Encounter: Sunshine Picnic (Destined)

Megan Slayer

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Encounter: Sunshine Picnic (Destined)

Megan Slayer



Daisy dreams of a sexy picnic in a field of wildflowers, but with a vampire for her counterpart that’s not going to happen. Or is it?


Timeline note: This free read takes place after Destined -- Haven House Vampires book 2.

Sunshine Picnic


Julian moved the lamp into place, then surveyed the layout of the room. Not too bad. Everything seemed to be where he wanted. He stared at the bottle of wine next to the bottle of bloodwine. His stomach growled. He’d forgotten it could growl. Damn. Too early to eat, especially if he wanted to surprise Daisy.

Behind him the door clicked, then her footsteps thumped on the floor. The familiar clunk of her bag hitting the floor came next. He grinned. Vampires were creatures of habit, sure. Sleep during the day, wake at night, find blood, have sex… rinse and repeat. Daisy wasn’t a vamp, but she kept to the same schedule. School during the late afternoon, her job at the museum working on restorations for the early evening, then home to him for lots of sex and snuggling.

Tonight he’d give her something extra.

“Julian?” Her voice grew louder as she neared the bedroom. “Hey?” She pushed the door open. “Whoa.”

Julian grinned. “Like?”

Daisy remained in the doorway, but her gaze darted around the room. “You… this is the picnic in the sunshine I wanted.” She trailed her fingers over the daisies he’d brought into the room to simulate the field. “This is wonderful.” She sprinted into his arms. “Thank you.”

He rubbed her back and breathed in the sweet scent of her perfume. Having her beside him gave him extra strength -- like he could do anything. Well, anything except walk in sunshine and be a normal human being. Complaints, complaints…

She leaned back in his embrace, then rose up on her toes and kissed him. “So you’re going to make my fantasy come true?”

“That’s the plan, babe.” He threaded his fingers into her hair, tipping her head back and nibbled his way from her mouth to her earlobe and down her neck. “Sex in the sunshine in a field of wild flowers.” He stroked both hands down her body, taking time to pinch her nipples through her shirt.

Julian fisted the hem of her tunic and whipped the garment up over her head. Her hair stuck out in wild blonde tangles and her blue eyes widened again. Her nipples pebbled beneath the sport bra she wore. From her hairline to her breasts, she blushed.

“That’s what I want to see.” He popped the button on her jeans, then worked the denim down her legs. She shivered before him, clad in only her bra and cotton panties. Some men wanted glamorous women in silk and satin. Not Julian. He loved his earthy Daisy. She completed him.

Still clothed, Julian helped her onto the blanket he’d spread out over the bed. “Is this enough light?”

“It’s like we’re outside,” she replied.

“Perfect.” He eased her panties down, then parted her thighs. Her cream glistened on her labia. His fangs dropped. Fuck, he wanted to taste her. Julian lapped at her, rolling his tongue over her clit. He nibbled the sensitive skin on her inner thigh while he stroked his fingers over her cunt lips.

“Julian.” Daisy gripped the sheets in white-knuckled hands. “More.”

“Greedy.” He pushed a finger, then two into her pussy, and she clenched around him like a fist. Holy shit. His cock throbbed behind his zipper. No, this was about her, and making her happy. He flattened his tongue over her labia and pumped his fingers in her.

“Need you inside me.” Daisy reached for him. “Please?”

Julian scraped his teeth over her clit, then lifted his head. “Been waiting for you to say that.” Julian stood and shucked his pants. His boxers and the denim ended up in a pile at his feet. His nerve endings buzzed. His teeth elongated and he bit back a moan.

Fuck. Things were happening too fast. Seeing her needy and naked shouldn’t have him so on edge, but it did. Hell, he craved her. He stroked himself while Daisy cupped her breasts.

“My counterpart.” Jullian climbed on top of her and groaned. He buried his cock in her tight cunt, thrilled at their connection. Nothing else mattered. Time stood still. He pumped his hips, and his balls slapped her ass, sending shivers through his system. Each stroke into her body brought him even closer to coming apart. His mouth watered and he dragged his tongue over his fangs. Shit. The blood lust rose inside him.

“I need you,” he growled. The deep seated urge to bite her took over, but he held off. Not yet.

“Do it.” Daisy tugged him tight to her chest. “I’m yours.”

Julian sank his teeth into her neck. Her blood trickled on his tongue. The power from her essence strengthened him -- not just the blood of the muses in her veins, but the power of their connection. Fate had placed them together. His balls ached and her pussy contracted around his cock.

“Julian,” she cried. She wrapped her trembling legs around him. Her fingernails bit into his shoulders.

“Oh fuck.” Julian withdrew his teeth from her vein and spilled his seed in her cunt. From his head to his toes, his body tingled. He rested his weight on his forearms.

“That was… wow. Even if it wasn’t the roll in the daisies you expected.” Julian kissed the wound on her neck, then rubbed his nose along hers.

“I don’t know.” She untangled her legs from around his waist. “You surprised me with a field of flowers, bright light like sunshine and hot sex with you. Your plan turned out perfect. I love it. Love you.”

“I love you, babe.” Julian grinned. Major score. He cupped her face in both hands. “Ready for round two?”





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