Encounter -- Down to Earth: Snow!
Megan Slayer

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Down to Earth: Snow!


“It’s snowing!” Tallulah clasped her hands together and gazed out at the fluffy white flakes scurrying past the window. “I didn’t think we’d get any snow.”

Ike eased up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “I thought you didn’t like snow?” He rested his chin on her shoulder. “The last time there was snow, you just about belted me.”

“I did.” She sighed and rubbed her bottom on his groin. “Make me remember why I didn’t.”

He buried his nose in her hair and smothered a grin. Oh he’d make her alright -- once he got his fill. “You sure?”

She arched into him and whimpered. “Please?”

Ike turned her around in his embrace then tossed her over his shoulder. She squealed and held onto his belt loops. “I didn’t say upside down.” She giggled. “I can walk. Put me down.”

He swatted her ass. “I know what you can do.” Ike strode across the living room to the fireplace and placed her on her feet. “Think you can keep your vines under control?”

Her cheeks flushed a deep red and she pressed her lips together. She bowed her head, nodding twice.

This, her little act of submission was what he loved. And her. He strolled around her once, sizing her up, then stood behind her and massaged her shoulders. He breathed in her scent, the lilting earthy cologne she wore. Was it possible to be turned on by a scent? He had no idea, but if she were the perfume he’d buy the entire stock.

Tallulah ground her ass into his crotch once more. “Tease. Don’t stop.”

Her hair tickled his chin. She wanted him to continue? Worked for him. He trailed his fingertips down her arms, then grasped the hem of her tunic dress. He dragged the flimsy material up over her head and tossed the garment across the room.

“You held out on me.” He nipped the tender patch of skin where her shoulder connected to her neck. “No bra. I like it.”

Tallulah placed his hands on her breasts and raked her nails down his forearms. “You keep it hotter than a greenhouse in here.”

Vines snaked up along the fireplace and blossoms sprouted from the green shoots. He pinched her nipple. “Thought you weren’t going to grow anything, my sweet Earth Elemental. You fibbed.”

“And you actually care?” Tallulah writhed against him. Her moans filled the air. “Ike.”

He chuckled and turned her around. Her chest heaved and a thin ring of color shone in her eyes. Her lips parted. More vines snaked up the wall, surrounding them in green.

Ike dropped to one knee and kissed her breast. She jerked into him and dug her fingernails into her thighs. He nipped his way from her chest to her groin, nibbling on her inner thigh until she moaned. He speared one finger into her silken pussy. She bucked her hips and ground down on his hand.

“Touch me, Lulah.” He glanced up at her face.

Tallulah’s eyes opened slowly and she threaded her fingers into his hair. His scalp tingled from her touch. Her breathing sped up and she sank down against him.

“I haven’t tasted you. No coming yet.” He rubbed his nose in the springy curls at the apex of her pussy.


Ike leaned back and sat on his feet. Not tasting her would damned near kill him, but the fun of keeping her on the edge trumped his personal comfort. Tallulah’s eyes widened and her hair splashed over her shoulders as she looked down at him.

“What do you want, Lulah? Tell me.” He kissed her inner thigh as a tease. “Hmm?”

“Fuck me.”

He opened his pants and withdrew his cock and balls. Ike stroked himself a couple times. Tallulah licked her bottom lip and a smile blossomed on her mouth. Greedy minx. “Get me nice and wet for you.”

Before he finished the sentence, Tallulah scampered to the floor. She crouched before him on her hands and knees. Her hair fell in a curtain over her face. He gathered the soft strands in his fingers in order to watch the show. He didn’t want her down there too long.

Tallulah swirled her tongue along the length of his cock, taking extra time to nibble on the blunt head. She licked down to his balls, giving them love before she took him fully in her mouth.

He grunted and tugged her hair. “Enough, Lulah. I want to be inside you.”

She snapped her head back, flicking her hair over her shoulder. The move turned him on even more. His balls tightened. Oh hell, if she didn’t just climb on, he’d come all over the place. She tucked the loose hanks of hair behind her ears and crawled onto his lap.

“Fuck.” Ike grasped her hips and seated himself fully within her pussy in one stroke. Her mouth formed an O as she clutched his shoulders. If he could be anywhere for the rest of his life, he wanted to be tangled up with her.

He wriggled his hips, fucking her in time with the tune playing in his head. A droplet of perspiration slipped down his temple. She whimpered and leaned forward into his embrace. The vines twirled around them, enveloping she and Ike in the lush green leaves.

“Coming,” she moaned. “Ike!”

His thrusts turned feral and he slammed into her pussy as the orgasm took over. His seed spurted deep within her and he pulled her down hard onto his cock. Tallulah shuddered in his arms, then stilled. He rested his chin on the top of her head and fought to catch his breath. One of these days he’d make love to her and it wouldn’t happen in a flash. Someday.

“You’re shivering.” He gathered her tighter in his embrace. “I thought you said it was hot.”

“You do realize you’ve got all your clothes on, right?”

“It tends to be cold when there’s snow.” He stroked her hair. “You forgot about the snow and didn’t belt me, either. I’d say I was on the right track.”

Tallulah sat up and shrugged out of his arms. “Care to divert my attention in the bedroom with the blankets on?”

He cupped her chin. “Only if you stay naked.”


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