Office of Kink and Karma: Tri-ed
Celia Kyle

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2007 Celia Kyle


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Tri-ed revisits Lara’s ultimate fantasy involving her two men, Jackson and Theo from Office of Kink and Karma: Tri Me. If you’d like to read about how Lara ended up with two hunky men who love each other as much as they love her, please stop by and pick up Office of Kink and Karma: Tri Me today.




Office of Kink and Karma: Tri-ed


Lara whimpered at the sight before her. Her two men, one her lover and the other her mate, stroked and kissed each other on the bed. They worshipped one another with their mouths, tongues and hands. The contrast of Jackson’s deeply tanned skin and Theo’s porcelain tone awed her every time she saw them tangled together. Their hips rocked against one another, rubbing their cocks together, mimicking the sex act they’d all soon participate in. Only this time, she’d get her way. Tonight was about fulfilling her ultimate fantasy.

Tiptoeing to the bed, she slid in beside Theo and ran a hand down Jackson’s back, cupping his ass.

“Lara,” the wolf warned. He always warned. Cautioning her about tempting the wolf and not being prepared for what the wolf in him would demand.

She was tired of playing it safe. Tonight was the night. She squeezed the well muscled cheek beneath her hand before leaning forward and nipping Jackson’s shoulder. “Yes.”

Theo, caught beneath Jackson’s hulking form, whimpered, drawing her attention to him. She transferred her nips to Theo, kissing and licking every freckled inch she could get her mouth on. Jackson’s breathing increased into heavy pants. She watched him out of the corner of her eye, trying to gauge how long it would take before he took over. It didn’t take long.

Jackson shifted above Lara and Theo, pinning them both beneath his hulking form, growling. “Mine.”

“Yours,” they echoed. Always his. Always. No matter what the three of them shared, Jackson was their mate.

Her mate shifted fully onto her, holding her captive with his weight as he settled between her thighs. His cock teased her already soaking pussy. So close, he was already so close to discovering her secret. Three, two, one…

“Lara.” She could barely make out her name as the wolf pushed forward, the hair on his arms, chest and legs growing thicker. The tip of his cock nudged the base of her anal plug.

Straining toward him, she pressed kisses to his jaw line. “Want you both, wolfie. Together.”

He grunted and pulled away from her, the dark fur receding as he drew in deep breaths. “On Theo.” He motioned with his head, directing her.

Lara didn’t care. She loved the grunted, growled demands and knew in moments, she would be conquered by the love of her life and her mate. Straddling Theo, she stared into his sparkling blue eyes which widened and she lowered her soaking pussy onto his waiting cock. She felt so fucking full with the plug in place and Theo’s girth filling her. She moaned, rocking on his length as he stroked and caressed her breasts. Her love could always be counted on for sweet, gentle touches.

A rough, insistent hand on her lower back had her leaning forward, pressing her breasts to Theo’s chest. She went willingly, anxious to get Jackson in her and her lips on Theo. Theo explored her back and ass with his hands, fingers dancing along her spine and she rained kisses along his neck. He stilled beneath her, cock twitching when his fingers flicked the base of her plug.

Callused fingers brushed Theo’s hand out of the way, replacing the tender pressure with a deep push and tug. “Mine.”

Lara rocked back, pushing Theo’s cock deeper into her cunt. They both groaned. “Yours.”

Jackson yanked the plug free in one swift pull and replaced it instantly with his cock. He stretched her even further than the piece of plastic, his invasion causing a twinge of pain to meld with her arousal. Gasping, she pushed her chest up and pressed back against the dual invasion of her men. “Fuck.” Breathless, she panted. “Yes. Fuck, yes.”

Four hands held her hips steady as the men thrust and pushed into her snug holes. Full, so goddamn full she couldn’t believe it. Their shafts worked in counterpoint, forcing their way in and out of her ass and cunt, stroking her inner walls with the ridges of their cocks. It wouldn’t be long before she came, came so fucking hard.

Fingers dug into her side and hips, forcing her to move as they desired and she abandoned her body to their control, trusting them to take care of her. Jackson increased his pace, forcing Theo to keep up with him. Theo’s eyes were closed, face scrunched and she had the insane urge to kiss the whitened tip of his nose, but resisted. He looked so cute when he was about to come.

Speaking of coming, Lara felt her own release approaching with every thrust, surge and retreat of their cocks. Clit? Who needed a fucking clit when you had a cock in your ass and cunt? Not Lara. Panting and sweating from exertion, she arched her back, taking more of her men into her. Her orgasm wrapped around her, centering low in her belly as it built steam. Soon.

Jackson growled low in his throat as her ass and pussy clenched in unison. Yeah, she’d be climaxing soon. Jackson’s grip tightened while Theo’s thrusts became jerky and more forceful. Damn, he’d be coming soon too.

Her climax built, pressing and fighting to burst forth. Her muscles tensed, from her toes to her finger tips. She held her breath as the electric tingles began to overtake her, taking control of every part of her. With a scream, her lover’s names on her lips, she came in a series of shudders and spasms. Her arms gave out, unable to support her any longer as her release pulsed through her. Vaguely, she was aware of Jackson and Theo’s own screams of completion, but she couldn’t be bothered with them at the moment.

Lara was too busy figuring out if she’d lived through round one and if she could possibly live through round two. Cause if she had her way, they’d be doing it all over again. Soon.