Encounter -- Flash Fiction: The Notebook

Megan Slayer

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The Notebook


Lexie bit the corner of her mouth. Just run out and grab the notebook. Yes, it was six am on a Tuesday, but most of her neighbors weren’t awake yet. And she had a tank top on. Sure, it had a couple of thin spots and showed more cleavage than probably legal, but if no one saw, then no harm, no foul, right? Except she needed the notebook to finish the story.

Screw it. She strode off the porch. Behind her the door snicked shut. Without looking back, she grabbed the notebook from her car. “Thank you.” She’d be able to finish the story before her editor chewed her out again.

Grinning, Lexie scampered back to the house and grabbed the door handle. The door didn’t budge. She jiggled the brass knob again. No dice. “Shit.” When would Kaden be home? Not for another three hours. She raked her fingers through her hair. “Why can’t he come home when I want him to?”

Light shone on her from behind and she whipped around. Kaden pulled his truck into the driveway and hurried out of the vehicle. “Lex? Did you lock yourself out again?” he asked, striding towards her.

“Yes,” she murmured. “Punish me?”

Kaden handed her his keys, then scooped her into his arms and tossed her over his shoulder. “You bet your ass I will.” He swatted her bottom. “Open the door.”

She fumbled with the lock, but finally won and got the door open. Kaden kicked the door shut, whipped her around and headed for the bedroom. Lexie landed on the bed with a bounce and fought to catch her breath. She loved the look of her husband, hot and sweaty from his shift at the GM plant, his hair stuck in wild spikes and his cheeks flushed. He took the notebook from her hand and tossed it onto the dresser top.

“Now, about that punishment.” Kaden took the neckline of the tank top in both hands and yanked. The fabric tore under his grasp and bared her from the waist up. “Hands.”

She offered her wrists. He wound the torn shirt around her hands, restricting her.

“Over your head.” Kaden folded his arms and nodded once. “Don’t want you squirming.”

A shiver ran the length of her spine. She settled on the comforter and rested her arms up over her head. Her legs fell open, giving him a great view of her skimpy panties. She rolled her hips in a silent offering.

“Roll over.” He didn’t give her time to comply and flipped her over.

Lexie grinned and rose up on her knees and elbows, offering her ass. A wave of excitement and fever rushed through her body. Cream coated her pussy and heat spiraled from her belly to her breasts. She loved the feel of her nipples grazing the blankets.

“You like that too much.” Kaden rubbed his hand over her bottom. “And love this too much.” He slapped her ass and pain radiated into sweet pleasure. “These are in the way.” Something behind her clicked. He pulled her panties tight to her crotch, then the fabric fluttered from her pussy. “Done.”

Kaden tapped her bottom. “The panties had to go.” He tossed the piece of ruined lingerie onto the bed near her head.

“More,” she groaned. “Please punish me, Sir. I’ve been bad.”

“You have been bad.” Kaden added three more slaps, each one a little harder than the last. “Next time you’ll remember to bring your keys.” Another three swats. “Or make sure the door is unlocked.” He smoothed his fingertips over her skin. “Won’t you?”

God, she loved their play. She backed into his hand. “Yes, Sir. Please may I have another?”

“My sweet Pet.” Kaden swatted her twice more, then kissed the tingling skin. He rubbed his cheek over her ass, scratching her with the stubble. The burn from his spanks combined with the coarse strands filled her with pleasure.

Kaden grabbed her hips and flipped her back over. “Hands over your head.” When Lexie complied, he spread her legs and knelt between her knees to bind her wrists to the headboard. He sat back and trailed his fingers down her inner thigh, then across her labia and smeared her cream on her skin. With one finger, he tapped her clit and sent shockwaves through her system. She curled into his touch and moaned.

“Hush, Pet.”

She pressed her lips together and locked gazes with him.

“I’ll be right back.” Kaden climbed off the bed and left her alone.

She strained to hear his movements in the other part of the house. How long was he going to leave her waiting for him? A breeze from the air conditioner swept over her body and puckered her nipples. She rubbed her legs together and her pussy throbbed. God, she loved waiting for him almost as much as she loved sex with him. She didn’t dare look at the clock to gauge how long he’d left her alone. The more she moved, the longer he’d leave her.

His footsteps padded on the floor. “Thought I forgot about you?” Kaden held a glass of ice in his hand. “I didn’t.”

Every nerve ending tingled. They hadn’t played with ice in a long time.

“On your side.”

Lexie angled onto her left side and moaned into the comforter. A burst of cool spread in fingers of icy pain-filled pleasure. Nothing she could do would keep the groan at bay.

“Good girl.” Kaden massaged the melting cube of ice over her pussy lips. “Feels wicked?”

“Yes, Sir. More please, Sir.” She ground her cunt on his hand. “More.”

“You’ve had enough.” He removed the ice and settled her on her back. “I want to feel you surrounding me.” Without giving her much time to think about what he was going to do, Kaden propped her legs on his lap and pushed into her pussy in one thrust.

She groaned at the tight fit. Electricity zapped her from within and she panted.

“God, I love this.” Kaden hitched her legs higher on his thighs, sending his cock deeper into her cunt, then pumped. Every ridge on his cock caressed her inner walls. His fingers bit into her flesh and his thrusts increased. A bead of sweat trickled down his temple and the look added to his ruggedness.

Lexie relaxed into the onslaught of sensations. Tingles of orgasm filled her belly and her legs trembled. Adding the ice to their play brought on the climax so much faster. She locked gazes with him once again. “May I come, Sir?”

“Fuck, yeah.” Kaden slammed hard into her pussy. His hot seed splashed within her womb. Breathing hard, he braced himself on his hands and rested his forehead on hers. His puffed breath, combined with feathered kisses rained down on her face.

Lexie closed her eyes and basked in his closeness. She loved her husband more than anyone and craved their private moments together.

Kaden pulled out of her, untied her hands and covered her with the comforter. He settled beside her and held her to his chest. “Now, about you standing on the porch in an outfit that can’t be legal… you meant to do that, didn’t you?”

“Maybe.” She suppressed a giggle. Like she’d tell him the truth -- not yet anyway. “I did need my notebook.”

“You finished the story two days ago.”

“So I did.”

“I thought so.” Kaden kissed the top of her head. “Next time I dare you to do it in your bra and a thong.”


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