Encounter - The Air I Breathe: Break in the Action

Megan Slayer

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The Air I Breathe: Break in the Action


“I need to take a leak,” Tay whispered. His breath tickled Luc’s skin. “They aren’t going to get through these categories fast enough and I can’t wait.” He squirmed in his seat. “I’m gone.”

“Right behind you,” Luc replied. He stood, then followed Taygan through the crowd to the back of the theatre. He didn’t have to pee, but then he doubted Tay did either. Sitting through the Grammy award program didn’t rank high on his list of things to do. Luc preferred to play to the crowd, not be part of it. Besides, most of the acts were ones he didn’t know.

“My attention span is nil tonight.” Luc grabbed Tay’s hand.

“Mine, too. “ Tay glanced over his shoulder and grinned. A breeze swirled around them -- light, but there. Luc picked up the pace. He knew that reaction and he’d read his lover right. The wind elemental wanted to play.

“Come here.” Tay tugged Luc into the bathroom. “I’m not one for fucking in the bathroom, but I want you.” He crowded Luc against the far wall in the alcove and swiped his tongue over Luc’s bottom lip.

Luc groaned, then reversed their positions. Tay needed to be controlled. He craved it and Luc lived to give Tay what he wanted.

Groin to groin and chest to chest, Luc rubbed against Tay. “You know how to get my attention during a boring awards ceremony.”

“Yeah,” Tay gasped. The wind blew harder in the bathroom. He wound his hands between their bodies, then popped the button on Luc’s tuxedo pants. He eased the zipper down and freed Luc from his boxers. Warm skin on warm skin. Electric sparks streaked through Luc.

“Fuck.” Luc threaded his fingers into Tay’s hair and eased Tay’s head to the side, exposing his neck. He nipped and licked the soft skin. The light scruff on Tay’s cheek abraded Luc’s cheek. He groaned and scraped his teeth over Tay’s pulse. His cock bobbed in Tay’s hand. Luc ground his hips, fucking Tay’s fingers. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get enough air into his lungs.

‘Want to taste you. May I, Sir?” Tay’s whisper came out hoarse and louder than he probably wanted. Luc didn’t care. He loved the raw need.

“On your knees.” Luc gave Tay a nudge. “Now.”

Tay’s eyes lit up and his grin widened. “Yes, Sir.” He peeked around the corner, then dropped to his knees. His breath on Luc’s cock warmed Luc even more.

“More,” Luc urged. He gripped the back of Tay’s head and rocked his hips.

Tay licked his lips, then the underside of Luc’s cock. The moment Tay touched him, Luc shivered. Only Tay could bring him so close with one lick. His belly flip flopped and Luc rested against the wall. He watched Tay, transfixed by his lover.

Tay tipped his head back and drew circles on his mouth with the blunt head of Luc’s dick. Glittering cream smeared on his lips.

Luc gritted his teeth and moaned. “More.”

Point taken, Tay opened his mouth wide and engulfed Luc’s erection. He buried his nose in Luc’s pubic hairs, then swallowed. The move massaged Luc and kicked his lust up another notch.

More wind filled the bathroom. Paper towels flopped on the floor and the doors on the stalls swayed. The rest of the world beyond the bathroom blurred and faded. Nothing mattered but Tay. His balls slapped Taygan’s chin and Luc’s skin prickled from his head to his toes. He pumped harder, giving Tay as much as he could handle.

Tay caressed Luc’s balls and hummed, vibrating Luc’s dick.

“Goddess.” Luc grunted and trembled. “I’m… coming.” He pushed hard and spilled his seed deep in Taygan’s throat. The room fuzzed and Luc rested against the wall. The world around him moved in slow motion for a bit, then he closed his eyes.

Even if he didn’t win the Grammy, he’d had the night of his life. Anytime he and Tay snuck off for a private encounter worked for him.

“Love you, Tay.” Luc finger combed Tay’s hair from his forehead. “So much.”

Tay grinned, then wiped his chin. “Love you, too.” He stood, then helped Luc back into his pants. “Think they got to the punk categories yet?”

“After what you did, I don’t care where they are.” Luc gripped Tay in a tight embrace. The breeze slowed and the door to the restroom opened. “Did you use magic to keep this place private?”

Tay shrugged. “That and a well placed out of order sign.” He nodded to the exit. “Ready? They might be playing your song.”

“You got it.” Luc strolled, hand in hand, with Tay back out to the main theatre. “Best night ever,” he murmured. “Best night ever.”


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