Encounter: The First Time with Julie

J. D. Laurel

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 J. D. Laurel


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The First Time with Julie


He sat on the edge of the bed watching her intently, his naked cock standing up stiffly, long and thick, the large purple head swelling as she stripped for him. Her lacy bra was stretched tight with the weight of her heavy breasts. She unhooked it slowly, holding the rounded cups briefly and then let it fall to the floor. Her nipples were rigid with promise.

She crossed the room to him, her breasts swaying gently, like the soft breezes that come in the summer. Her raven colored hair was full and shiny in the dim light, flowing over her shoulders as she knelt down in front of him. Taking his engorged cock in her hands, she stroked the foreskin up and down over the pulsing head, rubbing it softly with her thumb, feeling the protruding ridge that she would control him with. She smiled up at him, flashing her perfect white teeth, full, sensuous lips curved, and so close to his cock.

She knew what to do without asking, knowing he wanted it that way, her lips so close to his waiting prick she knew he could feel the soft puffs of her warm breath on him. Then she licked him slowly, like she was eating an ice cream cone, her hot tongue moving wetly over his sensitive cock head, tasting it, feeling her power over him, making him beg with desire. And then when she knew he could stand it no longer, the aching need, the thought of his wide cock so close to that pretty face, she bent lower opening those sensuous pink lips and took his cock inside the warm, wet haven that was her mouth. He moaned deeply, gratefully and she sucked him gently.

The flavor was good. She relished the taste and the fullness of his thick shaft surrounded by her lips. She liked to suck cock, it was one of her favorite things, and she watched his face grimace with pleasure, the white scar along his cheek turning pink with the strain of. He ran his broad fingers through her hair and groaned in appreciation. Knowing that she controlled him completely now, and liking that more than anything, she went down further, taking another inch of the rigid shaft into her eager mouth.

He watched her reflection in the full length mirror on the wall. She moaned around his cock, sucking him deeper and faster, her hair brushing across his thighs, and she felt the his balls draw up as his prick swelled with pleasure, expanding in her mouth. She moved her lips faster, taking him in deeper, knowing that he was going to come soon. Her lips caressed his cock tightly and she moaned around the tasty flesh, enjoying the hot feel of him in her mouth. She felt desire flood into her aching pussy and the drops of moisture escaping her tight slit, moistening her panties. She moved her mouth up and down on his cock, faster and faster, sucking him in deeper and deeper, and she anticipated the feel of his semen shooting into her throat, the warm liquid dripping off of her lips like a pagan offering.

He was so close, too close to pouring into her. He reached down and tried to pull her head away before the hot come raced past her tender lips and into her greedy mouth, but she would not yield to his touch. Instead she took him in deeper and sucked harder. And then he was there, his over loaded balls forcing the flood of semen into his cock, the thick fluid rocketing up his long cock and the first heavy jet erupted into her mouth.

She looked up at him, her eyes open wide, staring at his face as his first offering spilled into her mouth and she felt the warm, silky liquid on her tongue. She liked the feel of it squirting into her mouth, the feel of him finishing in her mouth, and she could sense by the look of pleasure on his face, and the groans of gratitude from his lips, that no other woman had let him do this before. And as she let him finish completely, let him fill her eager mouth with his come, she thought that this had been better than any other. Later, when his big cock filled her aching pussy, and the orgasm racked her body like a stiff rain pelting her in the face after months of drought, she knew it was the best. And that was good, because she had wanted him for a long time.


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