Encounter: Around and Around
Megan Slayer

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Around and Around


“This always brings me peace.” Taygan sighed and closed his eyes.

Luc sat back on his heels and studied his work. The bindings encircling Taygan’s chest were tight enough to let the air elemental know they were there without actually hurting him. Luc loved the way the nylon marked Tay’s skin, like a branding, but simple rope wasn’t enough.

Taygan offered his hands and wriggled on the mattress. “Finish. I know you want more. Goddess knows, I want more.”

“Aren’t you the pushy one?” Luc smoothed his palms over Taygan’s chest. The gentle breeze from Taygan’s element swirled around them, making Luc’s lust-induced fever a little more manageable. He breathed in Taygan’s spicy male scent and shifted from his knees to stand beside the bed. “Grab the spindles on the headboard.”

Taygan crooked one brow and complied. “I wondered why you left me free to move so much.”

“I have a reason.” Luc strolled around the perimeter of the bed. He rubbed his hands together and offered Taygan a grin. “Have you figured it out? My surprise for you?”

Crimson stained Tay’s cheeks and his lips parted. “No idea, but I’m game for it.”

Luc rummaged through the nightstand. The cache sat in its box, just as he’d planned. He held up the first item for Taygan’s inspection.

“Handcuffs. You remembered.” Taygan’s air element swirled a little harder.

“And a blindfold?”

Luc winked. “Anything for my man.” He dragged the cool metal along Tay’s torso, slowing over Taygan’s nipples. “I love to indulge you.”

“Yes.” Taygan closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip. “Fuck me, Luc.”

“Not yet.” Luc clicked one cuff around the spindle and the other around Tay’s wrist. He leaned across Tay’s body and ground his cock into Taygan’s side as he cuffed the other wrist to the headboard.

“Baby.” Tay licked his lips. “Lemme taste you. Please?”

“In a bit.” Luc scooted off the bed and retrieved the scarf. “You said something about a blindfold. Will silk do?”

Taygan’s eyes glazed as he nodded. “Oh yeah.” His Adam’s apple worked with each pant. “I’m… floating.”

Perfect. Lucian kissed Tay once before he tied the scarf over Taygan’s eyes. A lazy smile curled on Tay’s lips as his body relaxed. He stretched his legs and his breathing evened.

Luc moved to the end of the bed and visually caressed his lover. Taygan’s cock bobbed with each breath. Pre-come glistened on the crown of his penis. He pumped his hips in a silent invitation. Luc snickered. Time to put the man out of his exquisite misery. He retrieved the extra nylon rope from the drawer and the additional scarf.

“Talk to me, Tay. Tell me what you’re feeling.” Luc sat cross-legged between Tay’s knees.

“Vulnerable.” Taygan puffed out a breath. “Blissful-and needy. Please Luc.”

Luc threaded the nylon cording around each of Tay’s legs, drawing his feet tight against his ass. If Tay wanted, he could close his legs. The slight pressure from the last bit of cord encasing the base of his cock would make things a little more constricted.

Once again Luc sat back to admire his work. He loved looking at Taygan bound almost as much as Tay enjoyed being tied up. Luc wrapped the end of the scarf around his hand. Time to have a little fun. Starting with Taygan’s cock, Luc trailed the fringe along Tay’s body.

Taygan shivered and moaned. “I don’t know what you’re doing, but I like it.”

Luc draped the silk around Tay’s balls, rubbing the slippery fabric over Taygan’s more intimate spots. Taygan’s breeze increased and whipped through the room. The scent of his arousal swirled through the air.

“I need to come,” Tay pleaded. “I’m gonna explode.”

“Can’t have that.” Luc tossed the scarf aside. He really hadn’t had a chance to play with it like he wanted, but he also hated to deprive a starving man. He crawled along Tay’s torso until his knees nestled on either side of Tay’s head.

“It tickles.” Tay rubbed his chin and lips on Luc’s pubic hair. “Smells of sandalwood and soap.” He opened his mouth and dragged his tongue along Luc’s sac. “A little bumpy but soft.”

Luc tilted his head back and thrust his fingers into Tay’s hair.

“Guiding me? Kinky.” Tay batted at Luc’s cock with his nose. “I can almost taste you.”

With his gaze fixed on Tay, Luc shifted his hips and brushed his penis along Tay’s bottom lip. “What about now?”

Tay opened wide. He licked a path of fire down the thick vein on the underside of Luc’s dick. “Tasty.”

He scraped his teeth down Luc’s shaft, drawing a groan from deep in Luc’s throat. “Tay,” Luc breathed. “Gonna kill me.”

“Nah,” Tay said around Luc’s girth. “You like it.”

Releasing his grip on Tay’s hair, Luc guided his cock into Tay’s waiting mouth. Tay hummed and stroked Luc’s length. In, out, slurp, suck, and repeat. A shiver worked it’s way down Luc’s spine and settled in his balls. Holy fuck. His vision blurred and he swayed. Damn, Tay gave the best blow jobs. Beneath Luc, Tay writhed and moaned.

Luc swayed. He should probably pull out before he came on Tay. Should. Tell that to the orgasm bubbling in his groin. Forcing himself to pull out, Luc backed away from Luc’s hungry mouth and slid off the bed. His legs barely held him up as he made his way down to the footboard.

“Luc?” The wind died down and the color bled from Tay’s cheeks. “Luc?”

Luc grabbed the lube and a condom from the nightstand. He should’ve thought of wrapping his cock earlier. Blame it on the heat of the moment. Tay was a firestorm and Luc lived to feel the burn.

Luc rolled the condom down his dick and climbed back onto the bed. “I’m here and ready to do as you asked.” He squirted lube onto his fingers. “I want to make you feel good.”

“Fuck.” Taygan thrust into Luc’s fingers. “Can’t hold on.”

“You can.” With one hand curled around Tay’s cock, Luc used his other hand to prepare Tay’s asshole. One finger at a time, breaching the tight ring of muscle and caressing the snug inner walls.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” Taygan strained against the cuffs and rode Luc’s hand. “Oh, goddess!”

The breeze kicked back up and fluttered through Luc’s hair. He continued to pump up and down on Tay’s cock, but now he added his own cock to the mix.

“I love this,” he murmured and pushed into Tay’s taut body. “Love you.” With each thrust, the ropes marked more and more of Tay’s skin, leaving a beautiful design against the creamy flesh. Luc dug the fingers of his left hand into Tay’s hip and pistoned into Tay’s ass.

“Come with me, Taygan,” Luc breathed, “Come with me.” He squeezed Tay’s cock a little tighter and was rewarded with a thick ribbon of come splattered into his hand and lower belly. Luc released his grip on Tay’s penis and used both hands to drive into Tay. His balls constricted and the orgasm filled his senses. Luc thrust forward and moaned. Seed poured into the condom and he moaned his release. One of these days they could go bare.

Luc slumped forward and rested his weight on his forearms. He feathered a kiss to Tay’s lips. “Do you know how sexy you look with come on your stomach and a dick in your ass?” He shifted to one side and slid the blindfold up over Tay’s head. “You look almost as sexy as when I can look at you while we make love.”

“I think I like looking at you, too.” Squinting, Taygan smiled. “Why don’t you untie me so we can get cleaned up and I can wrap myself around you all night long?”

“You got it.”

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