Encounter: Two Gis

Cheryl Dragon

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Two GIs

2011-Location: Undisclosed


Army Captain Tommy Cassidy lay in an exam room with one leg wrapped from the knee down. Being wounded sucked! He’d been hurt just enough to land him under the watchful eyes of the medics but the boredom killed him.

They’d just changed his bandages when the medical staff was called away. A lot of people were more injured than Tommy. Not allowed to put weight on the leg yet, Tommy eyed his crutches across the room. He could hop on one leg to get them and be back in his bed in no time. The privacy of the exam room was a nice change, however, and no emergencies would be brought to this area.

“Tommy?” Moe Finnegan’s called.

The door opened and Finn grinned. “Here you are. Privacy, you’re special.”

“What are you doing here?” Tommy ignored the jolt of desire he felt every time he saw the sexy Irish guy with dark auburn hair and creamy skin. Finn’s smile stirred Tommy as much as his big muscles and hot body.

Finn closed the door behind him and flipped the lock. “Checking on you. Stacey had this salve she said would help loosen your muscles. Help your leg heal.”

“She sent you?” Tommy asked.

“She got called onto something. I have the afternoon off. Need help with this?” Finn handed Tommy the tube.

“No, they just changed everything. I’ll try it next time. Thanks.” Tommy set it on the table.

Finn leaned on the bed. “Just boxers and a T-shirt? Don’t tell me you’re fooling around with the nurses.”

“You know better than that.” Shaking his head, Tommy saw the glint in Finn’s eye. Their friends with benefits arrangement worked well but Finn rarely made a move where they could get caught. He didn’t want his parents to know he’d ever done anything with guys. Finn and Tommy both identified as bisexual so dating girls back in the US was fine. Deployed, they trusted each other for satisfaction and secrecy.

“You look lonely. I think we’ve got time.” Finn leaned over and kissed Tommy’s cock through the boxers before tugging the clothing back.

Tommy gasped as Finn sucked his hardening cock. Finn always made him hard. There was no point in fighting it. “You’re going to get me in trouble.”

“No, we’re safe. If Stacey can make you feel better with medicine, I can make you feel better my way.” Finn licked Tommy’s sac and tongued just behind it.

Lifting, Tommy wanted all the sex he could get but mobility was an issue. “I’m sort of stuck here.”

“Don’t move.” Finn smiled and sucked Tommy all the way down to the base.

Moaning softly, Tommy reached for Finn’s fly and rubbed his cock. Finn worked Tommy’s erection, sucking the head. Tommy tensed as a finger slid into his ass. All that stimulation assured that things went faster. Today Tommy didn’t need the extra help. Groping Finn’s big cock, Tommy pulled his pants out of the way so he could jerk off his fellow soldier.

Finn’s determined fingers spread Tommy’s ass. Any pain from his leg vanished for Tommy as Finn hummed on his cock then sucked it all the way down. Struggling to be quiet, Tommy lifted his hips and fucked Finn’s mouth.

Tommy’s body loved the attention. His brain still struggled with Finn’s bold move. Normally he didn’t instigate their sexual encounters. Tommy wouldn’t complain, especially when Finn twisted Tommy’s sac and pressed a finger fully inside his ass. Clenching that finger as Finn licked the head of his cock, Tommy froze as the blast of pleasure hit him.

The rush of release took him far from war and service for a few sweet moments. Muffling his grunt, Tommy watched Finn swallow every drop of cum. At times it was raw sex but the way Finn licked and kissed Tommy’s cock even after he was spent reassured Tommy’s belief that there was more. Someday they’d be ready to admit their feelings. For now, Tommy stroked Finn’s cock for a little payback.

When he tugged on Finn to come closer, Finn stood straight and grinned. “What? Didn’t like it?”

“Shut up, it was great. Get over here so you can fuck my mouth,” Tommy said softly.

Finn pressed a second finger in Tommy’s ass. “No. I want your ass.”

“I can’t exactly get on my knees,” Tommy said.

“Roll on your side, keep your injured leg on the bed flat.” Finn nudged Tommy.

Wincing slighting, Tommy made the turn and found a comfortable position. Whatever had gotten into Finn, he wanted it more often! Finn pulled the boxers off Tommy’s rear and shifted his other leg forward so there was a little room. When Finn licked Tommy’s ass, he moaned. He heard the rustle of a condom wrapper and his body instinctively relaxed to take Finn’s erection.

Finn eased onto the bed and slid his cock between Tommy’s cheeks. Groaning, Tommy pressed back as Finn filled him. Finn’s large hand clamped down over Tommy’s mouth. Nodding, Tommy knew he’d never stay quiet.

“They’ll be back. We have to work fast,” Finn whispered in his ear.

Not a problem! Tommy nodded and licked Finn’s palm. The gesture made Finn’s hips snap and Finn didn’t stop, taking Tommy’s ass fully one stroke after another. Finn’s strong body pressed to his back, Tommy felt no pain only the aching pleasure of his stretched ass. Rocking back, he encouraged Finn.

Taking the hint, Finn fucked Tommy faster and held him tight. The hard short thrusts made Tommy shake. He couldn’t move or he’d fall off the edge of the narrow bed. Finn wouldn’t let it happen but Tommy didn’t want to ruin their fun. Reaching down, he slid his hand to Finn’s round ass and urged him on.

That large cock was where it belonged. Tommy took every inch of the ecstasy and attention. Finn must have been worried when he heard about the injury. It was the only thing that made sense. Finn changed angles and fucked Tommy’s ass rougher than he’d ever done before. Tommy’s lust ignited in an internal release that burned throughout his body. Finn slammed into Tommy twice more and then held, his balls pressed to Tommy’s flesh.

Tommy felt Finn’s grunts escape against the back of Tommy’s shoulder. For a few seconds Finn didn’t move a muscle and Tommy wanted to freeze their world for the night. Then Finn gasped and pulled away. Hiking up his boxers and rolling on his back, Tommy saw Finn dump the condom. Tommy grabbed his favorite cock and licked the fluid off the tip.

“Behave.” Finn adjusted Tommy’s boxer to fully cover his junk.

“I want more,” Tommy admitted.

“When you’re out of medical, you can have as much as you want.” Finn closed his pants and kissed Tommy’s stomach before pulling his shirt down.

They heard noise in the hall and Finn hustled to unlock the door so nothing looked improper. Tommy fell back in bed and focused on not getting another hard-on just thinking about what Finn had done.

“Thanks for the visit!” Tommy said with a grin.


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