips into his pelvis. Zac took her fingers into his mouth once again. The pull from his mouth matched the pull between her legs. At this rate, she wouldn’t last.

“Need. You. Now.” Her hand still on his lips, Zac placed both hands on her hips. He picked her up as if she weighed nothing and thrust upwards. His cock kissed the apex of her thighs.

God, she loved this. Loved their play, the teasing and the game. Loved him. Her heart pounded behind her ribs as she lowered herself, inch by inch on his cock. Zac’s eyelids drooped closed and his lips parted.

“Fuck yourself on me, Atria. Make yourself feel good.”

She tipped her head back. Feel good? Check. His girth stretched and filled her in the best ways. Fucking herself on him? Check. With each thrust, the initial pain of him deep within her segued into pleasure.

Giving Zac control, she rocked her body to his rhythm. Zac began to hum in time with his thrusts. Something low and slow, vibrating along her nerve endings.

“Can’t breathe without you,” he sang and increased his actions. Behind her, he planted his feet and pistoned up into her body. “Your fire burns me, making me yours.”

She loved when he sang during sex. It made her feel special, needed. She dug her nails into his arms and held on tight. Flames licked their bodies, surrounded by the steam from his melting water. She trembled as the climax filled her pussy and lower belly.

“Love, love, love,” he half sang, half murmured. The veins in his neck corded as he bucked beneath her. His breath grew ragged and his thrusts frantic. A strangled cry burst from his throat as he pulled her down hard. “Fuck.”

She keened at the fullness. Her orgasm splintered and lights exploded behind her eyes. She tensed in his arms as the tremors passed. With his cock still in her pussy, Atria lowered herself to his chest and fought to catch her breath.

Zac patted her head, running his fingers through her hair. “Um,” he hummed. “Can you sleep now?”

She giggled, remembering the reason behind his initial command. “Hold me?”

“Yes, little one.” He moved her to his side long enough to ditch the rubber. Zac tugged the blankets over their naked bodies and kissed her forehead. “Good night, love.”

Atria snuggled down beside her water elemental, sated and quite sleepy. “Good night.”



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