Encounter -- Caveat Emptor: Ryver & Theron

Zenobia Renquist

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Caveat Emptor: Ryver & Theron


Ryver’s whole body hummed with pleasure. She wanted to hum right along with it. Sex with Theron always left Ryver feeling like one giant tingling nerve when they finished. Her muscles twitched with the exertion. They also twitched when Theron’s hands moved over her body. She lay on her stomach with her arms cushioning her head and enjoyed a nice massage.

Theron had tried already to make it more than a massage, but she stopped him. Play was for later. First she wanted his skilled hands kneading away any tension she had left. There was none but she would make some up to continue indulging in this little slice of heaven.

Her sexy vampire didn’t seem to mind, either. His powerful hands, able to rip a person apart with no effort, smoothed over her back in slow circles with his thumbs pressing into her muscles and making her purr.

She wiggled her body to soothe the growing ache between her legs. Squeezing her thighs together might help but her legs were still spread from Theron’s earlier attempt at stealing a snack. Whenever he bit her inner thigh, he delved his tongue into her pussy after he finished feeding. By that point the lust his bite caused would have her so far gone she would orgasm from a few licks.

That’s not what she wanted, at least not yet. Or so she thought a few minutes ago. The longer Theron touched her the more she wanted that touch to travel lower so he massaged her inside. She’d chided him the previous time, but she hoped he would try again.

She spread her legs more and dragged one knee slowly up the bed so it left her spread and vulnerable. An open invitation she knew Theron would take.

His hands moved to her lower back. Still circling and kneading. She decided to be a little less subtle and started rubbing her hips against the mattress. Hot liquid trailed down her pussy and over her clit to pool beneath her.

Theron continued his motions like he didn’t notice. He moved his hands to her ass. Just a little lower. She held her breath waiting for the touch that would have her calling his name. But it didn’t come. He seemed to be enjoying massaging her ass.

He dug his fingers into cheeks and squeezed. Before it became painful, he loosened his hands and moved them in a wide circle, baring her asshole to the cool air of the room. It was only for a moment before he dug his fingers into her ass cheeks. He repeated the squeeze and circle technique once more then trailed one hand down to where she wanted it.

Two of his fingers dipped between her pussy lips, sliding up and down her wet slit one at a time. She arched her ass up to feel more. She wanted the fingers in her aching hole. The time for a massage had ended. She wanted her happy ending.

Theron pressed the pads of his two fingers against her clit and then slid them back. He dipped them into her hole, not far, just enough for her to push up on her knees to complete the contact. But he pulled back and continued smoothing her slick moisture over her intimate flesh until he reached her asshole.

So that was his game. Ryver didn’t mind a little anal play. Theron had introduced her to the pleasure of it. Once he put one finger in her ass, he would pay more attention to her pussy. He never did one without the other.

She spread her knees wider, balancing her weight on her inner thighs so she could move her hips in slow inviting circles.

Theron dipped one finger into her ass, the slick juices from her pussy giving him easy entry so he buried that finger deep.

“Mmmmm. Oh yes.”

“Not going to stop me this time?” Theron’s voice held amusement.

Ryver shook her head and moved her hips faster so his finger slid in and out of her.

“How generous of you.”

She started to give him a flippant reply but it came out as a choked squeak of pleasure when he added a second finger to her asshole and started pumping. Dear God his touch felt so good. She wanted more. So much more.

Hot liquid streamed from her body as her pussy muscles clenched in anticipation. Would he use his other hand? His mouth? She licked her lips. His dick? A rapid succession of all of the above?

When he moved so he sat between her spread legs, she knew she was about to find out. Theron slipped his free hand under her belly and coaxed her up on her knees with ass in the air.

“Such a delicious sight. Wet and dripping from just this.” He moved his fingers faster.

Ryver wanted to tell him that wasn’t the case but she would be lying. She was pushing her hips into his touch, grinding his fingers into her puckered hole and loving every inch of him. Anal play alone had never gotten her so hot.

Her cries of pleasure mixed with her pleas for him to move faster. He obliged her. Ryver pushed her forehead against the mattress and arched her hips down as she came.

She didn’t have time to revel in the afterglow. Theron switched the motion of fingers from pumping to twisting as he placed the tip of his hard dick against her pussy and slid it to her depths. He held her steady with his free hand on her hip as he thrust his hips.

Squishing slapping noises mingled with Ryver’s moaning whimpers. It was too much. Way too much. She felt light-headed. She also felt Theron’s hard intrusion hitting her deepest part and driving her crazy.

“Theron! Please! Oh God! Please!”

She wanted him to stop.

She wanted him to go harder.

Take his fingers out of her ass.

Drive them in further.

Her conflicting emotions culminated in an orgasm that had her screaming her satisfaction for the world to hear.

Theron’s hot cum filled her pussy as he followed her. “Fucking hell,” he rasped.

Ryver agreed. She let her knees slide out from under her, pulling away from Theron’s twin penetrations and letting her body settle against the mattress. She wouldn’t be stretching and demanding a massage this time. The only thing on her mind was sleep.

There was a breeze and the bed jiggled before a warm cloth sliding between her legs elicited a questioning noise from her. It was all she could manage.

“Go to sleep.” Theron laid a kiss on the small of her back.

She didn’t argue with the command…


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