Encounter -- Fangs In Fur: Wolf King

Cynthia Sax

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Cynthia Sax


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Wolf King


“Who told the pups I’m a librarian?” my mate booms, her booted feet braced on the tiled floor, her tiny fists resting on her shapely hips, a scowl on her beautiful face.

My wolves straighten, their heads turn, and they fix their gazes on their vampire queen, respect and awe reflecting in their scarred faces. I grin, my inner wolf yipping with happiness. “You are a librarian, mate.”

“I’m an archives administrator.” Helena stomps toward me, her red-rimmed eyes glowing with cock-hardening passion. Her slight curves are encased in tight black leather, her nipples pressing against that soft barrier. “I warned you about what I’d do if you called me a librarian one more time.” Claws extend from her dainty fingers and her fangs drop, glistening white against her red lips.

My wolves slowly back away. They’re chicken shits, every last one of them. I’m alpha, the big dog, and I stay where I am, waiting for my deadly little female to come to me.

“You said you’d bring me to my knees.” I breathe deeply, inhaling the musk of hot, wet pussy, and my grin widens. “But you’ll be the one kneeling before me.”

Her gaze drops to the ridge in my pants and she flicks her small pink tongue over the tips of her fangs. I swallow my groan, aroused to the point of pain.

She raises her chin. “I’m an ancient vampire, the council’s archives administrator and you think you can take me?”

“I know I can take you.” I took her four times this morning and three times last night. The door bangs closed as my wolves flee, leaving the two of us alone -- a wolf king and his vampire mate. “I’m stronger than you are.”

“I’m faster.” She flies at me, her fangs bared and her claws extended. The sight is so damn arousing that I hesitate for a heartbeat before leaping toward her.

As I move, I partially shift, my clothes shredding, my arms extending, fur covering my body. We collide in midair, her breasts flattening against my chest, her hips smacking mine, and we tumble.

I grab her wrists and twist as we fall. I land on my back, my irate female hissing and writhing on top of me. Gods, she’s magnificent, everything a big bad wolf could want, strong and fierce and beautiful. I hold her tight, getting more turned on with each passing second.

The tussle stimulates her also, her breathing growing ragged. Helena grinds her pussy juices into my fur, branding me with her scent, provoking my wolf.

“Enough.” I pull her to her knees and stand before her, my cock jutting out inches from her face. She struggles, trying to free herself. She can’t. She’s mine and I won’t ever let her go. “Suck me, Helena.” I push my hips forward, sliding my tip along her pale cheek, leaving a glistening trail of precum on her skin.

She shakes her head, her lips pressed mulishly together.

“I said suck me.” I bury my fingers in her long dark hair and yank her toward me, pushing my cockhead between lips, forcing her to take me.

Her eyes widen and the musky scent of her pussy intensifies, driving my wolf crazy. As she opens wider, accepting me into her hot, wet mouth, she rakes my thighs with her claws, marking me as I had marked her, the pain heightening my pleasure.

A normal female might not be able to satisfy me but this is my mate. She doesn’t do anything halfway. She skims her lips along my shaft, the sensation sending waves of pleasure up my body, and she tilts her head back, taking all of me. As her lips close around my base, she meets my gaze and her eyes glitter with pride, bright stars twinkling in a dark passionate sky.

“You’re mine,” I rumble. My knees tremble and my balls ache. I won’t last long. I pull her off me and then draw her forward, sliding her lips over my shaft back and forth, back and forth. She clutches my ass, digging her claws into my flesh, the pain searing, escalating my desire.

Unable to remain still, Helena’s suction too exquisite, I rock my hips. Her fangs graze my rim and I shudder. Her lips curl around my shaft, laughter and power and love reflecting in her eyes. She knows she has me in the palm of her pale hands. She has always had me, my mate, my love, my only for all of eternity.

“I have you, mate,” I growl. I thrust harder and harder into her hot wet mouth, holding her head, forcing her to take me. My balls smack against her chin and I grunt, my animalistic sounds filling the room. She pulls me to her, her lips humming around my shaft, the sound felt down to my toes.

Gods, I should look away but I can’t. She’s too beautiful, too mine. I struggle with my control, my wolf fighting to be free, yearning to flip her over, tear the clothes off her small body and ram into her tightness.

“Helena.” I beg for mercy.

She doesn’t have any mercy, my strong female. She sucks me harder and my eyes roll upward, my legs trembling, a shameful sign of weakness I can’t disguise.

With every stroke, she teases me with her fangs and laves me with her tongue, uncaring that I am now more wolf than man, my skin covered with fur, my claws tangled in her hair. She’s fuckin’ fearless, my mate, not backing down from the challenge my enlarged cock presents.

“Helena.” My voice lowers, my balls ready to explode.

She meets my gaze and I tense, seeing the mischief in her eyes. She draws her lips back, exposing her gleaming white fangs, and she slowly bites down on my base.

The pain splinters my restraint into a thousand brightly-colored pieces. I throw back my head and howl, coming with a bone-rattling force, shooting my hot seed down my mate’s throat. She sucks blood and cum and my remaining strength, her cheeks indenting, her eyes wild.

My legs collapse and my knees smack the hard floor, pain jabbing up my thighs. Helena releases me with a juicy pop and laughs, tossing her hair. “I told you I’d bring you to your knees, wolf.”

“I never had any doubt.” I grin at her, the female I can’t live without. “You’re the most powerful librarian I know.” I capture her wrists before she can strike me, my mate adorably easy to tease, and I draw her closer, savoring how perfectly her slight curves fit against my muscle. “I love you, mate.”


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