Encounter -- Big City Wolf: Love Untested
Cynthia Sax

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Love Untested


Ember darted between the trees. Branches brushed against her fur, filling the night air with a fresh pine scent. Although she didn’t dare glance behind her, fearing the action would cost her precious seconds, she knew he gained upon her. Pinecones crunched under his big paws.

A wolf howled in the distance. It wasn’t her wolf. He followed her closely, tracking her like the predator he was, large and dangerous.

Ember splashed across a creek, trying to lose her scent in the shallow water, the cool liquid reviving her tired body and aching muscles. Sensing his proximity, she fought the urge to linger and sprinted into the brush.

She was too slow. A heavy weight struck her side and she rolled, yipping with displeasure. He landed on her back, flattening her to the ground, his deadly teeth clamped down on the back of her neck, securing her.

Shift, beautiful. North’s low growl sent tremors of arousal over her form.

He was alpha and her mate. Unable to resist his command, Ember shifted, the gorgeous brown fur she prided herself on transforming to tanned skin, her front legs shrinking into arms and her tail retracting.

North shifted with her, his paws becoming rough coarse human hands and his teeth dulling, his grip on her neck remaining intense. His hard cock pressed against her spine and she wiggled with anticipation, her pussy moistening.

“Be still,” he commanded, humor lilting his deep voice. He raised his head and sniffed the air. “Your father--”

“He’s meeting with Kobe,” Ember reassured him, her father, the pack alpha, disapproving of North, a wolf without family. She feared for North’s safety, should her father ever find out about them, her sole remaining parent ruling the pack with a cold and frightening ruthlessness. “No one knows.”

“They will know soon.” North rolled her onto her back and met her gaze, his scarred face grim. “Once I prove myself worthy of you, beautiful, I’ll claim you publicly. Yes, the pack’s stray will claim their princess.” He ducked his head and skimmed his smiling lips over hers.

She trembled, needing more, needing him. “You are worthy of me and you’re no stray. You’re my wolf, my mate.” Ember splayed her fingers over his muscular chest and bent her knees, cradling him between her thighs. “Claim me now, North.” She pushed her hips up, grinding her mons against his hard cock. “Claim your mate.”

“My mate.” He prodded her pussy with his tip, finding her entrance. “Only mine.” He thrust hard, filling her with endless shaft, and she screamed, digging her nails into his tanned skin. “Your first, your only,” he rumbled between gritted teeth, his face terrifyingly fierce.

He controlled his desires, fucking her leisurely, rocking into her gently, the slide of his cock short and shallow and bearable. This was her third fuck, their third joining, and her body slowly adjusted to his passionate invasion.

Her soul and her heart needed no adjustment as she’d given both to North, her childhood defender, years ago. In his strong arms, Ember felt safe and protected, like a desirable female and not merely the pack’s precious princess.

She undulated under him, loving him with her entire body, relishing his power, restrained and harnessed for her alone. “Faster, North.” Ember held onto his shoulders, his muscles rippling under her fingertips. “Harder.” She locked her ankles over his ass, pressing down with her heels.

“No names, beautiful,” North reminded her, his tone severe. He increased his tempo, grunting as he pounded into her, his hips smacking against hers, heating her flesh. She lifted into his thrusts, meeting him halfway, panting with the effort, adding her love noises to his. The stars framed her mate’s rugged face, the sky as dark as his eyes.

“Love… you.” She repeated that declaration as he filled her again and again, ravishing her with a bone-jarring, pussy-wetting wildness, grinding her ass into the fallen pine needles, releasing more scent into the air.

“You’re perfect.” North covered her lips with his, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as he drove his cock into her pussy, maintaining the same driving tempo. She opened fully to him, savoring his taste, a combination of charred meat and man.

Her breasts slapped against his chest, the pain stimulating, escalating her passions. Her pussy tightened around his shaft, hugging him in an increasingly snug embrace. North groaned and dragged his lips over her chin, down her neck, nipping her with his teeth.

Her desire stretched unbearably thin, fulfillment in sight yet out of reach. “Please,” Ember whimpered, needing more, a little more to push her over the edge.

“Come for me, beautiful,” North growled against her skin, his lips vibrating. “Come for me, now.” He thrust deep and bit down on her neck.

“Love!” she screamed, bucking upward, the night sky bursting with a million falling stars.

“Love!” he roared. Hard jets of hot cum spurted from his cock, filling her pussy. He thrust once, twice, three more times and collapsed upon her, trapping her between hard muscle and even harder ground. She squeaked. He rolled, taking her with him, her limbs sprawled over his big body.

North brushed her hair back from her face, gently freeing the tendrils from her sticky skin. “Ember, I --”

His nostrils flared. “Wolf.” He pushed her off him and sprang to his feet, shifting as he moved.

Ember blinked, dazed with passion. Wolf? She sniffed the air. “I don’t smell anyone.”

There was no answer. North had disappeared into the night.



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