Encounter: Hot Tub (Wet)

Zenobia Renquist

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Hot Tub (Wet)

Zenobia Renquist


Masato-is helping Lulu enjoy some hidden features of the new hot tub. (Timeline Note: This Encounter takes place between Chapter Ten and the Epilogue of Wet: Overflow.)


Hot Tub


Lulu was spoiled, and she knew it. Her husband owned one of the largest and most successful spa hotels in the state. Their home spanned the entirety of the top floor, had its own pool, and now it had its own hot tub as well.

She’d been itching to try it out since the work crew declared it finished, but she’d refrained so she could enjoy it with Hotsuma. Unfortunately, running the hotel and dealing with his familial obligations had him too busy to relax. Lulu couldn’t stand waiting any longer.

The warm water roiled against her naked body as she lowered herself. An involuntary sigh of satisfaction left her lips. Perfect. The temperature, the massaging jets of water, the wide ledge that allowed her to sit chest deep instead of immersing herself up to her neck-everything about this hot tub was perfect. Only one thing could make it better.

She glanced at the sliding glass door that led to the living room. Hotsuma wouldn’t be coming through it. He’d been working late every night for the last week. Tonight promised to be no different. She sighed again, this time in resignation, and decided to enjoy the hot tub for the both of them.

Her nipples grew taut as the water churned against them. Rather than soothing her, the massaging jets that agitated the water stimulated her. Normally this would be about the time Masato showed up to take advantage of her arousal, except he was as busy helping Hotsuma.

That left her alone to do for herself. Getting on her knees, Lulu positioned her open thighs on either side of one of the wall spigots. She spread her knees apart slowly, lowering her pussy until the rushing water teased her clit. An excited squeak left her lips. Definitely perfect.

The rush of water over her sensitive nub had her rocking her hips and whimpering with need. Two large hands grasping her ass let her know her man had heard her call… but which man? She glanced back. Only water behind her. Since both Hotsuma and Masato could control water and shape it to do what they wanted, she didn’t know which of them currently kneaded her ass.

Not knowing made the situation much more decadent. Husband or lover? Another set of hands cupping her breasts made her rethink her options. It might be both of them. Then again Masato was known for employing many tricks when he and Lulu had sex-extra dicks, water tendrils surrounding her legs and holding them open, and several hands fondling every inch of her body.

But hadn’t the men switched recently? Wouldn’t that mean this was Hotsuma?

The watery hands on her ass shifted down until fingers caressed her pussy, spreading her lower lips. Lulu decided she didn’t care who was behind her so long as he didn’t stop.

Something blunt and thick prodded her pussy entrance, not from behind her but from beneath. She glanced down, not expecting to see anything but water, and saw a very human, very erect dick protruding from the hot tub bench.

This was new. Lulu knew her men could transport through water, but she’d thought it was an all or nothing type of thing. The disembodied dick below her said otherwise.

Or her men had some lovely tricks at their disposal and she loved every one of them. The hands holding her pussy open spread her more as Lulu lowered her hips. She spread her knees as wide as they could go while bracing her hands on the ledge of the hot tub. Inch by lovely inch of the dick below her penetrated until she couldn’t lower herself any further.

She stilled, savoring the sensation of her inner muscles stretching to accommodate the delicious intrusion. The hands holding her breasts shifted so fingers passed over and around her nipples in a quick movement that got Lulu bouncing her ass in rapid lower body twerk.

Loud moans and cries of pleasure left her lips as she moved. When she felt herself getting close to climax, she slowed her movements so she rocked back and forth. She kept up the slow pace, teasing herself and the owner of the dick, until her body calmed to a delightful hum.

The dick pumped on its own, urging her to continue. She smiled at her lover’s impatience but understood his need. Sitting back, she sheathed him fully and rested her hands on her ankles. This position allowed her to ride and she did-fast and hard, head thrown back and her screams of satisfaction filling the air.

Hot lips circling her clit kicked her over the edge of her orgasm. She climaxed with her lover’s dick deep inside and spilling his release.

Lulu sagged, leaning against the hot tub ledge and breathing hard. Her lover pulled his dick free, which got a pitiful whimper from her. She wanted another round but was too tired for it.

Two light kisses signaled the end-one on her tailbone and the other just above the hood of her clit. Two mouths. Two distinct sets of lips. Hotsuma and Masato had been working together.

That knowledge got Lulu grinning as she pulled herself out of the hot tub and hobbled to the bathroom. Time for bed. She would need to sleep while she could. Her men had given her a quickie. They would want the full course later.

She glanced back at the hot tub. Spoiled. That’s all there was to it.

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