Encounter: Between Her Wolves

Jessica Coulter Smith

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Jessica Coulter Smith



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Between Her Wolves


Falan lightly scratched Brandt as she dragged her fingernails down his chest. She’d distracted him by pressing her naked body against his and kissing him senseless, just long enough to tie him down. Now he jerked impatiently at the scarves holding him captive.

“Falan, release me,” he demanded.

She leaned forward and swirled her tongue around his nipple, looking at him through her lashes. He tensed beneath her and she felt the bud harden.

“But I have you right where I want you,” she said in a husky voice. “I worked hard to tie you down, why would I release you?”

Falan crawled between the vee of his legs, and with a mischievous smile, leaned forward and licked his cock like a lollypop. He groaned and as he tugged at his bindings, she felt the vibrations through his body. She licked his cock up one side and down the other before taking him fully in her mouth. His musky scent surrounded her while his unique taste exploded on her tongue, salty and sweet all at the same time. She hummed in appreciation as his long, hard cock disappeared between her lips over and over. Her hands caressed his body, exploring the taut skin and firm muscles as she brought him close to orgasm.

“Falan!” he roared. “Baby, please stop. I want to come inside you.”

Releasing him with a pop, she crawled over him. Falan positioned his cock and slowly eased down, taking him inside of her. He groaned and bucked his hips as she rose on her knees.

“Don’t tease me, baby.”

“Someone’s been naughty,” a voice growled from the doorway.

Falan gasped and looked over her shoulder. “Nolan, we were just playing.”

“You knew I was on my way home,” he scolded.

She gave him a flirty smile. “Maybe this was my way of welcoming you home.”

With a grin, Nolan stripped out of his clothes and joined her on the bed. He reached around her to grab the lube off the bedside table. Falan felt her heart race when he placed his hand on her back and gently pushed her down on Brandt’s chest, nipping her ear as he leaned over her.

“Falan’s been a naughty girl. Whatever shall I do about it?” he whispered in her ear.

She whimpered. “Fuck me, Nolan. Please.”

She rocked her hips, teasing Brandt’s cock as Nolan worked his fingers in her ass. When she felt him flatten her on top of Brandt, she knew it was time. Breathing out, she relaxed her muscles as Nolan worked his large cock into her ass. With both wolves fully seated, she was unbelievably full. She wanted to move and she wanted to move now!

Nolan held her hips as he thrust in and out of her a few times. “Ready to move, sweetheart?”

She nodded.

Nolan wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her tight against his chest. She set the pace, riding Brandt while Nolan fucked her ass. Her skin tingled and her body felt tight. With two cocks stretching her, filling her, driving her to orgasm, she was nearly mindless with pleasure.

“Ready, sweetheart?” Nolan asked.

“Yes, please, Nolan. Make me come.”

He cupped her large breasts and pinched and pulled on her nipples until she came in a screaming orgasm. Her body was still quaking when the two brothers found their release.

Breathing heavily, she patted Brandt’s chest and rested her head on Nolan’s shoulder. “I’m in my favorite spot.”

Brandt chuckled. “And where’s that, baby?”

“Between my two wolves.”


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